The Art of NASCAR in the Fast Lane

Stock Car Racing, NASCAR

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The Art of NASCAR

High-powered race cars zooming around the track
drivers donning fire retardant suits, and high-tech helmets
an air of rebelness like astronauts in specialized spacesuits
a sea of artistry, each motorized canvas individually customized

brilliant logos of sponsorships, car numbers on doors and roofs
turning laps into tendrils of ear piercing warped speed
roaring ferociously like a lion sprinting and hugging the pavement
explosive, jaw-dropping, exhilarating, taking your breath way

stock car racing expanding national and global series
pit crews choreographed in high-speed precision swaps
champions spinning donuts burning rubber spitting smoke
brush strokes in the fast lane of the NASCAR experience.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

I am fascinated by the artistic presentation each competing car on the NASCAR circuit portrays. The brand characteristics identify a sense of boldness in unforgettable showmanship when these stock cars hit the tracks. Here are a few of the artsy automobiles I like. Enjoy!

Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR, The Intimidator

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt)

NASCAR, Kyle Busch, Stock Car Racing

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NASCAR, Joey Logano

Image credit: SB Nation (Joey Logano)

Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR

Image credit: (Jimmie Johnson)

Danica Patrick, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: Sporting News (Danica Patrick)

Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)

Larry Scavnicky, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Larry Scavnicky)

Ryan Newman, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Ryan Newman)

NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

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Something Different

Try something fresh
Do something new
Revamp, reinvent, revise
Make a positive change for you!

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

Every day, we change, whether we feel like it or not, we do. Spring cleaning reminds us to clean up, to change a few things, to get rid of the old, the drab and the clutter, and then bring in something new and fresh.

Sometimes when you find that you are entering a zone that looks dismal or uninspiring, you may have to change something immediately. Sometimes those changes may be drastic to spruce up your space, whatever your space is. In your home, it may take a fresh coat of paint, a new rug, some new throw pillows, planting some colorful flowers, rearranging the furniture or simply getting rid of the contents in overstuffed closets that will make you feel lighter, better and more alive.

Your personal changes may entail getting a new hairdo, buying a new pair of shoes, intensifying your exercise program, trying out some new funky nail colors, eating at a new restaurant, visiting some new places, perhaps reading more books or doing something to educate your mind are a few things that can be easy, positive attitude enhancers.

Today, I did a little blog Spring cleaning and you are seeing a new look which has inspired new adventures and more writing. Go ahead, be inspired and dare to change, no matter how big or small!


I Love the Night Lights

Parliament, City Lights, Night Reflections

Parliament Building At Night

There is something mystical and magical about the aura of city lights at night that takes your breath away.

Seattle, Night Lights, City Lights

Seattle Skyline

A city skyline shows the brilliance of a vibrant nightlife!

Night Lights, City Lights, Nantong

Nantong Night Lights

Mirrored reflections in the water bring out an exquisite architectural montage.

New York, City Lights, Night Reflections


Skyscrapers tower stoically over the river below.

City Lights, Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

The subtlety of oceanic hues brings out the tranquility of night glows.

City Lights, Chicago, Night Reflections

Chicago Skyline

Lake views give a majestic portrait in the Windy City.

Eiffle Tower, Night Lights

Eiffel Tower

Powerful, erect and regal.

Night Lights, City Lights, Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The lifeline of a bridge against a wall of buildings.

Prague Castle, Night Lights, City Lights

Prague Castle

Pristine glows in a wintry backdrop.

New York, City Lights, Times Square

Times Square

The lights are bright on Broadway!


Las Vegas Strip (Image Credit:

The poetry of the brightest show on earth in Nevada!

Celebrating Our Mothers


Mothers. It seems like we can never tire of saying enough about them. For those of you who are still blessed to have your mother around, then treasure those precious opportunities to spend time with her. For those of us whose mother has passed on from this life, we will always have fond memories of times we spent with them. For those of you who have fathers, guardians, aunts, grandmothers or stepmothers who are surrogates acting in a maternal capacity, then it behooves you to cherish that.

For all mothers, past and present, I honor you with this poem “I Applaud You” and wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

I Applaud You

I applaud you for the strength you unselfishly earned
your nurturing gift you so willingly impart
your character, immeasurable and priceless
your gentle spirit, so humble and genuine.

