Back-to-School Lunchbox Memories

Vintage School Lunchbox

I can’t believe it’s that hallelujah time for Back-to-School. Aside from buying essential school supplies and new clothes, I am reminded of that fundamental back-to-school accessory from my childhood and that was the tin lunchboxes with matching thermos. Lunchboxes were the fashion statement over the brown paper bag, and students who carried one were considered oh so cool.

Vintage School LunchBox, Lunch Pails, Lunch Containers, Lunch Tin Totes

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Nowadays lunch containers come in many sustainable designs, but for me, the vintage lunch boxes were quite an art statement as much as it was a hip, school fashion accessory. Did you have a metal or tin lunchbox? If so, what kind? Come, let’s take a quick trip down vintage school lunchbox memory lane.

Vintage Lunchbox, School Lunchbox

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Tin Lunchbox, Vintage School Lunchbox

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Tin Lunchbox, Vintage School Lunchbox

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Vintage Lunchbox, School Tin Lunchbox

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Vintage School Lunchbox

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Back-to-School Days are here again
the halls are bustling with noise again
so let’s sing a song of homework again
Back-to-School Days are here again!

– Kym Gordon Moore


Back to School Dayz of Poetry

Back to School, School Bus, School

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Twas the days before school

and all through the hall

not a student was stirring

as teachers prepared for Fall


the desks were neatly arranged

aligned with care

in hopes that your besties

would soon be there


when suddenly the roar

of your bus was outside

wake up, grab your bookbag

its time to take your ride


with notebooks and pencils

you were on your merry way

welcome back to school students

and to all a good day!

-Kym Gordon Moore