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Unexpected and blessed surprises always fill my heart with indescribable joy. As I was scrolling through my reader earlier, I landed on the following post, which was beautifully composed with such amazing and detailed precision. I am so grateful and truly humbled to Selma Martin for submitting this outstanding review of my book, “We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook.” I am even more impressed by the number of books she has read and reviewed. If you are on, please connect. Thank you so much Selma once again for this awesome review!

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The Timely Aesthetically Pleasing Idea: We Are Poetry

Firstly, this is not a poetry collection but, as you must have gathered from the title: We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook by Kym Moore is a book about poetry made up of real lessons the Author learned about poetry. It’s a book packed with a retelling of experiences lived and wisdom gained. And we, the readers, are invited to listen and share a spark to continue the conversation about poetry.

Secondly, I’m merely 65% done with the book, and my heart is imploding with a desire to tell you about it. I will finish it before I know it, but even at 65%, I have an excellent idea about this book.

I purchased the digital copy early in the year and read it on and off, struggling with the print size on my phone. Not fair.

And all my attempts at having it read to me (iPhone function I adore) were in vain. But some miracle happened of late, and I breezed through so many chapters. But let me warn you: the beauty of this book is in chewing the words slowly. It’s like a slow, soul-cooked meal that demands introspection. Perhaps while sipping tea.

“We are simply a constellation of bodies swirling in a giant golden teacup of human magic.” — Author Kym.

Throughout the book, you will discover the many beautiful ways this Author’s mind is a well of inspiration in the ways she pairs aesthetically pleasing ideas into marriage: between science and poetry, tea and poetry, an empty box and poetry, innovation and poetry, between you and me and poetry, and so on and so on. Golly, this is a refreshing way to root for, understand, and let poetry embrace the “whole” world. Because, indeed, we are poetry! 

As you read, your eyebrows will get a good workout, as will your heart: in amazement and disbelief. So be ready for this. Mine got a good workout with one story I will relate as concisely as possible. I must tell you about this episode Author Kym Moore encountered in the first year she was selected as one of the World Book Night volunteers for the U.S.

“The concept behind World Book Night (held annually on April 23) was to give away free, special-edition copies of books written by well-known authors to people who were not avid readers. The goal was to encourage and motivate these recipients to read more. During my first year as a World Book Night volunteer, I chose to give away “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by my favorite poet Maya Angelou. I offered my free copies (20 books) to an organization I thought would take advantage of this gift and opportunity. The response I received was not quite what I expected,…

I would be honored if you clicked here to continue reading more of Selma’s lovely review.

A Valuable Reference…Priceless!

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How many ways can I count being speechless? I never thought that was possible because I have been talking since I’ve been out of my mother’s womb. But, as I read Michele Lee Sefton’s post yesterday, “Don’t Hesitate” (poetry recitation) a poem she spotlighted and was written by poet Mary Oliver, I continued reading until I literally fell out of my chair once again. As I approached her ending section I read Michele’s gracious mention of my book “We Are Poetry, Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook.” Needless to say, I gasped so hard, because Lord knows I wasn’t expecting another honor, by my friend the dancing queen, especially in the same space as Mary Oliver.

I am so delighted to share my heartfelt appreciation for another heartwarming review from a great writer and teacher, Michele Lee Sefton. Bless you, Michele!


Three weeks ago, I shared the release of Kym Gordon Moore’s recently released book titled, We are Poetry. I have been enjoying reading her book and had the pleasure of writing a review:

Kym Gordon Moore’s book, We are Poetryis more than a collection of engaging poems. Moore recognizes the potential of poetry to empower the individual and to connect people; she gives examples of how this has unfolded in her own life. Her passion for the art form invites and excites the reader to join her – to view poetry with a fresh perspective. Her book is layered with enriching discussion, experiences, information, insights, and of course, her poetry. Divided in “Lessons,” I appreciated the organizational structure of her book and her inclusion of an index. “We are Poetry” would be a valuable reference on my desk if I were still teaching in a high school classroom, not as another impersonal textbook, but as a rich conversation centered around poetry.

Click here to read a preview and to order her book. 

I also want to thank Michele and Dawn Pisturino for their heartfelt and compelling Amazon reviews and ratings. 🙏🏽 Bless you both!

