Good Night, Sleep Tight

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All too often, I get excited about a project I’m working on and when it’s time to call it a night, I keep going because I am on a roll. While that may not be a problem if it occurs once in a while, I find that I allow myself to indulge in stretching my awake time far too often than I should. I am an early riser, and while that is a good thing I tend to also be a late retirer. Besides my occasional fatigue, I really did not give a whole lot of credence to the health and wellness implications due to my insufficient and erratic sleep patterns. 

Somehow, many of us have come to the conclusion that in our daily 24-hour span, we must somehow be compelled to use all 24 hours with activity. Where does that leave time for sleep and relaxation? Oh, you don’t think you have the luxury for that kind of time? Well, think again. If you don’t make the time, not find the time, but intentionally carve out a portion of the time you have to rest and relax, then you may be forced to do so.

What exactly do I mean? Well, since this is Better Sleep Month, I wanted to examine my sleep habits and how my lack of rest affects every facet of my being. Our bodies aren’t robotic, and rest and sleep are part of the natural course of life. It behooves you to relax, meditate and bask in overall daily gratitude. Learn how to breathe and not just suck in breaths. If we fail to sufficiently rest our bodies, then we may suffer the consequences of a complete shutdown where you can’t move no matter how hard you try.

Medical studies show that getting a good night’s sleep is quite beneficial to better health. Research has found a link between insufficient or the lack of sleep and how these elements are connected to serious health issues such as heart disease, obesity, weight gain, extreme fatigue, outright crankiness, and diabetes. Why put others at risk for your carelessness caused by the lack of adequate rest?

Sleep is vital for memory, learning and retaining information. Sleep can also be a natural supplement to medication and increasing metabolism. You will be amazed by what a little sleep will do. So, good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Happy #BetterSleepMonth!

I Love the Night Lights

Parliament, City Lights, Night Reflections

Parliament Building At Night

There is something mystical and magical about the aura of city lights at night that takes your breath away.

Seattle, Night Lights, City Lights

Seattle Skyline

A city skyline shows the brilliance of a vibrant nightlife!

Night Lights, City Lights, Nantong

Nantong Night Lights

Mirrored reflections in the water bring out an exquisite architectural montage.

New York, City Lights, Night Reflections


Skyscrapers tower stoically over the river below.

City Lights, Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

The subtlety of oceanic hues brings out the tranquility of night glows.

City Lights, Chicago, Night Reflections

Chicago Skyline

Lake views give a majestic portrait in the Windy City.

Eiffle Tower, Night Lights

Eiffel Tower

Powerful, erect and regal.

Night Lights, City Lights, Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The lifeline of a bridge against a wall of buildings.

Prague Castle, Night Lights, City Lights

Prague Castle

Pristine glows in a wintry backdrop.

New York, City Lights, Times Square

Times Square

The lights are bright on Broadway!


Las Vegas Strip (Image Credit:

The poetry of the brightest show on earth in Nevada!

Our Hidden Greatness

Potential, Growing, Survival

Potential: /pəˈten(t)SHəl/ Latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.

Years ago, I read the book “Understanding Your Potential: Discovering the Hidden You” written by Dr. Myles Munroe. The objective of Dr. Munroe’s message makes you discover the untapped wealth of your potential ability, and rise above your past experiences to unearth hidden treasures within.

Whether or not you’ve read this book or are familiar with any of Dr. Munroe’s work, this book started out with the following explosive epiphany: Where is the wealthiest spot on this planet? In the oil fields of Kuwait, Iraq or Saudi Arabia, or perhaps in the gold and diamond mines in South Africa? Nah! The richest deposits on our planet tragically lie in our cemeteries and graveyards. They contain potential that remained potential.

The wealth of dreams has been dashed into the poverty of discouragement. –Dr. Myles Munroe

If I coulda, woulda, shoulda! So this got me to thinking about whether or not I am truly exercising my right to live my best life, not the wealthiest life, but my best. What spiritual gifts and physical talents has God blessed me with to use and enrich the lives of those who need encouragement to help them pass it on and to encourage others? How will we emerge from the ashes of hopelessness into the inferno of hope?

How do we successfully plant the seeds of potential that grow into trees of plenty? How do we leave our footprints in the rich sands of history and not buried in the dirt of a cemetery? Focus on what you have and then build from there. Start this minute if you haven’t begun already. We can’t allow disappointments to disarm our determination. If we allow adversity and discouragement to win, then we’ve already lost the fight before we even got started.

Your Attitude, Your Character…YOU

Attitude, Character, Mindset, Relationships

What does your attitude speak about you?

