Coincidence or Not? 🤔

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In recent days many unexpected things occurred that were pleasant surprises. Several people have said, “Well, isn’t that a coincidence?” As I have gotten older, I have pondered on that common catchphrase and thought of it a little differently.

So, a coincidence is an occasion when two or more similar things happen simultaneously, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising. Some people may call it confirmation, luck, or synchronicity. For me, such occurrences are a manifestation of a spiritual and physical alignment when such unexpected events cross paths or meet at a juncture. Some may say the stars or the universe are aligning, and perhaps they are. For me, I call it Divine Intervention.

Yet, I believe the inevitable will be what it will be, whether you plan for it or not. The pleasant surprises are always comforting and encouraging, hitting you with a burst of energy. Unpleasant crossover occurrences may throw you for a loop, sucker-punch you, and leave us hitting the replay buttons in our mind, evaluating and wondering why. Sometimes that seemingly “bad” thing could be a good thing. It could make room for the better, but you may have to wait for it. We set a lot of things in motion, but when such coincidences occur, they could be signs for improvement we can’t ignore.


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Somewhere around the world, someone is laughing
somewhere around the world, someone is crying
somewhere around the world, someone is celebrating
somewhere around the world, someone is dying
somewhere around the world, someone is hungry
somewhere around the world, someone is suffering
somewhere around the world, someone is lonely
somewhere around the world, someone is tormented
somewhere around the world, someone is dreaming
somewhere around the world, someone is imagining
somewhere around the world, someone is curious
somewhere around the world, someone is creating.

Kym Gordon Moore ©2022

Sometimes we take things for granted, not realizing that we are. Around the world, somewhere out there, people are doing a multitude of things, feeling a multitude of emotions in a multitude of situations. Love will see us through if we let our light shine to overpower the darkness, making room for the empowering things to come.

Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

Redemption of Souls

Image Credit: Jaroslav Devia

Today, let us take a moment to pause in our spot of the world, which often feels like turmoil is all it knows. It seems like threats are robbing the human of humanity and have become a drought of dehydrated compassion and widespread famine of tortured fruitfulness. We can no longer remain complicit in watching chaos, corruption, and darkness trying to dominate our world.

Wake up because backward thinking is not only unacceptable but dangerous and deadly. I believe we have redeeming qualities left, we simply have to mobilize those qualities.


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I was sitting in a waiting room yesterday, and as I casually scanned the room, everyone’s head was staring down at their smartphones. No head was looking up except for me looking at them. 

The term heads-up is a message that alerts or prepares. Heads-up is used to call attention to danger or another important matter. Now, this is not to say that we shouldn’t look down because that’s how we discover and how we accomplish things. Yet, oh, how we miss so much, always looking down, hovering over a distraction that has us in a trance, and unable to tap into that present moment. Look up, take in the view, read the room, and discover something new and amazing today. 

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A Sense of Accomplishing Something

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As I announced yesterday, my new book, “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook,” is on its way and will be launching on November 1, 2022. To say that I am not the least bit excited about my upcoming book would be an understatement. This book has been years in the making. Once my curiosity was unlocked, it flooded the gates of my brain cells like a dam that burst open. One question led to another, and of course, the editing-proofreading-writing-editing-proofreading-and-more-writing process seemed endless. Procrastination, however, was also a well-known culprit thrown in there because the challenges of “life” as we all experience in one form or two, happened.

Speaking with many family members, friends, and acquaintances over time, at some point, you feel like you can’t get moving out of “park” and shift your gear into “drive.” There is always stuff that tries to make us sigh and feel discouraged as we walk to the “quit” laundry basket in the corner. I speak from experience.

So, on this day, let me be clear that you have a purpose in this life, and you have already been given the gifts and talents to present to the world. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” So snap out of it! No more moping around. No more allowing yourself to wallow in a self-deprecating pit just because people do not embrace you or your gifts as you embrace theirs. Don’t you be guilty of blocking your own blessings. It’s all in your attitude, so do what you must positively do to stop sinking into self-pity. Just sayin’.

