The Poetry of ‘Unlike Any’ Athletes by Under Armour

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Image credit: Under Armour

Ah, the fluidity of poetry found in athletics. In an effort to remove gender from the conversation when recognizing exceptional female athletes, Under Armour launched “Unlike Any” a brand marketing campaign created by Droga5, a New York City-based global advertising agency. Under Armour selected five extraordinary athletes who achieved some incredible feats in their careers: Misty Copeland, Natasha Hastings, Jessie Graff, Alison Désir and Zoe Zhang.

To make these ads more breathtaking, Under Armour turned to the following poets to tell these athletes amazing stories: Aja Monet, Kojey Radical, Dominique Christina, Aristophanes and Saul Williams. This is what I call true poetry in motion. Check out these poetically inspiring videos.


The Eyes Really Do Have It

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Image source: representing Tal Peleg

Eye love it!

Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyeshadow is the accessory to the eyelids. Taking eyeshadow to a different universe with increased dramatic, artistic personalities is something many makeup artists are creating.

Eye Shadow Art, Tal Peleg, Makeup Artistry, Eyes, Eyeshadow

Tal Peleg

With the eyelids as a focal point canvas, these eye-scape masterpieces, by makeup artist Tal Peleg have taken art, artistry, cosmetics, and beauty to a totally mind-blowing level.

Eye Shadow Art, Tal Peleg, Makeup Artistry, Eyes, Eyeshadow

Image source: for Tal Peleg

Eye can’t believe my eyes!

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Image source: The Binge

Eye am in shock!

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Eye am impressed!

Eye Shadow Art, Tal Peleg, Makeup Artistry, Eyes, Eyeshadow

Image source: for Tal Peleg

Eye can’t believe it!

Eye Shadow Art, Tal Peleg, Makeup Artistry, Eyes, Eyeshadow

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Eye think eye got it!

The Art of Language: What Do You Speak?

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Photo credit: Minna Sundberg

The art of one’s vernacular is fascinating. Simply listening to multilingual, multicultural conversations, even when you don’t understand a word that’s being said is an intriguing experience that invites you to learn more about it.

While there is no definitive count of the total number of languages spoken in the world, the Ethnologue catalog of world languages, which is one of the best linguistic resources, currently lists 6,909 living languages. About 6% of them have more than a million speakers each and collectively account for 94% of the world population.

Amid genetically distinct cultures, many languages are becoming a dying art, especially as the older generation passes away. For instance, immigration brought the influx flavor of many languages and cultures to the USA, way before the country’s declaration. Although English was voted the official language in the United States, Native American languages such as Sioux, Quechua, Navajo, Cherokee, Nahuatl, Papago, Cree, Crow, and Hopi were among the country’s native vernacular. The fear of linguistic annihilation has brought on the proliferation of greater exposure through education to preserve these languages.

Engaging in intimate, cross-cultural conversations can reveal how much we are more alike in any language spoken than we are characteristically distinctive. The beauty about such distinction shows how incredible our cultural diversity is and how we can amass continued education from an awesomely mixed floral bouquet of dialects.

Roller-Skate Stilettos

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Image Credit: Saint Laurent

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a pretty and unique pair of high heels. Foot candy is an important fashion element for any wardrobe. So when I read this article, SAINT LAURENT’S ROLLER-SKATE STILETTOS ARE THE BEST THING YOU’LL SEE ALL WEEK, I couldn’t believe the combination of elements designed into such fanciful footwear for that unique fashion statement. It’s quite an art piece.

Although this accessory is a jaw-dropping splurge if you had a lot of disposable income, would you pay £1,995 ($2,638.39) for them? I do love these shoes, but for safety reasons, I can do without the rollers and only take the stilettos. Just sayin’. Click here to read more of this fashion story.

The Art of Arts

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Image credit: Lynn Greyling

Uncontained imagination, impressionism, and creativity through visualization, emotion and human behavior is the world of art we live in. Did you know that August is American Artist Appreciation Month?