I applaud your determination to fight for the common good
your comfort during times of sadness, pain and grief
your encouragement during those moments when someone wants
to give up
your heart, more precious than the facets in a perfect diamond.

I applaud your tears of joy, glistening down your cheeks during
your carefree attitude to enjoy life and live it abundantly
your wisdom from life’s lessons of hard knocks and
your test of endurance to stand up, amid all reasoning to stay

Regardless of what you’ve suffered
been diagnosed with
or the pain from heartbreaks you’ve endured,
I applaud you for your survival skills
despite the cards that you were dealt.

Your inner beauty radiates your graciousness
turning obstacles into stepping stones
ugliness into beauty
discouragement into courage
skepticism into faith
despair into hope
with complete reverence of God
I applaud you.

– Kym Gordon Moore (from the book “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry,” 2013)

Who Let The Pets Out?

National Pet Month, Animals, Pets

Are you a pet owner? Throughout the month of May we celebrate National Pet Month. This commemoration promotes our responsibility of pet ownership, and how pets benefit and enrich our lives every day. In honor of National Pet Month I would like to share my poem, simply titled, “Pets!”


Some are cute, some are not
some are big and some are small
some are furry, sometimes loud and ostentatious
others are nocturnal, aquatic and often exotic


We domesticate their mannerisms
training them to obey our commands
with personalities that intrigue and amuse us
they melt our hearts with those lovable awww moments


They are family, friends, service animals and companions
they are alert to the spirit and abnormal vibes
they endure pain while still showing us compassion
when they die, their memory is forever etched in our hearts.


– Kym Gordon Moore © All rights reserved.

Your Attitude, Your Character…YOU

Attitude, Character, Mindset, Relationships

What does your attitude speak about you?

The most destructive habit: WORRY
The greatest joy: GIVING
The greatest loss: SELF-RESPECT
The most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS
The ugliest personality trait: SELFISHNESS
Our greatest natural resource: OUR YOUTH
The greatest ‘shot in the arm’: ENCOURAGEMENT
The greatest problem to overcome: FEAR
The most effective sleeping pill: PEACE OF MIND
The most crippling failure disease: EXCUSES
The most powerful force in life: LOVE
The most dangerous pariah: A GOSSIPER
The world’s most incredible computer: THE BRAIN
The worst thing to be without: HOPE
The deadliest weapon: THE TONGUE
The two most power-filled words: I CAN
The greatest asset: FAITH
The most worthless emotion: SELF-PITY
The most beautiful attire: YOUR SMILE
The most prized possession: SELF ESTEEM
The most powerful channel of communication: PRAYER
The most contagious spirit: ENTHUSIASM
~ Unknown Author

Through the Window

Window, Eyes, Poetry, National Poetry Month

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes, you have to reflect on what your eyes see and do a self-examination of yourself as you look through the window into your very own soul. Sometimes when you stare the truth in the face, it hurts, but it could offer some life-saving revelations. Take a look around and don’t be afraid to leap into your victory.

Through the Window

Today, against my will
I was forced to sit down and look out of my window
I didn’t notice anything immediately
but, in the matter of a split second
amazingly, without the help of a storybook
the story of my life was told.

Pain, challenges and grief
irreplaceable celebrations, joys, and relationships
there, before me as I watched my life’s story
through the gallery of my motion picture window.

I tried to solve everyone’s problems
tried to make everyone comfortable
without them knowing my personal struggles
because I thought, I was strong enough to handle everything.

I don’t want to change the compassionate person that I am
the love in my heart for others
my desire to help those in true need
or change the person that God created me to be.

But I must change some crucial things
causing me to lose perspective as I look through my window
eyes that were once blinded
through a distorted lens of theatrics.

As my senses awaken and refocus
I can see a day where the sun is shining especially bright
hearing the birds singing more cheerfully than before
where the grass is greener than it’s ever been
my sense of smell is keener
my taste buds can savor the essence of life more delectably

and the unexplainable needs no explanation
because my load is now in the hands
of divine control beyond human comprehension
putting everything that was broken back together again.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved