Give and Get

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To feel the pain of others one must know what pain feels like.
To identify with the sorrows of others one must have felt the pangs of grief.
To understand loss, hunger, or loneliness one must have experienced such.
To stand, face, and fight injustice one must have courage and the spirit to battle suffrage.
To perform as an effective leader one must connect to the plight of a humble follower.
To be a good Samaritan one must embody compassion, love, and action.
To organize and implement a strategy one must understand the plan and purpose.
To receive gifts of provision one must unselfishly share and give to those in need.
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Fazed by the Phases of Life?

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Are you disturbed by the abnormalities of normality? When life throws you lemons, do you throw it back because you don’t like lemons? Or do you find a way to make something creative and functional with those lemons that will work for you?

If you have experienced a spectrum of ups and downs, heartaches, heartthrobs, and heartbreaks, trials and tribulations, successes, failures, and victories throughout your life, then you clearly have an understanding of the multiple phases of life one goes through. Such phases can lead us to a hard-knock type of strength that we may not fathom, whether we were prepared to acknowledge and embrace it or not.

Clearly every able-minded adult understands that life can sometimes throw you one hell of a curve-ball that you didn’t see coming. Sometimes those curve-balls can hit you so hard that they may immobilize you indefinitely. We question the actions and language of so many who seem to project their privileged statuses by appearing to speak for the unfortunate or underserved only for selfish or maleficent reasons.

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There are some things that are simply foolish, unimportant or trivial that we are unfazed about, and rightfully so. Yet when we stop and look at the impact critical, life-threatening issues and injustice can have on people who are victimized and suffering from on so many levels, then it behooves us to be fazed by such life-altering phases. Perhaps one day, if it has or hasn’t already happened, you will need someone to be fazed by the challenging phase you may be dealing with and in turn you will need to do the very same thing.

Care, compassion, and love are the instruments of power that we need to have in our humanity toolbox, to help repair broken spirits and hearts. We can either decide to benefit from or be bitter about our adversities, whether we are fazed by them or not.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together

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Because of this pandemic, we’ve seen the best and at times the worst of humanity. Sometimes I believe that things happen for a reason for which we may not be aware of why. Can it be explained? Maybe and maybe not. I’ve noticed in the midst of this current pandemic, natural disasters are still occurring, creating displacements, destruction and often death. This seems to add insult to injury. 

But I also witness that people overall have good, kind and generous hearts. We’ve seen neighbors and strangers rise to the occasion, knowing that even though we may not know each other and we don’t know the extent of this health crisis we are dealing with, we still display the type of humanity that lets us know people still have a heart as we see this through their display of compassion.

As doctors, scientists and other experts in the field are trying to get a handle on treating and eradicating this virus, we must be patient and exercise good judgment by being the responsible adults we say we are. I don’t know of anyone who has not been affected in some way by our global self-containment. I’ve seen some heartbreaking stories of people passing away without family members being there to comfort them or those in nursing care facilities who feel abandoned and whose families can’t visit them. There is no doubt that this unprecedented event during our lifetime has changed our day-to-day operations and dynamic, and is creating a type of stress so many people have never seen or experienced before. Such stress does not, however, give us permission to be reckless, careless and insensitive.

We will get through this, but as we hear echoed each day, time and time again, we have to do our part to work together, to encourage and give each other hope, to unite against the enemy which currently is this virus and form the bond of peace instead of stirring up the ethos of contentiousness marred with the stench of ignorance and divisiveness.

National Good Samaritan Day

National Good Samaritan Day

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Although today is Friday the 13th we are observing National Good Samaritan Day. Observed annually on March 13th and also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day, we are reminded to perform unselfish actions and to make sure you spread kindness and generosity, by showing small or large random acts of compassion.

This day should also serve as a reminder that we should exercise such acts of unselfishness and kindness each day. I believe our lives would be more fulfilling if we did. Have a great Friday everyone and spread an extra helping of generosity today!


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Walk on by, dismiss my presence

I look ordinary, my body unnoticeable in a homeless encampment

yet all you see is your first impression of me

a morsel of nothingness, disregarded value in your sight

you didn’t notice and couldn’t see, to you I am like all the others

one day you pass by me, and someone helped to brush away my dirt

helped to clean me up and chipped away the rough edges

it was then that you noticed, came near, drawn to my amplified light

you sacrifice everything, bidding, yearning to be graced by my presence

I am exposed, layer by layer, a liberated gem born in the rough

you fought to get near me, I pitied your arrogance beneath me

but in my compassion, I am too valuable to treat you the way you treated me

now it is you who is exposed, shades of darkness consumed by greed.

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Good Thoughts, Common Sense, Better World?

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Do you ever wake up on those days when you watch the news and just wish people drank a glass of V-8 and then magically formed a sliver of good


for the sake of humankind for the rest of the day? Just one day? Would a shot of liquor or moonshine be a better or worse substitute? Hmmm…

I can still daydream and wish upon a shooting star, can’t I?


The Misunderstood Banana


In order to get our daily intake of non-medicinal potassium, we have a bunch of bananas sitting in the fruit basket on the island in our kitchen. We stopped by the store to get some more bananas because there was only one left. For some reason, it seems like the shelf life of fruit nowadays just does not last as long as they used to (whether organic or non-organic). Perhaps it’s just my imagination or maybe not.

But that last banana was beginning to ripen even more and my husband told me to eat it or use it for a banana split before it got completely mushy and we’d have to toss it. So this morning, as I was getting ready to pick up the banana, I noticed that it was a little disfigured. I hadn’t noticed it before because it was blending in with the other bananas I bought at that time. But now that it was ripening, I observed the details a little more and could see that it was a little distorted from the typical shape that we’d come to expect from a banana.

I picked it up, peeled it and took a bite, anticipating that the inside would taste differently based on its outward appearance. You know what? It didn’t.

We are different people but one of the same. You hear this often, but what does that mean? This banana was shaped slightly different and its coloring was deepening, but it tasted the same because it was still a banana. It may have come from a different part of the country and grown on its own banana tree, but it still remains a banana.


We the people are just that…people…human beings…God’s children. We look different, sound different, act different, but if we are cut and bleed, our blood remains the same color and does not match our skin tone. Somehow, we manage to judge or vilify each other based on where we are from, how we look, what socioeconomic level we encompass, where we live, what we drive, what our political affiliation is, what our religious beliefs are, and how much our net worth is.

We misunderstand each other at times because we lack having a conversation to bring us to the ever-unfolding awareness of life and the beautiful diversity it offers. We seek guidance from our leaders (family heads, spiritual advisors, educators and administrators, commerce executives and government officials) to give us the type of leadership we need for establishing and maintaining unity, harmony, equality, understanding, productivity, love, giving and nurturing.

Perhaps if we look at and closely examine the misunderstood, just like I noticed with this banana, we will realize that our differences do not define us as we have orchestrated them to be. No matter how you peel it or what it looks like on the outside, a banana still remains a banana. Understand? 🙂

Your True Colors

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Sometimes we need not say anything in order for our true colors to shine through.

When everyone’s talking at the same time, who’s really listening? Just because you can say anything doesn’t mean that you should. Sadly, some individuals really don’t care how offensive, poisonous, and painfully degrading their words can pierce through the hearts of others and not blink an eye. Be mindful and think before you speak. As the old saying goes, “Junk in – junk out.”

If the Shoe Was on the Other Foot

Shoes on the Other Foot

What would you do if your situation was suddenly reversed
if you were rich today and in poverty tomorrow
if you had a full stomach today and hungry tomorrow
if you were in good health today and gravely ill tomorrow

if you were free today and enslaved tomorrow
if you had a privileged life today and disadvantaged tomorrow
if you had a family today, but suddenly lonely tomorrow
what would you do if your situation was suddenly reversed?

The idiom “If the shoe was on the other foot” means a role reversal where the advantage has shifted to the disadvantage. Nowadays we are so quick to point to others who don’t look like us, who have less than we do, who speak differently from us, and then we judge them and scorn them, simply by what we see and label them in an unsavory and dehumanizing category.


We separate ourselves from the circles of these “others” and remain in our own little snobby cliques. At the same time, we lose our humanity and compassion. Before you get so wrapped up into blaming others for their unfortunate conditions, before you judge people based on what they are wearing, driving, where they are living or the color of their skin, put yourself in their place for a moment and think about whether you would really be okay having someone treat or prejudge you as you treat and prejudge them.

I listen to people on their soapbox ranting and raving with their holier-than-thou comments and attitudes, then find that these very same individuals are speaking from both sides of their mouths and have more skeletons in their closets than a graveyard. Be mindful, because your tables can turn in a split second, changing your life forever.

If the shoe was on the other foot…what would your shoe look like or would you have any shoe on at all?

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One Spontaneous Random Act of Kindness

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Every day it seems like we hear about or witness horrifying acts of evil. How do we counteract the shadows and forces of darkness that seem to overwhelm our hearts with a heaviness of pain and fear?

Many points of light can pierce the depths of darkness. I know that I’ve written and spoken about this literally every week, but it seems like we can’t say it enough. We must allow our light to shine so that others may see our good works and be inspired to follow suit. We need not have to plan to do something nice for someone all the time.  There is always an opportunity standing before us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to do a random act of kindness sincerely.

No matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like, be that shining star of love, hope, joy, and peace that glows as bright as a full moon. Hate cannot win when the spotlight of love pierces it.