How Far Do You Search for a Miracle?

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Sometimes we are so busy looking for big marvels to appear when we want them to…something phenomenal and spectacular that materializes like a rabbit suddenly being pulled from a magician’s hat.

Miracles, Life

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Yet in our searching and wishing for the miracles we want to appear at any moment from our pleading and prayers, we fail to see the multitude of miracles that already surround us, those we fail to recognize and are incapable of truly acknowledging.

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Sometimes we are so eager to seek a miracle so great that we fail to see the beautiful miracle of life we possess inside of us.

Life, Miracles

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The Wastelands of Literacy: Don’t Trash Those Books!

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Throughout the month of September, a celebratory spotlight is put on literacy. September is Adult Literacy Month, Read A New Book Month, and Be Kind To Writers And Editors Month.

In this day and time, it is unfathomable to imagine that illiteracy still remains a serious and troubling topic of discussion. Literacy, the ability to read, write and the level of competency and knowledge in a specific area is a prized attribute in building a strong foundation of educational, cultural and creative heritage.

It is not popular to allow ignorance to become the accepted norm, although at times when we reflect on the current state of our society, sadly that seems to be the case. That does not mean, however, this educational quagmire cannot be fixed. We have every tool you can possibly imagine to thwart the dangers of ignorance when it runs amuck.

As Maya Angelou once told an audience of aspiring writers, “In order to be a good writer, you have to be a copious reader.” In our tech-savvy society, we can’t even allow ‘aliteracy’ to take root and contribute to the ills of illiteracy.


The Good Life: Do You Fake it or Make it?

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What is your idea of the good life? Do you picture being rich and famous as the ultimate definition of the good life?

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Is the success of your life based on your net worth and unimaginable cash flow?

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Do you picture the good life as one that is adopted by others but may in all actuality be a pseudo-life?

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Or is your idea of the good life, a simple one with less stress, having good health, peace of mind, having fun and freedom, possessing just what you need, and a greater appreciation of life over an overabundance of materialistic things that simply fade away with time?

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Is your idea of the good life making it your best life, with the gifts and talents you’ve been blessed with? Does it involve giving your generous gift of love through random acts of kindness?

The Good lif

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Make sure ‘your’ good life is ‘your’ life and not the kind that others could trap you into thinking is when it’s not. While wealth can contribute to making a life better financially, could it become possessive and overwhelming? How do you define ‘The Good Life?’

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Pure Refreshing Persian Ice Cream on Food Porn Friday

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Ah…the summer heatwave continues, and what better way to refresh your arid palate than to take pleasure in a scoop or two of ice cream? Not just any ice cream, but Persian ice cream!

Widely known as Persian Ice Cream, Bastani Sonnati or simply Bastani, is an Iranian ice cream that is made from milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla, and pistachios. Different regions have various versions of making this creamy frozen treat, but Persian ice cream offers some surprising ingredients that many would not think to add. Salep, a flour made from the tubers of the orchid genus Orchis is also sometimes included as an ingredient.

Bastani, according to some sources often contains flakes of frozen clotted cream. I was delighted to come across this dessert recipe for Persian Ice Cream with Saffron & Rosewater from the culinary passions of My Persian Kitchen. For this frozen treat, you want to grab your milk, cream, sugar, rosewater, shelled pistachios and egg yolks, and then click here for step by step directions. Enjoy, as you dive into this refreshing heap of deliciousness, my friends!

Happy #FoodPornFriday!

Enter the Judgment

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Throughout the pathways of life, we meet people, relatives, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers who come and go. These encounters, regardless of circumstances lead us to form an opinion about that individual, whether positive or negative. We watch, observe and listen to the words they speak and what they do, and quickly we find an ounce of merit to validate why our opinion is the way it is, even if that opinion has no merit itself.

We tend to judge people based on our varied differences, past unfavorable encounters, or on the opinionated and biased voices within our inner circles. Yet, in such judgment regarding “otherisms”, do we understand their back-story? Are we willing to lay down the gauntlets, swords, knives, and firearms to sit, talk and learn why people are the way they are, think the way they think, and behave as they behave, even if we find those reasons less credible or impossible to fathom?

We may have expert coaches in their respective fields, but no one is truly an expert fixer of the innate behavior of others. The fixing has to manifest from the individual. Are they willing to make the necessary changes if they feel the need to?

We ask such questions, seeking ongoing solutions but can only be held accountable for our actions, reactions, speech, compassion, and attitudes in the mire of the problem. If everyone looked within the chambers of their heart to see if they represent themselves in such a way that would shine a light of hope and inspiration on others instead of imposing their deep personal seeds of darkness on unsuspecting souls, then humanity may have a humane chance after all. Besides, when you look at it, we are indeed more alike than different, whether we want to admit it or not.

Chores. Not an option but an ‘And!’

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CHORES…oh, how such childhood memories remain embedded somewhere in each hemisphere of the four lobes in our brains.

Chores were never an option for us, but a responsibility. It wasn’t an either/or choice, but an ‘and.’ It wasn’t something we were constantly reminded to do because the fear of repercussions would not let you forget…we knew the consequences. The tasks given were more than likely unpleasant in our eyes, yet necessary. You had to pitch in.

Regardless of what area of the world you lived in, you were and yet remain responsible for following through on some type of chore(s) and held accountable if the job was not done. We didn’t expect financial compensation and neither were we bold enough to cross that threshold to ask or go on strike without chipping in, especially when you were constantly reminded of the food, shelter, and clothing you were given.

Nowadays household chores or our civic duty to do something on behalf of our earthly stewardship is made into a game, extra credit activity or field trip…pick up litter, make up your bed, help wash the dishes, sweep the floor, fold clothes from the dryer, unless you live in an area where you have to unpin them from a clothesline first. Do something to help or graciously donate to without looking for something in return like big ole “atta-boy!” Chores…like ’em or hate ’em, ya still gotta do ’em!


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Chores…while I may not have been thrilled about doing a lot of things around the house growing up, I was grateful for things one rarely thinks about…a bed to sleep in with a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear and the freedom to get an education. Now, you could be lazy…but only after your chores are done that is.

Be, Do, and Look Your Absolute Best

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Be Your Best You

To be the best that I can be
to do the best that I can do
to look the best that I can look
to make the best decision that I can make
based on the information I currently have
and the tools I have been given to work with
my best, on this day, at this moment is what I seek
with continued faith, hope and charity in my heart.
©Kym Gordon Moore