Poetry, Pastries, & Pies Podcast: Special Effects from Cake Affect with Angela Simpson

I had the pleasure of talking to Angela Simpson, a phenomenal woman who wears many hats as General Manager, baker, and along with her husband Ryan, owner of a warm and inviting bakery, called Cake Affect, located in North Carolina. It was such a delight to sit down with Angela and talk about turning their passion for baking into a viable business dedicated to both her mother and Ryan’s mother.

Cake Affect is dedicated to using the finest ingredients to make their mouthwatering pies, cakes, and other sweet treats irresistibly delicious. I love their tagline “We don’t do it all but we put our all in what we do!” To find out more about the products and services Cake Affect offers, check out their website, http://www.cakeaffect.com. So, without further adieu, thank you for joining me on this decadent episode of Poetry, Pastries, & Pies – The Triple P Connection.

If your tongue doesn’t know what to expect

and your taste buds feel a bit of neglect

hit them with the magic of a special effect

when they dance with sweet treats from Cake Affect.

© Kym Gordon Moore

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Food Porn Friday Father’s Day Sweet Treats

Image Source: Betty Crocker (Dad’s Day Shirt and Tie Cake)

        Unless your father or the man in your life is a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian, a thick juicy steak and baked potatoes seem to be the go-to meal chosen for the day. But what about dessert? Why not create something fun and decadent for your father of the day to indulge in after he finishes his man-size meal?

        If you’re looking for more traditional homemade treats, scroll through some of these yummy desserts that would be the perfect ending to your Father’s Day lunch, brunch, or dinner. Click on this link to get 40 Best Father’s Day Desserts for the Guy Who Loves Sweets from the kitchen of The Pioneer Woman. Feel free to click on the images below and above to be redirected to get the recipe for each of these mouth-watering sweet courses.

Image Source: Hallmark (Campfire cake)
Image Source: Betty Crocker (Do-it-Yourself Dad Cake)
Image Source: Moms and Munchkins (Assorted desserts and gifts)
Image Credit: Betty Crocker (Hole-in-One Father’s Day Cupcakes)

National Buttermilk Biscuit Day on Food Porn Friday

Bacon Sandwich on Plate
Image Credit: Angele J

Ahhhh…it’s nothing like the smell and taste of a piping hot, fluffy, buttermilk biscuit that simply melts in your mouth, not in your hands. What do you like to spread on or in between your biscuit? Jam? Jelly? Preserves? Apple butter? Honey? Butter? Sausage gravy?

Today on National Buttermilk Biscuit Day, you can scour through a plethora of recipes galore for the perfect buttermilk biscuit that suits your fancy. So grab your flour, yeast, buttermilk, butter, and baking soda and whip up a batch of the comfort food of baked goods. In our neck of the woods it is a staple for finishing a table spread for some good ole homemade eatin’. Bon appetit! 😋🍇🍓🍒😉

Plate of Homemade BiscuitsImage Credit: Sandy Belk

Fee-Fi-Fo-YUM…Let’s Break Bread Together

Bread, Food, Baking

Image Credit: Shay Blufarb

Ahhhh…the smell of fresh-baked bread. Your mouth waters as a piece of moist, straight from the oven bread approaches your tastebuds with comfort food of pure delight. Bread has a way of adding that special texture to any meal, appetizer, or snack.

More people are trying their hands at mixing, kneading, and baking a variety of bread these days. Click on the images below to be directed to the recipe for these delicious, mouthwatering homemade loaves of breadible treats. Bon appetite! 

Bread, Baking, Food

Image Credit: The Spruce Eats (Classic French Brioche Bread)

Bread, Baking, Food

Image Credit: Woman Scribbles (MILK BREAD)

Baking, Bread, Pastries

Image Credit: Natasha’s Kitchen (Pull-Apart Apple Bread Recipe)

Bread, Baking, Pastries

Image Credit: Simply Recipes (Banana Bread)

Bread, Baking

Image Credit: Completely Delicious (Cinnamon-Walnut Stuffed Challah Bread)

Masala Toast, Bread

Image Credit: Rak’s Kitchen (Masala Toast)

Nutty as a Fruitcake on Food Porn Friday

Fruitcake, Dessert, Christmas Cake, Food, Baking

Image Credit: rockrecipes.com

What is it about fruitcake that literally drives people nuts? Add a little rum and butter to chopped candied fruit, spices and nuts into the cake batter and you have to wonder how on earth this moist holiday bunch of sweetness got such a bum rap? Sometimes the turnoff could be as simple as biting into a dry, unappealing looking cake that you want to use as a doorstop.

If you’re willing to give fruitcake another chance with a different twist, why not try this moist, dark, rich, well-spiced old-fashioned English style fruitcake courtesy of Rock Recipes. Enjoy your holidays!

The Apples Are Coming on Food Porn Friday

apple pie, apples, apple pastry, apple festivals

We have arrived at that time of the year where apple festivals are happening all around the world. In celebration of Food Porn Friday we are featuring the ever-popular, classic, good old-fashioned apple pie. Can’t you just taste that mouthwatering slice of cinnamony, sugary deliciousness tantalizing your taste buds? I sure can. If you’re in the mood for apple crisps, apple tarts or any other type of apple dessert, then why not give them a try in your kitchen?

Check out this deep dish, scrumptious apple pie recipe from the kitchen of Betty Crocker. This recipe serves 8, takes 45 minutes to prepare and bakes in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Bon appetit! Happy #FoodPornFriday!

Today is Try a New Recipe Day

try a new recipe day, cooking, baking, in the kitchen, recipes to cook

For generations, food has represented several scenarios in our life: survival, comfort, love, nourishment, togetherness and communion. As the holidays approach, there will be a lot of cooking, baking and even grilling as family, friends and associates come together to “break bread” and bond in gratitude.

Since we are celebrating “Try a New Recipe Day” today, why not try something new and different. Experiment with different ingredients than what you typically use. You may surprise yourself and your family!

Bon Appétit