Are You Good Enough?

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At some point in everyone’s life, you may ask yourself the question, “Am I Good Enough?” All too often we are whisked away into the great vortex of ”Should.” Who we SHOULD be, how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD have, how we SHOULD think, what we SHOULD do, or whatever superficial SHOULD falls under society’s definition, entraps our spirit and sends us into some very dark places of inadequacy.

I am cheerfully reminded of the fictional character, Stuart Smalley from the television show Saturday Night Live that was created and performed by comedian, satirist and now U.S. Senator, Al Franken. His mock self-help show called “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” spawned the affirmational anthem “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” 

Unknowingly, we beat ourselves up trying desperately to turn the dreams of someone else into an unachievable reality for ourselves. Unfortunately, if they are not your true, authentic dreams and aspirations you are literally fighting an uphill battle that could leave you feeling defeated. This in no way negates self-improvement, it just reminds us to make our goals conducive to our life and not that of someone else.

Take a look in the mirror…a good look. What is unique about your features and overall persona? How can you positively transform yourself without trying to become someone else? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am good enough, imperfections and all.”

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Death and Life

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“Death has a way of making you focus on, be grateful for and embrace the precious gift of life.”

The frivolous, the mediocre, the lame, the jealousy, the notoriety, those superiority complexes, the pretentiousness, the fancy homes, the dream cars and all the money in the world become unimportant when life as we know it parts ways from the bodies of those we love dearly.


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I had another blog post originally scheduled for today, but due to the tragic events that occurred in our country and around the world just this past month alone, I ask that you stand in solidarity with me for a moment of silence, to pray for the victims and their families. When I thought about writing a post reflecting one major occurrence, something else quickly popped up. Sometimes I simply can’t wrap my mind around or process many of the tragic events that occur, let alone keep up with them.

From the hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks in England, homicides, suicides, church shootings and most recently the mass shooting that occurred at a concert over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can easily feel dismayed, overwhelmed and depressed.

But for this moment, regardless of your denomination, race, gender, economic status, nationality or political affiliation let us unite as a people and pause to pray. Don’t resort to praying only when something drastic happens, but meditate daily. We must be the intercessors because our world is in a crisis and is certainly quite different from what we used to call normal.

Poetry for the Day: Soul Within

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Ok, everyone is different and I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. We come in various shapes, sizes and a kaleidoscope of beautiful skin tones. None of us are perfect, yet oftentimes people tend to base their perfection on what society deems as perfect and imperfect.

Body shaming has become a type of bullying that has taken on a new life of itself. At the beginning of this Millenium, I was in a business that catered to the beauty and fashion industry and was deeply pained by witnessing an overwhelming amount of women voicing poor self-imaging comments based on what they saw in advertisements, in the movies, and on television. 

I wrote a poem, Soul Within to voice how many women felt about themselves before social media exploded to the extent it has today. Although this isn’t one of my best poems, I am pleased it appeared in the Reach of Song Anthology 2003-2005 and was a winner of the Edward Davin Vickers Memorial Award in 2004. Later, I included the poem in my 2013 collection of poems, Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry and find it is still relevant today.

Soul Within

This body I wear helps me deliver the message
planned before my very existence.
I may not have a voluptuous hourglass figure
or rock solid washboard abs,
but my limbs are functioning satisfactorily.

My vision is not 20/20
yet many are blind and wish for sight.
The grade of my hair may not be acceptable to standards
but those with alopecia hope to have a little bit of mane.

This body may have bruises and scars
although the pain will not destroy me
whether wrinkled, tired and worn
that cannot kill my spirit.

Perfection is not mine to have
as long as I wear this assigned body
faith, obedience and resiliency thwart the destruction
of hate and incomprehension to my being.

The body I wear does not define me
but the spirit I add represents the essence of my substance.
What I feed and cleanse it with
is detrimental to my existence –
a life hereafter, forevermore.

I am the vitality for the body I wear
for without me it is lifeless and cold.
When the time comes that I can no longer accompany it
I must relinquish it to the dust from whence it came.

Cut the Crap

Complain, Gratitude, Thankfulness

We wake up each new day preparing to embark on our usual daily tasks. Yet all too often, we really do not pay attention to how much we have a natural tendency to moan, groan and complain about heading out to work, or school, what we are going to wear, or even what we are going to eat for breakfast. Rarely during those moments of complaining do we think about people who have no job but want to work, those who want to get an education, but are unable to go to school, or those who are hungry and would give anything for morsels of the food we waste to cut their hunger pains.

If we would just pause and truly embrace our opportunities, blessings, and freedom that is available to us in some aspect every day, we will resist the temptation to sound selfish and insensitive to others who don’t have what we have and instead be grateful for what we’ve got.

“You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry”

Happy #WorldGratitudeDay

Faster than a Speeding Bullet?

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When you think about that phrase ‘Faster than a speeding bullet’ automatically we are reminded of the intro to the Superman TV series. Somehow, life seems to be evolving at warped speed each day. Artificial Intelligence, biotechnology, deep learning applications, augmented reality and mind boggling software applications are literally leaving our heads in a constant tail spin.

Sometimes I feel as if I am moving like a Shinkansen, affectionately known as the Bullet Train, a network of high-speed railway lines located in Japan. How often do we slow our speed down and take some much-needed breaks to unwind and savor our gift of life and living? If we don’t slow our roll and learn to take the “scenic route” of life from time to time, before we know it life would have passed us by, faster than a speeding bullet train.

Breathe! Relax! Live! Enjoy!