Thank You Never Gets Old, right Dawn Pisturino?

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My mother always reminded us to say thank you when we were little, IF we failed to do it first. That didn’t happen often, because there would be repercussions if we didn’t say thank you and she found out about it. Even for the smallest of things, like someone giving you a quarter to put in your piggy bank was worthy of gratitude, because it was one quarter more than you had. Plus, piggy banks were the thing when I was growing up. I still have mine from a baby. Oops, sorry, I digress.

So it is with great pleasure that I give a huge shoutout and show my appreciation to Dawn Pisturino for her generous book review on her site “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg.” Patricia and I were so surprised and delighted that Dawn took the time to actually read our works, and to take even more time to write such a generous review that she didn’t have to do. I try not to ever take such an act of kindness for granted. They are great blessings to my heart and spirit.

So without further adieu, I once again present the link, “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg” to Dawn’s post so that you can visit her site and see how she is unselfishly giving back to members of our WordPress community. Thank you again, Dawn.

Book Review Bombing Being Held Hostage by Ransomware? 🔐

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It seems like cyber extortion is becoming more problematic every day. No one is immune to this diabolical prey on innocent, vulnerable people. Yesterday, I read about another area I would have never thought about where the writing community is being targeted for the latest ransomware attacks. These review bombing trolls are creating a nightmare for Indie authors trying to legitimately market their books and products. 

An Indie author on (a community most of us are a part of if you’ve published a book, thinking about publishing a book, or are a prolific reader) after promoting her new book, received a ransom email from an anonymous server with this message: “EITHER YOU TAKE CARE OF OUR NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS WITH YOUR WALLET OR WE’LL RUIN YOUR AUTHOR CAREER.” The email continued with this threat, “PAY US OR DISAPPEAR FROM GOODREADS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.”

According to, Scammers and cyberstalkers are increasingly using the Goodreads platform to extort authors with threats of “review bombing” their work–and they are frequently targeting authors from marginalized communities who have spoken out on topics ranging from controversies within the industry to larger social issues on social media.

I was recently a victim of ransomware, but it came through my email and was an attack on my computer a month ago. These emails went directly into my spam folder, so I did not think twice about ignoring them. They were flagged for a reason. Now, I do not share my passwords, with anyone, nor do I store them or save them on my browser, but somehow these thieves got it and locked my computer down. I lost all of my files, downloads and pictures. I was deleted as a user on my own freaking computer and that blew me away. In essence, I had to start all over again and the things I didn’t backup, I lost. I had documents I was researching and working on the night before that I didn’t shut down. When I tried to log in to my computer the next morning, I couldn’t. Yes ma’am, yes sir, I was one pissed off sista’.

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People who do things like this to innocent people who are trying to do the right thing are the scum of the earth. They are no better than the common thief just because they are computer savvy. A thief is a thief, and they come to steal, kill and destroy. They are quite simply a terrorist, preying on people, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a billionaire or poverty-stricken. Thieves and criminals have no conscience, for if they did, they would think twice before doing something so sinister and damaging.

So please, exercise caution, educate yourselves, and remain proactive in your online affairs. As I have said before in past posts, modern technology has been a helpmate in so many wonderful ways, but all it takes is a few cyberbullies to ruin the overall enjoyment of such advancement.

Voices and Silences

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There is no mistaking the iconic recognizable voice of James Earl Jones. This book was a recommended read based on some other autobiographies I read in the past. Although it seems like some parts were somewhat redundant, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mr. Jones’ life. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

Jones candidly talks about his upbringing, the absence of his parents as he was raised by his grandparents. It’s heartbreaking to hear him speak of his problem growing up stuttering, and how it led to him becoming mute from age ten to fourteen.

“One of the forces which have shaped my life as an actor has been the weak muscle of speech, the lost muscle. The weak muscle can become the dominant muscle, either out of obsession with the weakness or a genuine endeavor to correct it. Consequently, the weak muscle can define a life and a profession.”

