Green Luck Haiku on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day, Poetry

Green Luck  

Luck of the Irish

On Saint Patrick’s Day I see

green all around me.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Have a Greenalicious Day!


#PressforProgress on International Women’s Day

National Women's History Month, International Women's Day, Poetry, Celebrating Women

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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day during National Women’s History Month. This month we recognize the historical achievements of women pioneers, the movers and shakers who changed the landscape of our culture and continue to change the power of perception and progress globally. In celebration of women, our impact and our accomplishments, I am dedicating my poem, We Are Woman, to every woman making a positive change around the world.

We Are Woman

We have the power to change the world
we are here, we are ready, we are strong
we motivate, unite, elevate and inspire
warriors with a strong will to fight and survive

see us, hear us, acknowledge us, woman

we are guardian angels, nurturers, and providers
we spread our wings and soar, even when we feel weak
with an unrelenting strength to feed and nourish
compassion to serve with love, dignity and humility

respect us, protect us, promote us, woman

we innovate and lead where others dare not go
we are teachers challenging the status quo
we encourage, even when we feel hurt and broken
we are mothers, sisters, maternal gatekeepers of family

we are me, we are woman, we are she

we are woman, touching the pulse of this universe
we are woman, fruit-bearers planting the seeds of plenty
we are woman, tears watering aridity and disenchantment
we are woman, recognize the impact of our global story.

©Kym Gordon Moore

For more information about International Women’s Day and the #PressforProgress movement, visit


The Artistic Poetic Depths of Gran Cañón

National Landmark, Grand Canyon

Layered bands of red rock that look like an ancient sculpted village left my mind swimming in awe after our trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Who would think that after my visit well over a decade, the memories from that day are as spiritually charged now as it was on the day we visited.

Gran Cañón

Riding to get through the desert plain
watching heaps of sagebrush rolling along with the wind
traveling to see one of the spectacular marvels of the world
arriving at the vast South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

An awe-inspiring vista of one of the natural wonders of the world
great gorge of the mighty Colorado River
multicolored rocks from geometric erosion
a geological sequence of trails

the sun’s glow casts contrasting hues
painting the great gorge
from subtropical to subarctic
from every compass rim to the basin

ancient pueblos line lower walls
the Havasupai’s, people of the blue-green water
still occupy the majestic region
captivating, enchanting, powerful
a breathtaking panorama leaving you speechless
from the peak of the mighty Grand Canyon.

©2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Poetry of the Day: Drowning in My Sorrows

Drunk, Bar

Drowning in My Sorrows

In an inebriated stupor
I lie in a zone of entrapment
a shallowness of irresponsibility
where sobriety is hurt and absent

a desolate message in the bottle
memory loss from drunkard suffering
sucked in a riptide unable to swim
in a sea of sorrows, I am drowning

oh castaway on a lonely sandy shore
predatory problems refuse to drift away
I cast thy eyes on an inflated life jacket
and wade to the sober lighthouse of a new day.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Poetry of the Day: Ode to Queen Nefertari

Queen Nefertari's Jewels, Egyptian Queen, Nefertari, King Rameses II, Nubian Queen

Image Source: BBC

Nefertari, an Egyptian queen and the first of the Great Royal Wives of Ramesses the Great was also known as Nefertari Meritmut.

Ode to Queen Nefertari

Nefertari, you are herald as the Nubian queen
who married King Rameses II of Egypt for peace
a union that brought fighting
between Nubia and Egypt to an end
a truce lasting well over a hundred years.

Initially a savvy political move
a gamble you were willing to take
you didn’t fear for your life
when King Rameses asked you to be his wife
as this forbidden union
became one of the greatest love affairs in history.

It took a great deal of courage
such an incredible sacrifice you made
inhabiting a land
that was hostile to your people
for peace, was a brave path you paved.

And so, in the Valley of the Queens
as the Great Royal Wife you are laid to rest
above all others in his harem, beautiful companion
it is obvious King Rameses loved you the best.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Matters of the Heart is Pure Poetry

National Heart Month, Women's Heart Health Month

This month commemorates all things of the heart. Throughout February, we celebrate National Heart Month and Women’s Heart Health Month, and of course Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Have a heart and don’t go breaking anyone’s heart, spiritually or physically!

Matters of the Heart

Oh the gentle beat
pulsating in a rhythmic strobe
filled with life robust
overflowing with love
that which is kindred and passionate
like a fairy sprinkling stardust

pain of brokenness
aches and attacks
mending to the skip of a beat
where hurt and pain dwells
a bitter pill to swallow
with healing and joy complete

the meaning of love
the core essence of the spirit
tender, honest, merry and true
where matters of the heart
form an emotional intervention
embracing the ties that bind anew.

© Kym Gordon Moore

I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Dancing, Poetry, Brokenness

Sometimes our lives get so caught up in a cyclone of tragedy, despair, and brokenness that we manage to somehow hold on to it so tightly and fail to surrender. We continue to revisit the scene of the crime, smeared with the blood of agony and pain from toxic or failed relationships, financial burdens, health crises, workplace battlegrounds and other adversarial situations, hypnotizing us in a ball of confusion.

I continue to experience my share of life-changing problems that my mind says to reject, yet my heart says these are the wobbly stepping stones forming my unwavering staircase to greater blessings God is preparing for me. My dance partner was my inability to completely surrender those things which were ripping my world into shards of brokenness I didn’t think could be fixed. I realized, however, that when I am overwhelmed by those things that seem to be uncontrollable pieces of my life falling apart all at once, it is during those moments when they may be actually falling into place, once I cast my fears and anxiousness aside.

I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Our dance was longer than I thought
we’d been dancing in the shadows of lost hope
stepping on each other’s toes in a waltz of destruction
pumping energy in swaying to a rhythm of stupor

we boogied on a crowded dance floor of fear
tap-dancing in a ballroom of anxiousness
where the gateway of catechism is barricaded
I am deftly weakened by impoverished night terrors

unable to surrender encumbering baggage
yielding to the tempest of uncertainty in the darkness
I break away from our romantic cheek to cheek foxtrot
to you my dear dance partner this relationship is over

I let time slip away into a cyclone of chaos
as calamity stole my inner sanctity of peace
a brokenness I could not put back together again
until I leaped into the arms of faith like a principal ballerina.

© Kym Gordon Moore