👉🏼 Short, Sweet, Savory, and Serious

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Life is precious and when it’s over, it’s over. It is what it is. We don’t want to stand or sit here and think about the time we wasted on silliness and foolishness. Our clock continues to tick. We can’t erase past or present mistakes. We can only learn from the takeaways of those lessons and add value to the life we have yet to live.

Somebody’s Watching Even When You Don’t Know It

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Someone is always watching you whether you realize it or not. Of course, we need to be vigilant about our actions. People are going to perceive what they see based on what they want to see and likely what they stereotype you to be. Look, I think many of us have far surpassed caring about what others think about us, especially when we are trying our darndest to make the right choices and decisions that will propel us to perform our purpose, not to discombobulate our progress.

Not only are adults watching us, but children are watching too. They use all of their senses to observe and mimic what they see or hear us do. Children, especially, can be positively empowered and encouraged by our actions or we can let them down with our waywardness and poor choices.

We have a grand opportunity in this mixed-up, messed-up society, to do something that is going to mean something for the good of mankind. Like many of you, I become frustrated by the corruption we see every day that tries to convince us that such corruption is good. So what do we do? We zero in on ways that we can individually make a positive impact in spite of the mounting reports of the destruction, chaos, and confusion we witness. We can’t save the world, but we can certainly contribute to saving the part of the world we embody. Remember, you don’t have to do something humongous. Just a little dab will do it.

Somebody is always watching us whether we are aware of it or not. Look, there is already a surplus of negativity to go around. So, while they are looking, and even when they aren’t, let’s give them something good to talk about. Be that bright light!

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We are Poetry: The Customs, and Culture of Traditions

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We are accustomed to customs. We are enamored by them. Having customs, depending on what they are, can be rewarding or stifling. A custom is a widely accepted way of doing something specific to a particular society, place, or era that developed through repetition over a long period of time. These generational and cultural patterns shape social behavior and mold our mindsets.

Throughout the year, somebody is celebrating something, customary or not. The loss of one’s social structure and culture, when stripped from them can be humiliating and destructive, or an invigorating and illuminating lift to the system. It can send us spiraling downward into an abyss of darkness or soaring upward, toward a blast of warm, inviting light (like releasing the grip of agonizing toxicity and imprisonment). What we pass on from generation to generation can lead to growth and peace, or divisiveness and anarchy.

So to everyone who celebrates Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Al-Hijra, or any other holiday, continue to breathe in the poetic essence of the occasion, and commemorate those special moments that teach us the poetry found in the lessons of love, life, gratitude, encouragement, and empowerment. 

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Dance, Love, Play, Behave, Smile

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Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ll never be hurt, play like there’s no winners, behave like mom’s watching, give like you have plenty, and smile!

As we begin this week, why not start the week off energized and happy? You may not think you have a reason to be excited, but if you look in the mirror, oh darling, there you will see the reflection of where your reason lies!

Have an awesome-filled day of merriment, motivation, and movement!

I See Your True Colors

HBCU Buzz on Twitter: "Stop trying to repaint those that show you their  true colors. http://t.co/U3ljjO8amq" / Twitter
Image found on Twitter, quote from Dolly Parton

I’ve never been one for playing childish games and manipulation. We love people, family, or friends whose behavior or beliefs we would like to change. Some people are so extreme in what they say and do, and who they truly are, comes out and is exposed. For the sake of trying to protect their reputation, we sometimes try to ignore, refute or come up with excuses for the unpleasantries we see in their character, that others can clearly see and quickly pick up on. In such situations, like parents who try to raise their children in the right way to go, yet the kids go in a totally opposite direction, you just have to take your hands and paintbrush off and let them be. They will learn the lessons they need to learn, even if it’s the hard way, which it usually is.

On the other hand, some people are eccentric, creative, forward thinkers who do not fall in the category as others. and their distinct characteristics sets them apart. The individual glistens as a sparkling star that people cannot identify with or reclassify. These individuals are often disciplined to hone in on their gifts and talents where others don’t. These creatives are often self-motivated to do what others won’t do, and to have what others don’t have. Don’t try to repaint these individuals either. They’re marching to the beat of a different drummer or artist.

So, stop trying to repaint those that show you their true colors! 🌈 Either way, you can’t change them. They have to want to change and do the work if it so pleases them. Trust me. Save yourself the pain and heartache, and oh yes, the stress.

Easily Influenced

Influencer, Online, Marketing, Internet, Web, Network
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If your friend jumped off of the bridge, would you? Growing up, that was the question our parents would often ask us when we wanted to do something so badly and put up the valid argument that all of our friends were doing it.

Influencer. We commonly hear this word nowadays and generally think about the social media influencers who create videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and other social media communiqué that often changes the behavior, belief, or conversation among those they come in contact with. Yet, often we don’t realize how easily swayed we are by emotional words and images that trigger us to quite often compromise our integrity and reputation, even if momentarily.

It is scary to look around and see evidence of how effortlessly certain influences can instantly and sometimes tragically trigger conduct and conversations that have changed and damaged lives forever. Things said, done, or thought cannot be erased after they are carried out. There are more media outlets than there have ever been, and some influencers are looking at marketing tactics to reel people in like fish out of water.

None of us are immune to the slippery slope certain influences create until after we are tumbling down a cliff. I listen to many young people who have stamped their unwavering allegiance to certain influences and influencers and take it as the gospel truth. But I can’t blame the kids because as I look at so many adults, they are just as worse. I suppose we weren’t influenced as much back in the day as what we are exposed to today, but still, we see how influence played a major part in what people believed and reacted to.

We have to be mindful of our everyday thoughts and actions. When disaster strikes, no matter what form it may appear in, we are led to seek explanations for our suffering, because our wayward acts defy comprehension and the core of our moral and ethical foundation has been shaken.

We allow for individual independency, and freewill. Yet, as I look at the myriad of influences that so easily trap, defame, and destroy the minds, bodies, and spirits of some vulnerable people wanting to be a part of the great popular number, we could reach a point of no return. That can be destructive and deadly if we don’t wake up soon.

A Checkered Past

Ames room illusion
Image Credit: St. Mattox

A conversion like

no other boxed illusion

has a checkered past.

checkerboard deformed in kaleidoscopeImage Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

black and white checkerboard sphere Image Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

Trapped by haunting acts

unethical behavior

prisoner of war.


People alternate

between good, bad, and mixed up

misfortune follows.

black and white pyramid checkerboard

3D Sphere with Mapped Checkerboard illustration Image Credit: George Hodan

wallpaper with checkerboard perspective view Image Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

3D Sphere with Mapped Checkerboard illustration Image Credit: George Hodan

checkerboard box wild perspective Image Credit: Piotr Siedlecki

The Tragedy of Littered Lies

Burned Book, Scattered Pages, Wisdom, Lies

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It is believed and said that wisdom comes with age, yet sadly we’ve seen great evidence that such belief is not quite what we expect or expected. We seek truth and instruction from people we tend to trust and rely on. We do not expect neglect and reckless endangerment or great disappointment where foolish choices lead to dangerous liaisons. Seek wise counsel.

To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding

To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity;

To give prudence to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion-

A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel

(Proverbs 1:2-5)

Truth, Lies, Wisdom, kai Stachowiak

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Victory Lap of Violence?

Violence, Bullying, Intimidation

Image Credit: Robert Johnson

Preparing for a violent outcome? Huh? What will the next generations think as they look back on this page in our history and read what we’ve done and how we behaved during an unprecedented time which gets more bizarre by the minute? I did not plan to write this particular piece this morning, but this is too great to ignore.

I want to say, wake me when it’s over, but I cannot, no, let me adamantly refuse to be as the ostrich who buries its head in the sand. Just when you think it couldn’t get any more diabolical, it does. It is incredibly difficult to watch treachery intensify to a new level and not be concerned or even a little anxious about what is occurring, not just in this country but around the world. 

I was aghast to learn that over this weekend a caravan of certain political supporters surrounded an opposer’s campaign bus in Texas, forcing their bus to stop on the highway, thereby causing campaign events to be canceled in Austin. A few other key states experienced the same type of intimidation. I really don’t find ANY humor in that. I would be equally disgusted if the shoe was on the other foot. Harassment, a clear and present threat and danger to innocent lives, and intimidation displayed in such horrible ways…will anyone be charged although the FBI is looking into it? Oh, the actions of a perverse, stubborn, and rebellious generation we are witnessing.

This incident is an all too eerie and familiar reminder of the brutal attacks of peaceful activism on the Freedom Riders.  I have no new words to describe such hideousness because these individuals who are creating such havoc will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. I am not judging, I’m just saying God is still in control.

We will not dwell on this ‘bat-shit crazy’ stuff, albeit we are aware of it, we refuse to give this madness our positive energy, joy, and peace. For all of you who are voting in the presidential election today, I encourage you to be safe, regardless of your party affiliation or whom you choose to vote for. That is ‘your’ constitutional right. Do not be intimidated.

No man or woman regardless of race, creed, or color is more brilliant than God. Trust me on that. Now, as I take a reeeeeaaaaaally deep breath, I bid all of you a wonderful day of peace and blessings. 🙂