Make Mother’s Day Heartwarming and Personal

Mother's Day,

Oh, there are so many days I wish my mother was still here, not just because it is Mother’s Day, but because of the type of person and Godly mother she was. I wish I had the opportunity to sit and talk with her one more time. Today, we celebrate mothers, be they biological, adoptive, step, surrogates, aunts, sisters or guardians.

More often than not, people want that personal touch, to be held and spoken to, not through a text message or e-mail, but with that human-to-human connection. So step away from your artificial devices today and if you have a mother or someone who is like a mother to you who is still living, call her or pay her a visit if you live near her. Make the people who are near and dear to you feel that way. Don’t let artificial technology create the illusive divide that makes something special become an afterthought. Kudos to all of you who are putting something extra special into your celebrations with your special mom!

Happy Mother’s Day! 



Celebrating Our Mothers


Mothers. It seems like we can never tire of saying enough about them. For those of you who are still blessed to have your mother around, then treasure those precious opportunities to spend time with her. For those of us whose mother has passed on from this life, we will always have fond memories of times we spent with them. For those of you who have fathers, guardians, aunts, grandmothers or stepmothers who are surrogates acting in a maternal capacity, then it behooves you to cherish that.

For all mothers, past and present, I honor you with this poem “I Applaud You” and wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

I Applaud You

I applaud you for the strength you unselfishly earned
your nurturing gift you so willingly impart
your character, immeasurable and priceless
your gentle spirit, so humble and genuine.

I applaud your determination to fight for the common good
your comfort during times of sadness, pain and grief
your encouragement during those moments when someone wants
to give up
your heart, more precious than the facets in a perfect diamond.

I applaud your tears of joy, glistening down your cheeks during
your carefree attitude to enjoy life and live it abundantly
your wisdom from life’s lessons of hard knocks and
your test of endurance to stand up, amid all reasoning to stay

Regardless of what you’ve suffered
been diagnosed with
or the pain from heartbreaks you’ve endured,
I applaud you for your survival skills
despite the cards that you were dealt.

Your inner beauty radiates your graciousness
turning obstacles into stepping stones
ugliness into beauty
discouragement into courage
skepticism into faith
despair into hope
with complete reverence of God
I applaud you.

– Kym Gordon Moore (from the book “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry,” 2013)

The Severed Maternal Umbilical Cord

Mother's Day, Celebrating Mom, Celebrating MothersMy pastor once shared a revelation with me, that when we lose our mothers on this side of life, our maternal umbilical cord is severed. On this Mother’s Day for those of you who are blessed to have your mothers or women who raised you still living, then be sure to show them how much you care. Time does not wait for us to make certain decisions or work on “our” time or our choosing. It continues to march onward whether we do or not.

Today, celebrate the women in your life, who helped to make you who you are right now. If your mother/grandmother/aunt/guardian has transitioned from this life as we know it, feel free to pay tribute her. If it wasn’t for a woman giving birth to each one of us, none of us would be here!