Find Something To Smile About

Smiling, Laughing, HappyDuring the holiday season, when we would typically up our game in celebrating with food, fun, family, and friends, or get into the mad rush buying Christmas gifts, for many it becomes a time where hearts are heavy from grief, despair, and loneliness. Yet in the midst of melancholy, we must find some reason to smile, to open the doors of happiness and press forward, because we still have life dwelling within.

During those moments when the news is crazy and depressing, I try to search for something quirky or comical to watch on TV, listen to some upbeat and motivationally charged music, or look for an inspirational book to read. Think of something that makes you smile, whether it’s a pleasant memory, a child laughing, the close and loving bond between friends, the companionship of a pet, or the peace and tranquility felt in a single moment, just find something lighthearted to embrace.

Life is meant to be happy, although we will face many life-changing challenges. Turn your gloom into cheer, despair into joy, and your agony into ecstasy. Laughing, Smiling, Happy

Smiling, Friendship

Happy, Laughing, Funny

Do not allow misery to occupy your space. Turn those frowns upside down and SMILE!


Temper Tantrums of Now

Impatience, Anger, Temper, Temper Tantrum

Do you have temper tantrums? Probably not as extreme as children throwing a stubborn and emotional hissy fit because they don’t get their way, but the adult size version of emotional stress perpetrated by wanting things your way without sizing up the consequences first?

We have become a world and a society of immediacy. “I got to have it right now” resonates from every oral and written sector imaginable. We can’t wait because we’ve learned, adopted and perfected the act of impatience. The subliminal messages and advertisements we see slathered throughout our television, social media and digital platforms contribute to this gotta have it right now mentality. Such impatience can lead to microwavable decisions that result in poor, costly and short-term choices. All too often we lose perspective on waiting for the best (while working towards it of course), and instead, choose our “want it right now” decision.

Do we think about long-term justification before making a rushed decision, without being informed with all of the facts? Do we disregard worldly things or sacred values for the sake of immediate fulfillment? For the pleasure of a moment do we thereby sacrifice our future? If you don’t get your way about something, how do you respond? Just remember, making rash decisions with irrational thoughts or unwise counsel can result in damaging consequences.  Think about that as we gear up for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Today’s Poetry: Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Thinking, Reminiscing, Reflections

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Sometimes I think about where I am now compared to where I was way back when. I suppose because I am getting older, reflecting on my gains and losses, my trials and my victories, my joys and tears, my hits and my misses, my past, present, and future I realize there is a stark fact staring me in the face, showing the clock ticking away, denoting that my time here is not as long as it once was.

But in the midst of that reality sprinkled with a little melancholy, I vow, with the gift of each new day, to pause and breathe in gratitude, for I am still here to make a difference that will benefit all who I touch, whether orally or written.

Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Can I get my normal back
to a time when my comfort zone was comfortable
and my ordinary was ok?

Can I get my normal back
when I didn’t need to make drastic decisions
nor face great and uncomfortable challenges?

Can I get my normal back
when I wanted to grow up fast
but the process said “whoa” slow your roll?

Can I get my normal back
where loved ones didn’t die
my health didn’t fade or finances didn’t evaporate?

If I could get my normal back
would I receive it with open arms
and forfeit the treasured lessons I learned in life?

Yet, as the day changes anew
as the sun rises and later sets
I realize my normal today will not be normal tomorrow.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Content Among the Discontented

Satisfaction, Contentment, Happy

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Are you a content person?

We live in a society where the concept of being successful is based on “more”…more expensive, more impressionable and an overabundance of stuff you have. Choosing to simply be content with essentials, seems to carry a sentence for appearing to mean complacency, sadness or incompetency when you can’t do any better. Far be it from that.

Learning and accepting to be content, takes witnessing those who are left with little or nothing at all, and who are unable at the time to do something about it. Being content does not mean you don’t set goals, seek continued education, upgrade to better quality items, find happiness or improve on self-improvement. Today is Evaluate Your Life Day and as we think about the devastating images resulting from the recent hurricanes, wildfires and earthquake disasters, I always say we need to pause and be grateful for what we have, and that includes our loved ones. These heartwrenching images show thousands of people who are left without simple things like food, water, and clothing.

Whether or not you’ve given any thought about being a content person, reassess your gratitude meter and then see how you would honestly answer and compare yourself to the question, “Are you a content person?”

Are You Good Enough?

Self-Awareness, Confidence, Self-Image

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At some point in everyone’s life, you may ask yourself the question, “Am I Good Enough?” All too often we are whisked away into the great vortex of ”Should.” Who we SHOULD be, how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD have, how we SHOULD think, what we SHOULD do, or whatever superficial SHOULD falls under society’s definition, entraps our spirit and sends us into some very dark places of inadequacy.

I am cheerfully reminded of the fictional character, Stuart Smalley from the television show Saturday Night Live that was created and performed by comedian, satirist and now U.S. Senator, Al Franken. His mock self-help show called “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” spawned the affirmational anthem “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” 

Unknowingly, we beat ourselves up trying desperately to turn the dreams of someone else into an unachievable reality for ourselves. Unfortunately, if they are not your true, authentic dreams and aspirations you are literally fighting an uphill battle that could leave you feeling defeated. This in no way negates self-improvement, it just reminds us to make our goals conducive to our life and not that of someone else.

Take a look in the mirror…a good look. What is unique about your features and overall persona? How can you positively transform yourself without trying to become someone else? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am good enough, imperfections and all.”

Affirmations, Kym Gordon Moore, Self-Awareness

Death and Life

Life, Death, Living

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“Death has a way of making you focus on, be grateful for and embrace the precious gift of life.”

The frivolous, the mediocre, the lame, the jealousy, the notoriety, those superiority complexes, the pretentiousness, the fancy homes, the dream cars and all the money in the world become unimportant when life as we know it parts ways from the bodies of those we love dearly.