American Artist Appreciation Month, Art

Image Credit: Fran Hogan

Who is your favorite famous American artist? Ansel Adams? Norman Rockwell? Romare Bearden? John Trumbull? Alma Thomas? Nam June Paik? Robert Rauschenberg? Frederic Remington? Lee Krasner? Andy Warhol? Jacob Lawrence? Helen Frankenthaler?

Caricaturist, American Artist Appreciation Month, Art

Image Credit: Richard Revel

The aesthetics of artistry and design include Postmodernism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, and Cubism through painting, pottery or performance art.

Pottery, art, American Artist Appreciation Month

Image Credit: Lubos Houska

Although we immediately think about a painter or sculptor when we mention the word artist, the scope of this genre is divided into many performance categories, such as music, dancing, acting.

Art, Performance art, American Artist Appreciation Month

Image Credit: Michael Drummond

So our hats, brushes, and paints off to everyone fitting under the umbrella of artist, as we celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month.

American Artist Appreciation Month, Art

Image Credit: Peter Griffin

Got Writer’s Block? Then Make a Collage

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Image Credit: Kym Gordon Moore

So you love to write huh? Just when you least expect it, suddenly, one day, at one critical OMG moment, you hit a brick wall and lose all sense of something to write about. While many coaches suggest that you make and maintain a portal of subjects to write about, what happens when you glance at that list and find there is nothing that appeals to your writing juices?

Whenever I conduct a workshop or seminar, I present a prop that helps me get a spark of inspiration to write about something when I run into that writing brick wall. A collage can be a multifunctional tool, depending on what you put on it. The picture above shows a collage I created several years ago that I use personally and professionally. The pictures and words are cut out from old discarded magazines and junk mail. There are a few items like stick on’s from the craft store and a piece of denim pocket from an old pair of jeans that I also added to the mix.

So grab some old publications, photos or letters to form words of inspiration. Whatever inspires you or even things that don’t, whether it’s certain foods, drinks, flowers, hairstyles, apparel, vehicles, ceramic ware, restaurants, postcards or pictures of superheroes that you like, glue them onto a piece of cardboard, foam core or poster board and let your writing juices rip! Happy creating and happy writing!

Kiddie Tats

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Okay, so personally I am not a huge fan of tattoos. No, I am not talking about the character Tattoo played by Herve Villechaize who was the sidekick to Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) on the television series “Fantasy Island” (1978-1984). I’m talking about good ole body ink. But, what do you think about toddlers donning such a look?

For those who adorn themselves with this body art, there is a myriad of personal and inspirational reasons why they go through hours of inking their bodies with a sharp needle. No-can-do for me sweetie pie! Now, while I am okay with tattoos on adults, I gasped when I came across an article about a father giving his son an actual ink tattoo because the boy reportedly said he wanted to be like his dad. Totally freaked me out right? I was unable to personally process the sense of logic around that story. But, of course, I am not this child’s parent or guardian either.

Airbrushed Tattoos, Tattoos for Kids, Body Ink, Tattoos

Image Source: (Airbrushed tattoos)

I know children are intrigued with peel off stickers they can put on their hands or face painting they have done by an artist at festivals and special events. I explored some more kiddie tattoo related stories, that made me less nervous about the real “ink” deal. I found where some parents were not as extreme with their tot’s tats. They opted for an airbrushed tattoo where designers spray inks on the body that can wash off. I also came across a company called TotTude, founded by Tera Christianson that produces hip, edgy, trendy shirts and body suits with tattooed inspired sleeves to mimic that of real adult tat sleeves. Where have I been?

While these popular tattoo applications and fashion trends are cute, theatrical and not permanent, would you let your youngster sport a look that is this edgy and grown up? Do you think it could send a confused message to children? Or do you see this as a fun and lighthearted fad that is harmless and simply artistic?