Murals: Exterior Canvases of Art

Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

How I love getting sucked into those huge exterior canvases of art painted on a dilapidated wall, a sidewalk or the side of a ho-hum looking building. I think exterior murals display an explosion of expressionism that magnifies the imagination, brings awareness to a social consciousness, defines a noteworthy cause or in observance of iconic figures.

Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

Image Source: The Creative Trade

Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

The use of colors and detail on such a large scale are extraordinary!

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Image Source: CPAG Guide

Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

ART & SOUL WALL MURALS, Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals


Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

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Murals, Outside Art, Exterior Murals

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Poetry in the Arena: Who Got Game?

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In honor of the game of basketball, please enjoy this tribute to female and male players on every level of the game.

Who Got Game?

Jump ball, tip it, get it
passin’, shootin’, dribblin’, bounce
splash, step-leap-dunk, nothin’ but net
respect the paint without moving violations

one point, two points, three-pointer, swoosh
backboard, ball spinning ‘round the rim
airborne, in or out, how will the ball fall
stop it, pop it, drop it, oh snap

fouls, blocked shots, free throws, rebound
disrespect, oh we ain’t havin’ none of that
step in this arena, yeah we own this house
you talkin’ to me, champ with a capital “C”?

Shot clock, counting down, tick, tick, boom
final seconds, buzzer blares, fans losing their minds
the golden lane of victory, a pipeline of champions
we took it to the floor, game over, we won!

© Kym Gordon Moore

The NBA Finals are over and boy was it one heck of a contest. The Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena last night. Two great ball teams, but only one team remained the last team standing. The 2017 Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy goes to The Golden State Warriors. Congratulations to all of these amazing players: Stephen Curry (our Charlotte native), Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, David West, Patric McCaw, Zaza Pachulia, Damian Jones, James McAdoo, Ian Clark, JaVale McGee and Matt Barnes; Head Coach Steve Kerr and the entire coaching staff, owners Joseph S. Lacob and Peter Guber, all of the #DubNation fans and everyone affiliated with the #StrengthInNumbers organization.

A special shout-out to Kevin Durant who not only received his first NBA Championship ring but he walked away with the Championship MVP trophy! Awesome!


Where am I?

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Do you have those fabulous days when you feel on top of the world and everything is going your way? Then do you frown on other days when it feels like the world pushed you off the planet, leaving you bewildered, weak, abandoned, lost and defeated? At some point in everyone’s life, we may try our very best to do the right thing, but sometimes it feels like things just aren’t jelling as you planned or would like for them to. The thing to avoid is giving up, even when you may feel like you don’t have the strength or one ounce of fight left inside to do anything worthwhile.

Keeping the faith and hope is hard, but it is very possible, especially in the midst of some ferocious storms (and I don’t mean weather related either). In such moments, I have to pause, and just be still, to meditate and reflect. I know I need to make certain decisions, but if I try to be the “Fixer” when I am stepping out of order, and not listening to Divine guidance, then I could be headed over a cliff with failed brakes and no parachute.

Where am I? Sometimes I know, and at other times it seems like a great big blur. We have every right to have those downer days, when we feel off balance and can’t seem to get a grip on things. We can go there, but we can’t stay there, or it is quite possible we will never survive.

As we look out into the dense fog that mars clarity of vision and awareness, then we should close our eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, deliberately and peacefully. It is then that we can possibly lower the temperature on our internal pressure cooker and some things just may eventually straighten themselves out.

Honey Yogurt Semifreddo on Food Porn Friday

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In celebration of National Frozen Yogurt Month, we are featuring this refreshing semifreddo dessert on Food Porn Friday.

Semifreddo, whose origin is Italian, has the texture of a frozen mousse because it is a semi-frozen dessert. The principal ingredients for this recipe usually consist of eggs, sugar, and cream.

I just loved the elegant presentation of this dessert created by Gourmande in the Kitchen. This Honey Yogurt Semifreddo Recipe with Raspberries and Pistachios serves 6 to 8 people. It is an easy, delicious summer dessert made from simple ingredients: yogurt, honey, raspberries, and pistachios.

Delight your palate with this cool sweet, soft, delicate treat and your taste buds will love you forever!

Do Not Feed Me Seymour!

I’m sure many of you have seen signs similar to this Please Do Not Feed The Wildlife sign. Perhaps you know the danger of complying versus not complying with this warning, regardless of whether you see a sign or not.

