Earth Day. Why?

Earth Day, Green Planet

If you don’t protect her, she won’t protect you. It’s just that simple. Today is the observance of Earth Day and while our calendars denote that this day is designated to serve as a  reminder about the importance of respecting our planet, conserving energy and being the caretakers of creation we were meant to be, protecting Mother Earth should naturally be an individual, committed and personalized mantra each of us should be cognizant of employing every day.

The toxicity of air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution are indicators of our carelessness and recklessness that diminish the quality of life Mother Earth produces. Do we realize how intimately our lives are affected by the health and wellbeing of this universe we inhabit? What has happened to our compassion, sensitivity, and appreciation for our beautiful planet that is being destroyed, simply because we have neglected her or failed to see and protect the beauty that abounds all around us?

As I stepped outside this morning to admire the new blossoms and buds on my rose bush, I saw the brilliance of a little red ladybug sitting on one of the leaves and watched her enjoy my rose bush just as much as I did, even if our reasons were different. You don’t have to take on a mass environmental project, but you could do what you can in your neck of the woods, or city, to contribute to the preservation and growth of this planet. Earth Day. Do we really need a day to remind us of something we should be incorporating into our level of consciousness every day? Hmmmm… Just a thought.


Celebrating the Earth

Earth Day, Environment, Nature, From Behind the Pen

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Our world is full of life, but it is in trouble due to the destruction we are largely creating. Do you believe climate change is real? I certainly do, simply from witnessing opposing seasons interlocking at some point with each other and on the other side of the world, glaciers are melting in temperatures way below zero.

Earth Day is on April 22 and is the world’s largest environmental movement. Since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, more than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, with a focus on education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.

This year’s campaign is “Environmental & Climate Literacy.” Learn more about how you can get involved and take action to eliminate pollution, planting trees and tending gardens, curbing greenhouse emissions or to help power the movement. Visit the Earth Day Network.

Arbor Day: Why Trees Are Important to Our Environment

Celebrating Arbor Day!

Why are trees so important to our environment? Trees are nature’s natural filtration systems. Without the continuous replenishment of planting trees when hundreds are excavated from heavily populated forests and wooded areas, we will definitely struggle to breathe and survive. A tree helps to clean the air and releases oxygen for us to breathe. They absorb carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, greenhouse gases and nitrogen dioxide. Trees absorb pollutants from the soil. Trees can help to slow down water runoff from flash flooding. Trees help to control noise pollution. Overall, trees are a very important part of our environmental equation.

As we celebrate Arbor Day let us participate in planting and caring for our trees. The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. During this time, more than one million trees were planted. Founded by J. Sterling Morton, he worked to improve agricultural techniques in his state of residency and across the U.S.

To learn more about the programs, history, educational resources and volunteer opportunities with the Arbor Day celebration and beyond, visit Have a beautiful and productive Arbor Day!

Celebrating Earth Day: “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we recall a very poignant video by Michael Jackson called “Earth Song” that will forever leave an emotional thumbprint on our hearts. We want to share that video with you, but want you to be forewarned that there are portions of this recording that contain graphic images you may find a little disturbing, albeit a very real environmental epidemic. Michael Jackson creatively showed us vivid imagery of global concern about what we are doing to the world. As you watch this video, think about the message behind each scene and think about what you can do to make this world a better place for all of us.

We cannot simply celebrate “Earth Day” only on one day during the year and totally disregard doing something environmentally edifying during the other 364 days of the year. We must celebrate “Earth Day” to commemorate the things that we have done and continue to do in order to save and sustain our planet. This world is a gift to us and you do not abuse gifts. When we neglect the environment, we neglect ourselves. When we abuse the environment, we abuse ourselves. When we help the environment to be positively fruitful, we too will be fruitful in many sectors of our lives. Join in to help fortify the lives of others and this planet we live in.

What about us? What can you do today?
Happy Earth Day everyone!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day: April 22, 2010

More attention is being placed on our accountability and responsibility for taking care of Mother Earth. We have to honestly look at ourselves to see if we are being as responsible as we should be, in order to build a cleaner and healthier environment for the generations to come.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, Earth Day, which is April 22, is a day to celebrate the environment. The first Earth Day was organized in 1970 to promote the ideas of ecology, encourage respect for life on earth, and highlight growing concern over pollution of the soil, air, and water. Earth Day is now observed in 140 nations with outdoor performances, exhibits, street fairs, and television programs that focus on environmental issues.

To learn more about the official Earth Day Campaign, go to this website:

Let us unite to make EVERY DAY Earth Day! Let us continue to fight for a healthier environment because it’s all up to us! Our future depends on it!