He revisits many of his noteworthy roles as Othello, playing Jack Jefferson in the Broadway version of The Great White Hope, in the play “The Blacks,” and his controversial role in the Paul Robeson project. He was not one to be an activist as many other actors were involved in, but he was the target for many protests. On the night of the closing of the Paul Robeson play, he addressed the audience with portions of a curtain speech that included this:

“We cannot enjoy our freedoms without exercising them and defending them. The freedom to protest is also a precious one. With that freedom goes a grave responsibility not to abuse the cultural apparatus that makes that protest viable. He has been caught in the crossfires of many artistic-social disputes, watching them escalate to the point of abuse to freedom of artistic interpretation. He was always running up against watchdog committees.”

“My personal protest will be to continue, through the nature of the plays and characters I choose, to assert my freedom and responsibility as an actor. I don’t stand here on the stage to make people go out of the theatre feeling good over nothing. I’d much rather let them go out of the theatre disturbed over something.”

Mr. Jones spoke candidly about race and racial tensions. This book was copywritten in 1993 and these words are just as poignant today as they were centuries ago.

1. Each generation must discover certain realities for itself.
2. What they were saying is that I must see myself in the context of how others see me. I say no to that. That is buying into racial insanity.
3. The harm comes when certain stereotypes are automatically applied. These prejudgements-prejudices-carry dangers.
4. The need for our place is misplaced.
5. Ideally, every ethnic group contributes vitally to the national culture, but for the minority to shut itself out is a tragic choice. We face enough obstacles without erecting self-made ghetto walls.
6. You cannot isolate yourself from the world and function in it. You cannot hide behind the walls. You just have to face that reality.
7. If you allow a degradation to continue for more than one generation, it becomes genetic.
8. Universal human choices are not confined to any one race.

Of course, some of our newer and memorable James Earl Jones spotlights were his voice used as Darth Vader in “Star Wars” (1977), and as Eddie Murphy’s father playing the king in “Coming to America” (1988). Bravo Mr. Jones!

NC Poet’s Book of Poetry Gets Rave Reviews by Readers’ Favorite

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NC Poet’s Book of Poetry Gets Rave Reviews by Readers’ Favorite

Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry received a glowing book review by Karen Pirnot, from Readers’ Favorite.
An eclectic collection of poems by North Carolina Poet, Kym Gordon Moore
An eclectic collection of poems by North Carolina Poet, Kym Gordon Moore

PRLogOct. 9, 2014CHARLOTTE, N.C.Readers’ Favorite, the fastest growing book review service on the Internet, gave a 4-Star review to Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry, by NC poet, Kym Gordon Moore. This collection of poetry contains 81 carefully selected poems, making it easy for readers to identify with. Visit to learn more about Kym and her publications.

Karen Pirnot, Book Reviewer from Readers’ Favorite, issued the following refreshing analysis of what Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry has to offer:

“In Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry, author Kym Gordon Moore has offered the reader a variety of poetic thoughts and styles in a book of deep thought and inspiration. The poetry is divided into eight chapters which depict ideas of freedom, activity, hope, celebration, nature, rhythms, yesteryear and the flavors of life. The author writes in free form as well as in traditional, more restricted forms such as Limerick, Iambic Pentameter and Haiku. Those wanting to find excellent examples of these forms would do well to pick up the book and study the creative manner in which the author has used the various forms.”

Pirnot continues, “Wings of the Wind had several favorites for me. Moore writes of “Living with Purpose,” “A Victim’s Gift” and “Unveiling Deception,” all poems in which the personal soul is explored to considerable depth. There are messages which encourage the reader to remember and respect the past and to reach out to friends when all seems hopeless. I loved the honesty of the poetry and the fact that the author did not hold back on personal thoughts and feelings. “Dance at My Funeral” was such an earthy, honest verse that you would almost swear the author was speaking directly to her friends and that you as the reader simply overheard the conversation. This is a lovely short book which will inspire some and get others thinking about the direction of their own lives. And then, there is the final tribute to the author’s mother which is reflective, simple and beautiful.”

This review was also posted on the book’s Barnes & Noble page, as well as on Google Books. Readers’ Favorite is the recipient of the “Honoring Excellence” and “Best Websites for Authors” awards by the Association of Independent Authors. They are also members of the National Book Critics Circle and the National Education Association. Readers’ Favorite proudly reviews for industry icons like Simon & Shuster, Random House and Harper Collins. They also review for celebrities like Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson and Jim Carrey.

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