Fright Night

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Fright Night

I tossed and turned all night

panic-stricken dreams

drenched in night sweats

I’m running, from who or what

I don’t know, I’m just running

trying to dodge the chase

from an unknown entity

I know not what it is


I haven’t done anything wrong, or have I?

I try screaming, but I am mute

I look around for help but there is none

so I run

dashing across a street

not paying attention to oncoming traffic

for there is none and so I run

anxiousness overwhelms me as I leap

into a cemetery where the ground is barren

the graves all edged in river rock lay

I see the back of a women’s head

she sits by a headstone, but whose I don’t know

I’m afraid

if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be running


I am still being chased

yet determined to escape,

if I am caught then what?

I don’t know. I fight?

There are others standing around,

they aren’t running, they just stand

but why, I haven’t the time to wonder

still I run, for my life depends on it

I won’t be caught

I can’t be taken, the chaser gaining on me


when suddenly I am whisked to reality

I open my eyes lying on my back

the room is dark

but I know my way around

I make a mad dash to the bathroom

so that’s why I had to run?

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth


The Excitement of Possibilities

Gloria Steinem, Motivational Quotes, Inspiration, Imagination

When speaking to some of my audiences, I tell them, “To dream is not impossible when we activate our imagination. Imagination is limitless when we ignite the wick of action.” I equate my quote to the function of a hurricane lamp. When the oil in the base of the lamp has direct contact with a wick it is saturated with (an accelerant) fuel needed to ignite the flame. Set your imagination on fire and let your dreams turn into an inferno of possibilities. I think this poetic quote by American feminist, journalist, social and political activist, Gloria Steinem says it fabulously!

Dream Big!

Is Your Dream Really YOUR Dream?

Dreams, Ambitions, Goals

Over the years I lost a tremendous amount of money investing and purchasing programs of what others have convinced me was my dream of security. I surmised that if I worked hard to acquire the things that people dangled in front of me and said I should strive for because I could turn my dreams into reality, then I would be in great shape at this point, relying on a profitable ROI (Return On Investment).

Yet, somehow I grew increasingly exhausted until I had my “a-ha” moment almost 20 years ago. I trusted people who were so charismatic that they said exactly what I wanted to hear because these cunning individuals knew how to “spin” their influence on people who were like me (the type of people wanting to desperately do better for their family)! Later I realized that such people, who were in all actuality making out like a fat-rat, profiting off of people like me, were actual predators.

Now even after all of those losses, I ran directly into another “dream” booby-trap about 12 years ago that I must say I blame myself for. I had a friend (at least that’s what I thought at the time) who I believed was a great business person because of the businesses they owned and the impressive stuff they had. (I know, not all those well-known people self-claiming to be smart business people really are). Their material possessions make you think they are financial geniuses. Since I trusted this person, I thought I could plausibly give their proposal a shot, even though my gut screamed caution. Guess what? I was duped again, thousands of dollars later. To say the least, that friendship ended, when I realized it was not as genuine as I thought it was.

Sometimes, we get to a point in our life where we feel we need to desperately make certain decisions before we lose out. A dear friend of mine once told me that desperate people make desperate decisions. I get it, I get it, I get it!

Now, when someone says to you, “Turn your dreams into a reality,” make sure that it is your dream, because if it isn’t you will be stuck in a reality called a nightmare! Just sayin’.

As Far As the Eyes Can See

Reading a Map, Searching, Seeking, Dreaming

As Far As the Eyes Can See

Who said a dream had to be near sighted
narrow-minded, complicated or limited?
Who said dreams are only for those who sleep
the naïve who foolishly wish upon a shooting star
or break the big end of a wishbone?
How do we measure the scope of a dream?

Must we conform to the standards of others
spiritless to reach beyond what the eyes can see
a vision of an end at the beginning
the beginning of seeing your vision through
birthing the gift you are implanted with by God
envisioning the endless possibilities
of a dream that seems impossible in the eyes of others.

Just a dream away
with hope, aspiring to unleash our hidden potential
releasing the fear to proceed and succeed
capturing greatness within our grasp
by merely reaching outward
with faith to perceive, believe and achieve.

Run where others dare not go
a quest to seize an opportunity
aiming upward towards the moon
but shooting for the twinkling stars
a fire burning within to stretch as far as the heavens
hope of a vision within the palm of your hands.

(poem from the book Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry)