Our Personal Change: Is it Authentic, Natural, Adapted or Distorted?

Life, Distortion

Change occurs every single day, whether we want it or are prepared for it. Are we really the well-oiled machine we think we are? At some point and time, perhaps by the news of someone’s sudden death, we hear the reverberating old adage, “Life is too short.” Sometimes when you take time to meditate and reflect on life, do you see things differently, feel a heightened awareness in your spirit about creation, and then wonder and ask yourself, “What’s really going on here?”

Whether or not we realize our apparent willingness to accept, adapt and normalize a life whose RPM’s are revved up like the engine of a race car, just because these are fast and abbreviated times we are living in, should we? Are we dummying down our human logic, deep learning, individuality and manual reasoning by turning over our humanness and humanity into the hands of artificial intelligence and a life of truncated virtual or augmented reality?

As we contemplate and take into account the facets of our lives and life that abounds around us, we must ask if our images of change fall in the natural order of things, or are we becoming like a text message, short and distorted reflections as seen in a funhouse or carnival mirror.


4 Things That Can Never Be Recovered


Image Credit: Bobbi Jones Jones

Four things that can never be recovered:

A stone after it’s thrown…Words after they are spoken…Occasion after it’s missed…Time after its gone.

What if Wednesday: Mirrored Image

What If Wednesday, Compassion, Mirror Image

What if you woke up one morning, walked to your bathroom, glanced up at the mirror and saw someone staring at you, wearing the same exact clothes you were wearing, but you had no idea who this person was? Suppose you had to walk around all day looking like that person, perhaps of another race, gender, age or socioeconomic status? What would you think? What would you do?

What if that person was someone you labeled in the past with insensitivity and you were now wearing their shoes, and being treated horribly, with disdain or neglected? What if you couldn’t return to your normal self unless you learned a valuable lesson of compassion from being in this individual’s shoes, because of how you previously mistreated or stereotyped such a person? What if?


Oh Say, Can You See What’s Going On? Listen!


Fire and Ice, Fight, Clashing, Outrage, Change

Tired and outraged! When you are sick and tired of nothingness, you soon become outraged. Someone told me that ignorance, greed, violence, abuse, complacency, and bullying have become our new norm, but I am not buying that. How long are we to tolerate the seductive temptations we allowed to grow into ballistic sins? Oh, I am not preaching, just speaking from spiritual exhaustion. Something is wrong y’all and has been for quite some time now. When do we finally say enough is enough and hold the human powers that be (since they wanted these positions in the first place) accountable for ‘We the People‘ instead of ‘Me the Powerful?’

Yes, I believe the Constitution was written with good intent. The first and second Amendments, in particular, have been getting a lot of airtime over the past several years. Yet somehow we have gotten things so twisted to the point of compromising and normalizing ‘extremism,’ regardless of which Amendment we discuss. It is so refreshing to see ordinary people using their platforms to positively impact the fallen, forgotten, fragile, and forsaken. Hear us!


When I think about change, I think about hope and the act of making things better in the pursuit of happiness. The concerns that appeared to be changing, seem to have become stalemated. Why is this? Have we assumed too much without putting a true check and balance system into place and make them actionable? Are voices still being ignored or silenced because there is no followup to accountability? Does the rhetoric sound way too familiar?

The polarizing problem seems to include the lack of listening, talking, logic, equality, justice, and understanding. It continues to sadly return to the field of ‘us vs. them,’ converging on many societal fronts. Why aren’t things getting done at a much faster rate? We are in a position to demand change for the marginalized, disenfranchised and the innocent. Never underestimate the importance and impact of a single voice. We are the change agents! Much has changed but there is much that needs changing and amending. We can no longer put a bandage on a hemorrhage and expect satisfaction. It’s time to put up because the voice of repression is no longer going to sit back and shut up. People are outraged, seeking justice, and we have a legitimate reason to be.

Look to the Sky


When I find myself feeling down and in despair, I either step outside or look out of my window, then allow my eyes to pan upward and breathe. There is something mysteriously wonderful, resonant and placid about looking up towards the sky and realizing that even if everything around me is in disarray, for this moment, I am okay.

I opened the blinds to my bay-window a couple of days ago and from each angle of the window, the sky looked different. The right end window showed nothing but stormy dark gray clouds. As I walked to the center window I saw gray clouds mixed with white clouds against a Carolina blue sky. My curiosity led me to walk over to the last window and there was a wisp of gray clouds floating among fluffy white clouds, against a beautiful blue backdrop.

Sky, Meditation

As I steady my gaze and think about it, I ask if the sky truly changes or is it a resolute universal canvas? I wonder if the lens of our perspective is zeroing in on transitions like the earth’s rotation, seasonal changes, the sun and moon’s movement, and the clouds drifting between the sky and us, atmospherically teaching us new lessons? The variations of clouds I saw from my window were circumstances, remnants moving away as a rainstorm just past through. Behold, the sun began peaking through in all of its brilliance.

Sky, Universe

All I know is the sky is a portrait that is ever-evolving within my emotionally charged spirit. No special effects needed. That is the type of peace that surpasses my understanding. Some things are seen and felt, and cannot offer an explanation. Sometimes the feeling becomes the explanation.

Sky, Nature

Nature, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Sky, Universe

Sky, Nature, Tranquility

Sky, Universe, Moon

Sky, Rainbow

*Photos courtesy of and found in public domain.