Some people feel they can domesticate a wild animal, including ducks, but there can be some dangerous and deadly consequences resulting from that. We have seen a recent surge of bear, coyote, fox and bobcat sightings in our area. My husband saw a bobcat in our next door neighbor’s driveway a couple of weeks ago and nearly freaked out. Heck, I nearly freaked out when he told me about it.

We have a small lake behind our house where ducks, geese, blue herons, white herons, rabbits and Lord only knows what else is back there. In the early morning hours a few weeks ago I spotted about 5 deer frolicking near the water. Crazy right? But, while I adore watching these critters from the safety of my deck, I have seen people deliberately ignore the posted Do Not Feed signs because they think the animals are sooooooo cute! However, one day I had to grab a stick and run some very aggressive geese away from two little girls walking home from the pool, who were almost attacked because the geese assumed they were going to feed them. Of course, after I started yelling and screaming at the geese to get back, I’m not sure whether I scared the girls, the geese or myself the most!

Wildlife breeding populations are increasing and with new construction going up every single day, we are interrupting their natural habitat and they really have nowhere to go. So, they roam in residential areas and there seems to be very little that wildlife officials can do when you call them. There really isn’t much you can do about their displacement but you can heed the warnings and learn how to protect yourself by not doing something crazy or illegal to lure or provoke them.

This isn’t Little Shop of Horrors, and you are not Rick Moranis (Seymour), so don’t feed anything wild, because you might wind up becoming lunch to a big monster! Just sayin’.

A Poem Celebrating National Accordion Awareness Month

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American folk and blues musician Huddie William Ledbetter (aka LEAD BELLY) Image Source:

Do you play the accordion? Did you know that June is National Accordion Awareness Month? I always wanted to learn how to play the accordion and it is still on my bucket list of the many things I challenged myself to do. I never heard my grandfather play his accordion, but my mother talked about his evening musical serenades on their porch growing up. During that era, this was one of their main forms of entertainment since they didn’t have a television set. Oh how I would love to have had his wonderful instrument today!

In celebration of this beloved instrument celebrated by more people than you can imagine all around the world, I am featuring my poem, Grandpa’s Squeezebox Rendezvous.

Grandpa’s Squeezebox Rendezvous

Reeds vibrating inside a wooden box
keys and valves open for unrestricted air
melodies maintaining tonal quality and sound
pleated bellows articulate clear tones.

Stories of my grandfather playing his accordion
squeezebox serenading a soiree for song and dance
buttonboards or piano-style keyboards sing with glee
differing in pitches from applied pressure in a stance.

Oh my granddaddy, a one-man band
a wooden porch was his Broadway stage
entertaining his guests with the sounds of folk music
a free concert for everyone at any age.

© 2013 Kym Gordon Moore from Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Kiddie Tats

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Okay, so personally I am not a huge fan of tattoos. No, I am not talking about the character Tattoo played by Herve Villechaize who was the sidekick to Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) on the television series “Fantasy Island” (1978-1984). I’m talking about good ole body ink. But, what do you think about toddlers donning such a look?

For those who adorn themselves with this body art, there is a myriad of personal and inspirational reasons why they go through hours of inking their bodies with a sharp needle. No-can-do for me sweetie pie! Now, while I am okay with tattoos on adults, I gasped when I came across an article about a father giving his son an actual ink tattoo because the boy reportedly said he wanted to be like his dad. Totally freaked me out right? I was unable to personally process the sense of logic around that story. But, of course, I am not this child’s parent or guardian either.

Airbrushed Tattoos, Tattoos for Kids, Body Ink, Tattoos

Image Source: (Airbrushed tattoos)

I know children are intrigued with peel off stickers they can put on their hands or face painting they have done by an artist at festivals and special events. I explored some more kiddie tattoo related stories, that made me less nervous about the real “ink” deal. I found where some parents were not as extreme with their tot’s tats. They opted for an airbrushed tattoo where designers spray inks on the body that can wash off. I also came across a company called TotTude, founded by Tera Christianson that produces hip, edgy, trendy shirts and body suits with tattooed inspired sleeves to mimic that of real adult tat sleeves. Where have I been?

While these popular tattoo applications and fashion trends are cute, theatrical and not permanent, would you let your youngster sport a look that is this edgy and grown up? Do you think it could send a confused message to children? Or do you see this as a fun and lighthearted fad that is harmless and simply artistic?