The Power of Listening

Image Credit: Aneta Pawlik

Over the weekend, I decided to reorganize my bookshelves, and oh Lord, what a bigger task it was than I thought. I purchased a bookcase which was smaller, that my husband and I put together since I had books that needed to be properly housed other than on the floor. Then I came across the book “The Summer of Swans” by Betsy Byars, and decided to reread it.

man near trees

The book surrounds a little boy who is non-verbal, and at the time this book was copywritten, he is deemed mentally retarded. In today’s terminology, he would probably be diagnosed as autistic. Charlie wanders off in the middle of the night, and of course, he gets lost, and no one knows where he is. His sister Sara usually looks after him but everyone is terrified of what could happen because of Charlie’s condition. When Sara and her friend Joe comb a dense part of the woods, they continue to shout Charlie’s name and would hear nothing. But just when Sara, who has become exhausted from the search, shouts one last time to her brother’s name, she heard his familiar loud wailing that came through the trees. They continued searching until she located him. (Image Credit: Thanos Pal)

man in red dress shirt and blue denim jeansOh, the power of listening. Do we talk “at” folks, speak with people, or simply talk just to be talking? We are a bunch of talkers, whether verbally or through our fingers on a keyboard. Yet somehow, do we truly listen? This story reminded me of the power of listening, There is no doubt that people want to be heard but when everyone is talking at the same time, and no one is listening, it’s no wonder nothing is getting accomplished, creating monsters in the process of chaos and division. (Image Credit: Larry George II)

Imagination of WOWderful Wonders

Image Credit: Kevin Casper (Tree Root Dried Out)

Are my eyes playing tricks on me, making me see things that are not what I think they are, what they should be, or as I want them to be?

To allow my imagination to bleed from something we see into something we wish to create,

to observe the dried roots of a tree, masterfully and cantankerously stretch like an octopus above-ground.

Image Credit: Alix Lee (Hoping Island, an island on the north-east coast of Taiwan)

To cast one’s eyes on the smooth surface of an island, as talking heads pop up in search of light

Image Credit: Linnaea Mallette (Golden Jellyfish)

Or the mixology of golden jellyfish floating like a bouquet of smoke-filled parachutes

Image Credit: LN_Photoart

to turn the sun into an evening spotlight of tangerine rays, pulsating behind a blanket of clouds so vast

oh for this moment let the wow factor make you wonder, don’t try overthinking it, but just let it flow.

Don’t Give Distractions Permission to Distract You!

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Distractions will always be around.

Don’t allow those distractions to distract you.

        I have spoken to so many people who are spooked by the background noise permeating through the pores of our peace. I have written on this topic before, and I started to leave this post with the simple reminder stated above. 

        Instead, in the midst of what’s already swirling all around us, I want to direct you to a post by my friend Jaja Wallace from Kindfeelings. I know many of you follow Jaja, but please check out his post, “Ignore Distractions And Focus” if you haven’t already done so, which details a simple way to deal with distractions. Thank you, Jaja, for sharing this advice that needs repeating, and implementation. It is very much needed. Have a Distraction-Free day y’all. 🌞

Paying Attention May Not Cost Money, but Can Be Costly

Image Credit: geralt

        I cannot emphasize enough how much distractions have drawn us into its agonizing grip. We miss so much because we are entranced by certain things we might think are meaningful but are actually meaningless. Take notice as you observe, become more aware, and pay attention to your surroundings, goals and life. How do we miss so much? How did we miss the signs? What throws us off or better yet who throws us off?

Image Credit: RichardsDrawings

        Things standing right before us get lost in the shuffle of distractions or scooped in the confines of intentional diversions. Paying attention may not cost us money, but it could be costly if we don’t. Think about what catches or caught your attention today. Then ruminate about what difference it makes or made in your reaction and whether it made an impression or impacted your life in some small or big way.

What Becomes of the Unexpected

Image Credit: LagrangeHervé

        Is nature messing with my mind like a psychedelic drug? Usually during this time of the year I look towards the western sky as the sun sets, and see rich colors of tangerine, splashes of rich purple, and cobalt blue. But a few days ago as I glanced at the western sky it was clear, azure blue, sprinkled with white clouds. I really didn’t give it much thought until I walked to my office which faces east and saw something that seemed like an anomaly. What I expected to show up in the western sky was making a bizarre appearance in the eastern sky. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it because it seems like the order of things were doing a switcheroo. Dusk was looking like dawn.

I stood there

looking out the window

mesmerized by a circular hotspot

of orange sherbet,

surrounded by huge brush strokes

of periwinkle and peach.


Was this a divine shift

or was it an ordinary occurrence

one I hadn’t noticed before?

The unexpected couldn’t be changed

as I looked at it through the lens of expectancy

perhaps to drink it all in or simply marvel at it

a lesson to expect the unexpected, and to learn from it.

©Kym Gordon Moore