Is it a Vase? Is it a Beehive? Is it a Pine Cone? No, it’s The Vessel!

The Vessel, Thomas Heatherwick

Image source: Artnet News

The newest and latest interactive art installation gracing the mega-neighborhood of skyscrapers, a shopping mall, and a cultural center just opened to the public over the weekend and is by British-based designer Thomas Heatherwick.

This massive architectural wonder called The Vessel is nestled in Hudson Yards, the largest mixed-use private real-estate project located in New York’s Manhattan midtown west. The artistic steelworks was constructed in northwest Italy and bit by bit, parts of it were shipped to the U.S. and floated to the construction site by way of tugboat along New York’s Hudson River.

Vessel, which is its temporary name, for the time being, is a network of stairs and landings that visitors can climb or take an elevator to the top. Although admission is free, you must get a ticket since there is a limited number of people allowed in the structure at one time.

The Amazing Stretchable Paper Sculptures of Artist Felix Semper

Felix Semper, Movable Sculptures, Artist

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What an amazing gallery of artistic slinky-style sculptures by Felix Semper, a self-taught artist located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Trying to define the genius of this artist is literally impossible, so I invite you to check out the following videos because seeing is believing. Prepare yourself for the WOW factor of stretchable, moving paper!

One Step of Poetic Adventure at a Time



There is poetry in the journey up a flight of stairs.

Stone Stairs In Forestc

Circe Denyer

the climb may be rough, rocky and rugged

Long Stairs

George Hodan

the flight may be flanked with seasonal foliage and flair

Hilltop Stairs In Fog

Linnaea Mallette

your trek could meander through a hillside draped in a misty curtain of fog

Wooden stairs on a steep ocean cliff

Linnaea Mallette

or lead to the steepest of exhilarating adventures

Long bank of stairs flooded by the morning light streaming through the trees

Linnaea Mallette

each footstep could be flooded by rays of heavenly light

Creepy stairs in abandoned building with light shining through broken window at the top

Linnaea Mallette

or lead us in creepy corridors of abandonment

Colorful Ceramics on steps in Sicily

Kirk F

yet step by step gripped with anticipation and excitement

be embraced in the artistic arms of hungry discovery.

Losing Touch with Reality through Surrealism

Pop Art, Art, Surrealism

Image Credit: David Bruyland

To abandon one’s thoughts through the irrational juxtaposition of imagery and imagination…how surreal is that?

The Sun Sets Sail. Images by Rob Gonsalves

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: Quora

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: iStock

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: Richmond Art Museum

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: Jim Warren

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Credit: Jose Roosevelt, “Autumn’s Story,” 2002

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source: The arts of Psychedelics

Surrealism, Pop Art, Art

Image Source:

Mindblowing!!! 😀

The Art and Poetry of Music That Makes You Move


Put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance! Stroke your art brush with the fluidity of vibrant, festive paint and watch your canvas dance. Dip your literary pen in the finest hues of ink and allow the sword of colors to engage in swashbuckling adventure.

Music Makes You Move

Dance styles, origins and fads
form a novelty during a time
where the fashion and pulse of music
possesses body movements like a puppet on a string.

Do you remember the dance of your era
were you a dancing machine or had two left feet
whether a waltz, tap or the jitterbug
the rhythm makes you move to a spiritual beat.

Do you smile when you remember the boogie-woogie
the Charleston, quickstep or Calypso
do you laugh when you recall the jerk or funky chicken
doing the Macarena, the pony or disco?

Are you serious when you dance the foxtrot
do the hustle, tango or salsa
are you carefree when dancing hip-hop
what about the twist, shag or rumba?

Are you regimented with ballet or ballroom
doing the robot or Irish step-dancing
regardless of the timing or the instrumental beat
the rhythm fits a mood, whether celebrating or romancing.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Turning Seashells into One Shell of an Art Masterpiece

Seashells, Seashore

Was it Susie or Sally who sold seashells by the seashore? Since Memorial Day unofficially kicked off the season of summer, beachgoers are embarking on the coastal shores for some fun, sun, rest, relaxation and shell collecting.

Collecting seashells no matter what kind they are that wash up on the seashore, unleashes creativity for a smorgasbord of shell art to reach beyond your imagination. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration to create your shell of an art masterpiece, here are some fun and festive ideas to be inspired by.

Seashells, Seashore, Seashell Art

Image Credit:

Seashell Art, Seashells, Seashore


Shell Lovebug, Seashells, Seashore, Seashell Art

Image source: Shell Lovebug

Seashells, Seashore, Shell art

Image credit: Marina Alexandrova

Seashells, Seashore, Shell art

Image credit: Courtney Mattison

Seashells, Seashore, Shell art

Image source: Beach Bliss Living

Seashells, Seashore, Coastal

Image source: Loving Coastal Living by SeaShellsbySeaShore