Camping, Glamping or RV-ing?

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Are you a camper? How do you get your camping on? This week is National Camping Week during Camping Month. Whether you’re tenting it, motor coaching it or glamping it, grab your gear and head on out to the great outdoors. This is the time where kids are headed to Summer camp, so why let them have all the fun? What a great time to kick off your holiday weekend by taking a camping trip!

A Camping We Go

Finding that quiet spot to retreat
outdoor recreation with overnight stays
where nature opens her home to native wildlife
stimulating the follicles of our hair they raise

echoing and offering free musical interludes
at night a light show featuring strobing fireflies
tents mounted, sleeping bags unrolled, location secured
outdoor cooking simmering, roasting under midnight skies

sharing intimate and scary stories, perhaps a poem or two
to hike, fish, bike, climb or river-bound rafting in a canoe
respecting a natural habitat as the blazing campfire roars
a lifetime of adventure exploring the incredible great outdoors.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Spring Left the Building and Summer Has Arrived!

Summer, Summer Solstice, Vacation, Poetry

Whoo-hooooo! Today is the first day of Summer! The Summer Solstice arrived June 21, at 12:24 A.M. EDT.

Summer Pursuits

It’s time for a little hot fun
in the good ole Summertime sun
vacations at the beach or pristine lake
grillin’, cookouts, or an evening clam bake
drenched in silkiness of warm drizzling sweat
quench your thirst with a drink, ice cold and wet
summer reading, water skiing, road trips and more
leisure pursuits, relaxation not meant to be a chore
strolling through shady meadows, memories of yesteryear
that summertime madness is a state of mind oh so fresh and clear.
© Kym Gordon Moore

As we begin this new season, go for the gusto, make new memories and have some hot fun in the good ole summertime!

When You’re Smiling


Our faces assume various expressions that indicate happiness, pleasure, favor, mockery, anger or deceit. A smile is a healthy expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth. Today is Power of a Smile Day

Note to self: SMILE today! Here is a haiku reminder:

Just Smile!

An upside down frown
sweet, charming, friendly, happy
a warm, pleasant smile.
                                                                                   ©Kym Gordon Moore

Enjoy this classic song, “Smile” sung by Nat King Cole, featuring Charlie Chaplin. Don’t forget to smile today!

Poetry in the Arena: Who Got Game?

Who Got Game, Basketball, Poetry

In honor of the game of basketball, please enjoy this tribute to female and male players on every level of the game.

Who Got Game?

Jump ball, tip it, get it
passin’, shootin’, dribblin’, bounce
splash, step-leap-dunk, nothin’ but net
respect the paint without moving violations

one point, two points, three-pointer, swoosh
backboard, ball spinning ‘round the rim
airborne, in or out, how will the ball fall
stop it, pop it, drop it, oh snap

fouls, blocked shots, free throws, rebound
disrespect, oh we ain’t havin’ none of that
step in this arena, yeah we own this house
you talkin’ to me, champ with a capital “C”?

Shot clock, counting down, tick, tick, boom
final seconds, buzzer blares, fans losing their minds
the golden lane of victory, a pipeline of champions
we took it to the floor, game over, we won!

© Kym Gordon Moore

The NBA Finals are over and boy was it one heck of a contest. The Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena last night. Two great ball teams, but only one team remained the last team standing. The 2017 Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy goes to The Golden State Warriors. Congratulations to all of these amazing players: Stephen Curry (our Charlotte native), Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, David West, Patric McCaw, Zaza Pachulia, Damian Jones, James McAdoo, Ian Clark, JaVale McGee and Matt Barnes; Head Coach Steve Kerr and the entire coaching staff, owners Joseph S. Lacob and Peter Guber, all of the #DubNation fans and everyone affiliated with the #StrengthInNumbers organization.

A special shout-out to Kevin Durant who not only received his first NBA Championship ring but he walked away with the Championship MVP trophy! Awesome!


A Poem Celebrating National Accordion Awareness Month

Lead Bellie, Music, Poetry, National Accordian Awareness Month

American folk and blues musician Huddie William Ledbetter (aka LEAD BELLY) Image Source:

Do you play the accordion? Did you know that June is National Accordion Awareness Month? I always wanted to learn how to play the accordion and it is still on my bucket list of the many things I challenged myself to do. I never heard my grandfather play his accordion, but my mother talked about his evening musical serenades on their porch growing up. During that era, this was one of their main forms of entertainment since they didn’t have a television set. Oh how I would love to have had his wonderful instrument today!

In celebration of this beloved instrument celebrated by more people than you can imagine all around the world, I am featuring my poem, Grandpa’s Squeezebox Rendezvous.

Grandpa’s Squeezebox Rendezvous

Reeds vibrating inside a wooden box
keys and valves open for unrestricted air
melodies maintaining tonal quality and sound
pleated bellows articulate clear tones.

Stories of my grandfather playing his accordion
squeezebox serenading a soiree for song and dance
buttonboards or piano-style keyboards sing with glee
differing in pitches from applied pressure in a stance.

Oh my granddaddy, a one-man band
a wooden porch was his Broadway stage
entertaining his guests with the sounds of folk music
a free concert for everyone at any age.

© 2013 Kym Gordon Moore from Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Hope Through Stormy Clouds

Hope, Cloudy Day, Encouragement

I Found Hope

Hope Through Stormy Clouds

The morning is stormy, cloudy and cool
the sky painted with a sadness in gray mist
mammatus clouds hanging across the sky
gloominess, yes that lack of cheerfulness exists
groping my spirit, intrusive and revolting
suddenly a hole pierced through the thick cluster
the sun beaming boldly, warm and luminescent
there I found hope gaping majestically from on high.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

The Art of NASCAR in the Fast Lane

Stock Car Racing, NASCAR

Image credit:

The Art of NASCAR

High-powered race cars zooming around the track
drivers donning fire retardant suits, and high-tech helmets
an air of rebelness like astronauts in specialized spacesuits
a sea of artistry, each motorized canvas individually customized

brilliant logos of sponsorships, car numbers on doors and roofs
turning laps into tendrils of ear piercing warped speed
roaring ferociously like a lion sprinting and hugging the pavement
explosive, jaw-dropping, exhilarating, taking your breath way

stock car racing expanding national and global series
pit crews choreographed in high-speed precision swaps
champions spinning donuts burning rubber spitting smoke
brush strokes in the fast lane of the NASCAR experience.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

I am fascinated by the artistic presentation each competing car on the NASCAR circuit portrays. The brand characteristics identify a sense of boldness in unforgettable showmanship when these stock cars hit the tracks. Here are a few of the artsy automobiles I like. Enjoy!

Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR, The Intimidator

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt)

NASCAR, Kyle Busch, Stock Car Racing

Image credit:

NASCAR, Joey Logano

Image credit: SB Nation (Joey Logano)

Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR

Image credit: (Jimmie Johnson)

Danica Patrick, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: Sporting News (Danica Patrick)

Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR

Image credit: (Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)

Larry Scavnicky, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Larry Scavnicky)

Ryan Newman, NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: (Ryan Newman)

NASCAR, Stock Car Racing

Image credit: