Holy Sacred Commercialism

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I realize this week has been a week of deep reflection for me. At first, I thought my imbalance was a result of all the violence that has recently occurred over the past few days but I finally put my finger on what the real reason was. See, on Easter Sunday 14 years ago, my mother passed away. There was an emptiness I felt that day as many of us who lost a parent or someone extremely close to them experiences. When I got to the hospital, walked into my mother’s room and saw her lifeless body, I couldn’t begin to cry, not yet.

I felt her hands which were still warm. I told her I got there as fast as I could. It took me 3 hours to drive there, but it seemed like 8. When I began thinking about that day, how I commemorated the sacredness of Easter Sunday, because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, I felt a gnawing uneasiness in my spirit and I had no energy. In hindsight, I finally understood what my spirit was telling me.

Today is Maundy Thursday, the first of the three days of solemn remembrance leading up to Easter. Tomorrow is Good Friday, in which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church and is traditionally a day of fasting and penance. Holy Saturday, also known as the Great Sabbath or Easter Eve is the final day of Holy Week.

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is one of Christianity’s most important holidays. I have often wondered, how did we creatively turn the sacredness of the holiday into extreme commercialism? How did we adopt icons like colored eggs and bunny rabbits to identify the meaning behind this celebration? Probably because Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are easier to accept than a religious symbol.

I am not here to judge, offend or become overly sanctimonious, but when I searched through images for Easter, I found that 99% of them were bunnies, eggs, green grass, baskets, bonnets, daisies and daffodils. Many of those who I speak to and who identify with Christianity, don’t have a problem with the commercial promotion of how this holiday is marketed and think we may need to steer away from religious representations so that others will not be offended or feel alienated. 

As I reflect on the emotions surrounding this all-important holiday for me, I find a peace within my spirit that surpasses all understanding and a gratitude that I can never explain, except to say “Thank You, God!” While my opinion of how I celebrate Easter may be significantly different from the way some others celebrate it, I enter the final leg of this Holy holiday and bid everyone a very Happy Easter! Now that makes me cry!


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So What? What Do I Have To Lose?

fighting, injustice, violence, crineWhat do I have to lose? Is this what we have come to? Each time I read or watch a report about senseless killings whether it’s home or abroad, it pains my heart. How can you not have a heart or compassion when these occurrences happen, regardless of what side of the world you are on? Like everyone who feels the same way, I ask that annoying question of why? I don’t understand the alarming increase of blatant disregard for life. I cannot make any sense of it all and I probably never will.

Before I was able to process my disbelief and angst about what really happened with last week’s Syrian gas attacks, my heart was exploding with grief about what is happening with the rising rate of homicides and violence, happening all around us. Now, San Bernardino once again takes the headlines this week for an atrocious murder/suicide domestic violence attack that also resulted in the death of an innocent 8-year-old. As I read some of the social media responses to this incident, as always I am appalled by the heated debate about allowing teachers to pack some type of firearm in their classrooms and to shoot when necessary. OK, is this really a solution and could we simply pause and try to avoid getting too trigger happy here? Does this really solve the problem or merely add to it?

So what? What do I have to lose? Do you think I really care? If I don’t have you no one else will. If I don’t get my way, then nobody gets their way.

These statements aren’t just some type of analytical, locker room talk or scientific hypothesis, but these are very real and disturbing threats, not to be taken lightly.

When we hear the bombastic spews of disregard coming from the mouths of many of our leaders, whether political, religious, social, educational, from the family unit or in the business sector, what should we really expect from those that are led by these high-ranking heads? No one seems to fear severe consequences anymore. It’s as if they wear dishonor and hate as a badge of honor.

I read a few comments where some have expressed that crime really does pay and pay well when referencing how lucrative many white collar crimes have escaped the system. While we still ask how we became so disconnected from literally everything, I still believe in hope. I still believe in justice, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. I still believe that crime does not pay, but will suffer from the wallet of excruciating consequences. We have to reach deep into our hearts and renew that sense of humanity and decency that we want to once again embrace. While we will revisit these disturbing emotions again, probably sooner that we expect to, we should continue to share the love and compassion that build and does not destroy. This ticking time bomb in our society must be diffused. We can’t diffuse them all, but we can try to diffuse as many as we can.


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Today’s Inspiration: Footprints in the Sand

Footprints, Poetry, Inspiration, Encouragement

My precious child,

I love you and would never leave you,

never ever,

during trials and suffering.

When you saw only one set of footprints,

it was then that I carried you.

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Fore Play

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Today is Golfer’s Day. We celebrate by playing the game, recognizing those who play it professionally and leisurely, and many who may not play, but hold the beauty of the game in high regard. It is believed that the game of golf actually originated in Scotland although the true origin of the word is unknown. We salute all of the great Masters Champions of the past, present, and future.

Congratulations are in order to Sergio Garcia who scored big in The 2017 81st Masters Tournament this weekend. This is his first win at The Masters and his first major championship after 19 years on the PGA tour. He walked away with a $1,980,000 prize purse, the famous Green Jacket, his name engraved on the permanent Masters’ trophy which remains at the Club, a Sterling replica of the Masters Trophy and a gold medal. Sweet! The 2017 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship kicks off June 27-July 2, 2017 at the Olympia Fields Country Club in Illinois.

Since I am not a bonafide golfer, although I have all of the equipment to look the part, I decided to share this lighthearted poem, “Fore Play” to commemorate Golfer’s Day and National Poetry Month.

Fore Play

My Titleist was on the tee
Big Bertha in my hand
as he told me to bend my knees
part my legs ever so slightly
keep your eye on the ball he said
then swing your arms, hips, and follow-through
now with a strong voice yell “Fore!”
Huh? What did this have to do with swinging?

Fore what? is the question I had to ask?
What kind of foreplay is this?
To fore-warn others of a wayward shot
no one wants to get hit by a stray ball you know?
Fore crying out loud, why not just yell “Move!”
How about “Watch Out” or “Take cover?”

Fore some crazy twisted reason
I wondered if he was really fore real
when he asked fore what purpose was I here
I looked down at the golf ball
looked out over the green
took a swing as Bertha slapped that ball
the Titleist was airborne and I yelled “Fore”
he asked why I was yelling so loud
I said, “Fore Pete’s sake, you told me to. Pete.”

-Kym Gordon Moore


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National Coffee Cake Day on Food Porn Friday

Coffee Cake, National Coffee Cake Day, Dessert, Food and Wine

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Coffee Cake is our foodie flick of the day. This sponge cake flavored with coffee can be served around your coffee table with your favorite cup of java. Since today is National Coffee Cake Day, we came across this recipe for Pear and Sour Cream Coffee Cake from the editors at Food and Wine.

While you’re there, be sure to check out these 11 Best Recipes to Make on National Coffee Cake Day from Food and Wine. Bon Appetit!

Happy #NationalCoffeeCakeDay
Happy #FoodPornFriday

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Alive, Awake, Aware

Aware, Intuition, Awareness, Alive

The poetry of being alive, awake and aware in the welcoming present moment of a new day, gives us an unfolding experience of worthiness, peace and gratitude.

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