In the Midst of a Storm, Peace Be Still

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When Everything Seems to be Against You

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. -Henry Ford

What If Wednesday: What I Have to Give

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What if we woke up each day reflecting on our  sincere gratitude for the gift of life and think, how can I make the most with what I have (talents, gifts, possessions, resources, lessons learned, compassion) and do something to give, inspire and help bring out the good in others so they too can pass on the fruits of the spirit and empower someone else? You may or may not know those who you touch, but who said that ‘knowing’ has to be the prerequisite to giving a life-changing gift? What if?


Your Subliminal Message: DO NOT GIVE UP!

Do Not Give Up, Encouragement

Sometimes that which is highly and continuously perverse has a tendency to subdue any good intention that could pierce the unconscious or deeper mind. Years ago in one of my psychology classes, we discussed the effects subliminal psychology has on us. We don’t realize how much some subliminal messages affect our conscious mind, regardless of how brief and unconsciously perceived those messages are. Thus, this is why we must be aware of the type of unhealthy things we allow to take root and dwell in our mind and spirit.

There are far too many reoccurring cases where we find ourselves overwhelmed with life. We give up too quickly as a solution could be within our grasp, but we prematurely pull away from a possible satisfactory resolution. Could it be fer? Probbly. So today, this subliminal message is for you, the reader. If it is worth fighting for or praying over, DO NOT GIVE UP! Should you decide to throw in the towel, then make sure you have made the best judgment based on what you have to work with, and exhausted all options before you have come to a final conclusion. Stay encouraged. DO NOT GIVE UP!

I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Dancing, Poetry, Brokenness

Sometimes our lives get so caught up in a cyclone of tragedy, despair, and brokenness that we manage to somehow hold on to it so tightly and fail to surrender. We continue to revisit the scene of the crime, smeared with the blood of agony and pain from toxic or failed relationships, financial burdens, health crises, workplace battlegrounds and other adversarial situations, hypnotizing us in a ball of confusion.

I continue to experience my share of life-changing problems that my mind says to reject, yet my heart says these are the wobbly stepping stones forming my unwavering staircase to greater blessings God is preparing for me. My dance partner was my inability to completely surrender those things which were ripping my world into shards of brokenness I didn’t think could be fixed. I realized, however, that when I am overwhelmed by those things that seem to be uncontrollable pieces of my life falling apart all at once, it is during those moments when they may be actually falling into place, once I cast my fears and anxiousness aside.

I Won’t Dance with You Anymore

Our dance was longer than I thought
we’d been dancing in the shadows of lost hope
stepping on each other’s toes in a waltz of destruction
pumping energy in swaying to a rhythm of stupor

we boogied on a crowded dance floor of fear
tap-dancing in a ballroom of anxiousness
where the gateway of catechism is barricaded
I am deftly weakened by impoverished night terrors

unable to surrender encumbering baggage
yielding to the tempest of uncertainty in the darkness
I break away from our romantic cheek to cheek foxtrot
to you my dear dance partner this relationship is over

I let time slip away into a cyclone of chaos
as calamity stole my inner sanctity of peace
a brokenness I could not put back together again
until I leaped into the arms of faith like a principal ballerina.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Hope Defeats Gloom, Despair, and Agony

tunnel, discouragement, encouragement, fear, despair, hope

Sometimes we are engulfed in the tempest of despair, discouragement, and darkness. If you live long enough, you will travel through a few dark tunnels of life that are frightening, discouraging and leave you feeling bewildered and anxious. 

Yet, as we look ahead through this darkness, we manage to focus on a pinpoint of light drawing us closer to it. It is in that pinpoint of light that we see hope.

Within this hope, that faint light at the end of the tunnel begins to grow larger, because we are focused on that light, refusing to look back into the darkness from whence we came. We look into the throat of the tunnel’s mouth and see a glimpse of victory, freedom and the pursuit of courage and joy. 

Once you have stepped into that light which reveals a world of clarity, opportunity, love, and possibility, it draws you closer to it and you never want to look back and return to that dark tunnel again.