The most destructive habit: WORRY
The greatest joy: GIVING
The greatest loss: SELF-RESPECT
The most satisfying work: HELPING OTHERS
The ugliest personality trait: SELFISHNESS
Our greatest natural resource: OUR YOUTH
The greatest ‘shot in the arm’: ENCOURAGEMENT
The greatest problem to overcome: FEAR
The most effective sleeping pill: PEACE OF MIND
The most crippling failure disease: EXCUSES
The most powerful force in life: LOVE
The most dangerous pariah: A GOSSIPER
The world’s most incredible computer: THE BRAIN
The worst thing to be without: HOPE
The deadliest weapon: THE TONGUE
The two most power-filled words: I CAN
The greatest asset: FAITH
The most worthless emotion: SELF-PITY
The most beautiful attire: YOUR SMILE
The most prized possession: SELF ESTEEM
The most powerful channel of communication: PRAYER
The most contagious spirit: ENTHUSIASM
~ Unknown Author

Through the Window

Window, Eyes, Poetry, National Poetry Month

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes, you have to reflect on what your eyes see and do a self-examination of yourself as you look through the window into your very own soul. Sometimes when you stare the truth in the face, it hurts, but it could offer some life-saving revelations. Take a look around and don’t be afraid to leap into your victory.

Through the Window

Today, against my will
I was forced to sit down and look out of my window
I didn’t notice anything immediately
but, in the matter of a split second
amazingly, without the help of a storybook
the story of my life was told.

Pain, challenges and grief
irreplaceable celebrations, joys, and relationships
there, before me as I watched my life’s story
through the gallery of my motion picture window.

I tried to solve everyone’s problems
tried to make everyone comfortable
without them knowing my personal struggles
because I thought, I was strong enough to handle everything.

I don’t want to change the compassionate person that I am
the love in my heart for others
my desire to help those in true need
or change the person that God created me to be.

But I must change some crucial things
causing me to lose perspective as I look through my window
eyes that were once blinded
through a distorted lens of theatrics.

As my senses awaken and refocus
I can see a day where the sun is shining especially bright
hearing the birds singing more cheerfully than before
where the grass is greener than it’s ever been
my sense of smell is keener
my taste buds can savor the essence of life more delectably

and the unexplainable needs no explanation
because my load is now in the hands
of divine control beyond human comprehension
putting everything that was broken back together again.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

So What? What Do I Have To Lose?

fighting, injustice, violence, crineWhat do I have to lose? Is this what we have come to? Each time I read or watch a report about senseless killings whether it’s home or abroad, it pains my heart. How can you not have a heart or compassion when these occurrences happen, regardless of what side of the world you are on? Like everyone who feels the same way, I ask that annoying question of why? I don’t understand the alarming increase of blatant disregard for life. I cannot make any sense of it all and I probably never will.

Before I was able to process my disbelief and angst about what really happened with last week’s Syrian gas attacks, my heart was exploding with grief about what is happening with the rising rate of homicides and violence, happening all around us. Now, San Bernardino once again takes the headlines this week for an atrocious murder/suicide domestic violence attack that also resulted in the death of an innocent 8-year-old. As I read some of the social media responses to this incident, as always I am appalled by the heated debate about allowing teachers to pack some type of firearm in their classrooms and to shoot when necessary. OK, is this really a solution and could we simply pause and try to avoid getting too trigger happy here? Does this really solve the problem or merely add to it?

So what? What do I have to lose? Do you think I really care? If I don’t have you no one else will. If I don’t get my way, then nobody gets their way.

These statements aren’t just some type of analytical, locker room talk or scientific hypothesis, but these are very real and disturbing threats, not to be taken lightly.

When we hear the bombastic spews of disregard coming from the mouths of many of our leaders, whether political, religious, social, educational, from the family unit or in the business sector, what should we really expect from those that are led by these high-ranking heads? No one seems to fear severe consequences anymore. It’s as if they wear dishonor and hate as a badge of honor.

I read a few comments where some have expressed that crime really does pay and pay well when referencing how lucrative many white collar crimes have escaped the system. While we still ask how we became so disconnected from literally everything, I still believe in hope. I still believe in justice, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. I still believe that crime does not pay, but will suffer from the wallet of excruciating consequences. We have to reach deep into our hearts and renew that sense of humanity and decency that we want to once again embrace. While we will revisit these disturbing emotions again, probably sooner that we expect to, we should continue to share the love and compassion that build and does not destroy. This ticking time bomb in our society must be diffused. We can’t diffuse them all, but we can try to diffuse as many as we can.