Poetry in the Arena: Who Got Game?

Who Got Game, Basketball, Poetry

In honor of the game of basketball, please enjoy this tribute to female and male players on every level of the game.

Who Got Game?

Jump ball, tip it, get it
passin’, shootin’, dribblin’, bounce
splash, step-leap-dunk, nothin’ but net
respect the paint without moving violations

one point, two points, three-pointer, swoosh
backboard, ball spinning ‘round the rim
airborne, in or out, how will the ball fall
stop it, pop it, drop it, oh snap

fouls, blocked shots, free throws, rebound
disrespect, oh we ain’t havin’ none of that
step in this arena, yeah we own this house
you talkin’ to me, champ with a capital “C”?

Shot clock, counting down, tick, tick, boom
final seconds, buzzer blares, fans losing their minds
the golden lane of victory, a pipeline of champions
we took it to the floor, game over, we won!

© Kym Gordon Moore

The NBA Finals are over and boy was it one heck of a contest. The Cleveland Cavaliers faced the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena last night. Two great ball teams, but only one team remained the last team standing. The 2017 Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy goes to The Golden State Warriors. Congratulations to all of these amazing players: Stephen Curry (our Charlotte native), Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, David West, Patric McCaw, Zaza Pachulia, Damian Jones, James McAdoo, Ian Clark, JaVale McGee and Matt Barnes; Head Coach Steve Kerr and the entire coaching staff, owners Joseph S. Lacob and Peter Guber, all of the #DubNation fans and everyone affiliated with the #StrengthInNumbers organization.

A special shout-out to Kevin Durant who not only received his first NBA Championship ring but he walked away with the Championship MVP trophy! Awesome!



What’s Your Flavor of Sports Balls?

Athletic Balls, Sports Balls, Wilson, Spalding, BadenYou will find in every season of the year, there is some sport kicking off around the country. We are now transitioning from baseball into football. Soon after, we will be transitioning into basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. Right now we are kicking off football season in the United States. So who are some of those athletic ball manufacturers in the U.S.?

Did you know that since 1941, every NFL game ball that appeared in super Bowl competition has been made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio? Did you also know that Wilson is the leader in the production of footballs and continues to produce all of its leather game footballs in America, the world’s only dedicated football factory? The National Football League is the only major sports league whose balls are manufactured in the United States.

Spalding, an American sporting goods company was founded by Albert Spalding, a pitcher and the manager of a baseball team in Chicago, the Chicago White Stockings, in 1876? Although the company specializes in the production of balls for baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball and football, it is most-known for its basketballs.

Baden revolutionized the basketball industry when it introduced its patented Cushion Control Technology™ and developed the first women’s sized basketball. Baden volleyballs are consistently the choice of NCAA champions, while its soccer ball construction and dramatic designs make Baden the choice of elite players and soccer moms alike. Baden Sports, Inc., an independent, family-owned company, entered the athletic ball market in 1979 to address the need for higher quality products.

So what’s your favorite sport using the ever popular athletic balls?