The Poetry of ‘Unlike Any’ Athletes by Under Armour

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Image credit: Under Armour

Ah, the fluidity of poetry found in athletics. In an effort to remove gender from the conversation when recognizing exceptional female athletes, Under Armour launched “Unlike Any” a brand marketing campaign created by Droga5, a New York City-based global advertising agency. Under Armour selected five extraordinary athletes who achieved some incredible feats in their careers: Misty Copeland, Natasha Hastings, Jessie Graff, Alison Désir and Zoe Zhang.

To make these ads more breathtaking, Under Armour turned to the following poets to tell these athletes amazing stories: Aja Monet, Kojey Radical, Dominique Christina, Aristophanes and Saul Williams. This is what I call true poetry in motion. Check out these poetically inspiring videos.


It Happened on My Cliff of Fear

Cliffs, Rock Climbing, Courage

Have you ever had a “hanging on the cliff” experience, not literally, but figuratively? If you haven’t, you probably will and will probably face them on more occasions than you care to admit. Sometimes these experiences can be debilitating because we run into problems that seem unsolvable, problems you did not create. It is during those times when we feel like we are dangling by one hand off of a cliff and no one is around to grab you by the arms and hoist you up.

Recently, I had an epiphany I have experienced before. During my cliff-hanging, dark valley days, I survived because I had to up the anty of my faith, the substance of things hoped for. It’s not easy dealing with circumstances you have no control over, yet you panic and keep trying to solve the problem anyway. Gradually, I drove through my fears with conviction because I felt I ran out of options. It is then that I finally realized I was not just hanging off of a cliff, I was actually strengthening my spiritual core because I was more focused on the climb, one step at a time.

It Happened on My Cliff of Fear

My world began spinning in acute chaos

overwhelmed by the fear of falling and failing

I was hanging on, slipping into the arms of death

from a cliff, too afraid to look down in fear


in my dangling, gripping the jagged edges

cut, bruised, weak but miraculously not broken

I realized in my struggle to poise my footsteps

cliffs can either be intimidating or inviting


casting my eyes above, reaching upward for support

I cried out to God to help me in my hopelessness

I will not succumb to the rubbish of anxiousness

clenching audacity to defy the valley of suffering


no longer frantic or paralyzed by the pit of agony

I used a divine strength I didn’t realize I had

at such a time as this, I surrendered to courage

the Solid Rock pulled me upon which I now stand.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Poetry and Art in the Dance of A Jellyfish

JellyFish, swimming

I find jellyfish to be delicate, tranquil and mesmerizing marine creatures. They are unique and invoke a childlike curiosity in all of us. Although there are about 200 known species of these alien looking aquatic animals, they are considered to be one of the oldest surviving species among marine creatures. Their quiet beauty amazes me so.

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Dance of a Jellyfish

Oh the placid dance of a jellyfish

resembling a maritime ballerina in transparent costumes

trailing tentacles like floating tissue paper

its pulsating bell festive as a Mardi Gras parasol

though gelatinous and fluid, it is not a fish

but a luminous, artistic invertebrate

be cautious of its venomous and painful sting

the fluorescent defense of this nautical swimmer.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

jellyfish, marine life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

Jellyfish, Marine Life

The Attitude of Gratitude

gratitude, thanksgiving, peace, grateful

This week in our country and many parts of the world, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Throughout the week I will be posting a few things that warrant an attitude of gratitude, regardless of the day or occasion. Each morning, no matter how I feel, I wake up thanking God for witnessing a new day I will never experience again. To kick off this week and stay on target with what Thanksgiving means to me, I am dusting off my poem “Celebrating the Shades of Thanksgiving” to get this week’s gratitude meter rolling. Cheers!

Celebrating the Shades of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of giving thanks
reflect on your abundant blessings
remember the horn of plenty
overflowing with the fruitfulness of love.

The robust bouquet of Autumn’s hue
like a kaleidoscope of human diversity
with hands joined, eyes closed and heads bowed
our fundamental strength is embracing unity.

Gratefulness is the essence of life
infinite happiness by far
celebrating, no matter what you look like
giving thanks no matter who you are.

Acknowledging the gift of gratitude
not only on Thanksgiving Day
let your spirit flow with love, joy and peace
where superficial differences should not matter in any way.

(From my 2013 book, Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry)

Today’s Poetry: Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Thinking, Reminiscing, Reflections

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Sometimes I think about where I am now compared to where I was way back when. I suppose because I am getting older, reflecting on my gains and losses, my trials and my victories, my joys and tears, my hits and my misses, my past, present, and future I realize there is a stark fact staring me in the face, showing the clock ticking away, denoting that my time here is not as long as it once was.

But in the midst of that reality sprinkled with a little melancholy, I vow, with the gift of each new day, to pause and breathe in gratitude, for I am still here to make a difference that will benefit all who I touch, whether orally or written.

Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Can I get my normal back
to a time when my comfort zone was comfortable
and my ordinary was ok?

Can I get my normal back
when I didn’t need to make drastic decisions
nor face great and uncomfortable challenges?

Can I get my normal back
when I wanted to grow up fast
but the process said “whoa” slow your roll?

Can I get my normal back
where loved ones didn’t die
my health didn’t fade or finances didn’t evaporate?

If I could get my normal back
would I receive it with open arms
and forfeit the treasured lessons I learned in life?

Yet, as the day changes anew
as the sun rises and later sets
I realize my normal today will not be normal tomorrow.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Poetry for the Day: Time is Running Out

From Behind the Pen, The Clock is Ticking, Poetry

Time waits for no one regardless of how much we race against the clock or avoid using our time wisely. Is your time well spent?

Time is Running Out

We race against the clock, but time we cannot catch
for the seconds that turn into a minute
for the minutes that turn into an hour
for the hours that turn into a day
for the days that turn into a week
for the weeks that turn into a year
for the years that turn into a decade
for the decades that turn into a century
whether or not it is clear to us
time continues to move even when we don’t
time does not stand still even when we do
no matter how hurried or harrowing we are
the infinity of time is not measured by our control
it does not return to us but continues to run onward.

©Kym Gordon Moore

Did Curiosity Really Kill The Cat?

Curiosity, Courage, Warrior

When we hear the idiom, “Curiosity killed the cat,” we think about the term used to warn someone about the danger of being nosy, snooping or prying in business or affairs where it does not belong.

Curiosity, however, is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, which is evident by observation in humans and other animals. Curiosity is a quality in which those who enjoy the process of learning new, empowering things and continued education, possess such an insatiable and adventurous appetite within their mind, body, and spirit that we watch them soar like an eagle. C’mon, aren’t you the least bit curious?

Oh Mighty Lioness

Like a haute couture runway model on the catwalk
her prowl, deliberate, poised and with purpose
she doesn’t simply exist in the wild, she flourishes
running towards danger that makes her want to run away

her feistiness is cool, cautious and uninhibited
a warrior and hunter, swift, leaping and powerful
compassionate and protective den mother for her cubs
to ensnare her, your efforts may be futile and deadly

she is the one animal most feared by the lion
to pique her curiosity it didn’t kill the cat
it taught her how to live and survive
molding her into a mighty Lioness in the jungle!

©Kym Gordon Moore