Dark Clouds Cannot Lead Me

Poetry, Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds

There’s a dark cloud following me
a dark cloud over my head
despair surrounding me when I’m awake
disturbing my sleep when I lie in bed

it hovers and follows
but I can never allow it to lead
an ugliness that discourages
like a deep gash in my soul to bleed

for as the dark cloud drifts away
disappearing in the shadows of light
no matter how long it lingers
it only evaporates by the sword of might.

©Kym Gordon Moore


If You Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It

Square Peg, Round Hole


They say you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

If you don’t fit in, that may not be the worst thing.

To fit a square peg in a round hole can be damaging on so many levels.

Rejection may actually be a blessing in disguise.

If you don’t fit in the mold, don’t force it.

Boldly embrace your God-given uniqueness.

Courage from the Challenges of Adversity

Courage, Lion

Jean Beaufort

How do you confront adversity to become renewed? Hard times can wear us out, tear us down, slow us up, dominate our lives, and make us powerless. We become restless, anxious and lose sleep.

Eagle, courage

Ronald Carlson

Depending on our hardship, no doubt we are naturally concerned. We care. We try every solution humanly possible, and still sometimes fall short. This does not mean we are defeated and broken, although the feeling in our spirit indicates otherwise.


Patricia Keith

So, it is in those quiet moments, perhaps not one moment or two, but many or more, that we surrender the weight of our fears and adversities to be renewed, to rise up and to be strengthened in gratitude.  Courage is not instantaneous, but in an instant, your fear could summon it up. Be encouraged to proceed and walk with courage.

What If Wednesday: What I Have to Give

Gratitude, Giving, Gifts

What if we woke up each day reflecting on our  sincere gratitude for the gift of life and think, how can I make the most with what I have (talents, gifts, possessions, resources, lessons learned, compassion) and do something to give, inspire and help bring out the good in others so they too can pass on the fruits of the spirit and empower someone else? You may or may not know those who you touch, but who said that ‘knowing’ has to be the prerequisite to giving a life-changing gift? What if?


Your Subliminal Message: DO NOT GIVE UP!

Do Not Give Up, Encouragement

Sometimes that which is highly and continuously perverse has a tendency to subdue any good intention that could pierce the unconscious or deeper mind. Years ago in one of my psychology classes, we discussed the effects subliminal psychology has on us. We don’t realize how much some subliminal messages affect our conscious mind, regardless of how brief and unconsciously perceived those messages are. Thus, this is why we must be aware of the type of unhealthy things we allow to take root and dwell in our mind and spirit.

There are far too many reoccurring cases where we find ourselves overwhelmed with life. We give up too quickly as a solution could be within our grasp, but we prematurely pull away from a possible satisfactory resolution. Could it be fer? Probbly. So today, this subliminal message is for you, the reader. If it is worth fighting for or praying over, DO NOT GIVE UP! Should you decide to throw in the towel, then make sure you have made the best judgment based on what you have to work with, and exhausted all options before you have come to a final conclusion. Stay encouraged. DO NOT GIVE UP!