Do trophies validate our greatness?


Ah, we can’t deny we aren’t captivated by those shiny molded sculptures, bowls or cups given for winning a competition. For many of us, we have several on our shelves or showcased in some form or fashion as a recipient throughout a momentous occasion during our lifetime. Yet, as we watch the numerous award shows (Grammy’s, Emmies, Golden Globe, Oscars, Tonies and most recently the Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy), where the trophy goes to the top dog in that category, does this negate your competitors because one individual or team came out on top?

Receiving a trophy acknowledges our quest for excellence in that particular competition. Without those competitors who are just as hungry and eager to win as we are, that recognition for winning top honor would probably not happen. While we bask in the celebration of winning, there is a sense of satisfaction we get when we look at our trophy and realize the hard work and extra effort paid off and was darn well worth the pain. So go ahead and rejoice in your shining moments of victory for excellence and greatness! It’s a tangible reminder of a very happy moment for you that others soon forget about.


Sometimes the Battle

Battle, Fight, Gladiator

Sometimes when the battle is fought and victory eludes you, especially when you’ve done your very best, this does not always mean you failed.

Remember, sometimes losing can actually be winning!