Caught in the Crossfire of Craziness

From Behind the Pen, Crazy

Is Crazy Really Winning??? On some days, it sure does feel like it.

  • How do we push the ejection button to thrust ourselves in warp speed to get out of the crossfire of craziness where espionage undermines and censures our freedom of humanity?
  • How do we protect our hearts of love with bulletproof vests, helmets of salvation and shields of faith?
  • How do we push the innocent from the drive-by shootings of ignorance fired from the weapons of division, deception, destruction, and death?
  • In the line of fire that hurls catastrophic bullets to the soul of folks and rips away evidence of life, progress, and love, how do we dodge the bullet?

We cannot merely stand by and watch, as our dignity is stripped, exposed to the disease of hatred, succumbing in the battlefields of absurdity. Can we truly stand secure, having done nothing to repel and condemn the semi-automatic bullets of ignorance?

Can we force the combatant to look in the mirror and turn the weapon of ignorance back on itself? Yeah, lately craziness certainly looks as if it is winning, but I think inevitably more victims will take a stand and say, “No more!”

Divided We Are Weak and Crumble, but United We Are Strong and Stand

Unity, Division, Learning

We are deafened by the unrelenting noise of divisiveness and evil tremors that shake our spiritual core. To speak with the tongue of the learned and to hear with the ear of the learned, we cannot turn away, flee from or rebel against the light of righteousness.

We walk in the fire of our gifts to listen, seek, learn, teach and embrace. If we do not live in a united front, we shall die in a divided pit.

The poetry of togetherness.