Who Let the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Out?

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Image Credit: bacontoday.com

This month we celebrate all things summer, and among those delicious commemorations is National Hot Dog Month. That’s right we are focusing on those juicy frankfurters or sausage dogs that can be served up hundreds of ways. What are your favorite toppings to delight your hot dog? Chili, onions, cole slaw, relish, bacon, veggies, cheese, mushrooms or jalapeno peppers?

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the condiments and dazzle your dogs with some flavorful toppings. Try out some of these Best Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Recipes from the bacon shop at BT Bacon Today.  Whether they are fried, boiled or grilled, take your hot dogs to the next level as we celebrate National Hot Dog Month on Food Porn Friday!