Fright Night

Poetry, Dreams, Running, From Behind the Pen

Fright Night

I tossed and turned all night

panic-stricken dreams

drenched in night sweats

I’m running, from who or what

I don’t know, I’m just running

trying to dodge the chase

from an unknown entity

I know not what it is


I haven’t done anything wrong, or have I?

I try screaming, but I am mute

I look around for help but there is none

so I run

dashing across a street

not paying attention to oncoming traffic

for there is none and so I run

anxiousness overwhelms me as I leap

into a cemetery where the ground is barren

the graves all edged in river rock lay

I see the back of a women’s head

she sits by a headstone, but whose I don’t know

I’m afraid

if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be running


I am still being chased

yet determined to escape,

if I am caught then what?

I don’t know. I fight?

There are others standing around,

they aren’t running, they just stand

but why, I haven’t the time to wonder

still I run, for my life depends on it

I won’t be caught

I can’t be taken, the chaser gaining on me


when suddenly I am whisked to reality

I open my eyes lying on my back

the room is dark

but I know my way around

I make a mad dash to the bathroom

so that’s why I had to run?

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth


Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls…oh my!

Happy Halloween ImageHalloween or “All Hallow’s Evening” is celebrated in the United States on the last day of October. Activities include trick-or-treating by youngsters, attending costume parties, making jack-o’-lanterns, sitting around bonfires engaging in scary stories, visiting haunted houses or theme parks and even going on creepy hayrides adds to the fun.

This year, retail sales from Halloween decorations, costumes and candy is expected to reach $8 billion dollars. Not too scary is it? Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Halloween this year, do not forget to exercise caution and be responsible. By the way, what is Halloween unless you catch a few scary movies of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, witches, the paranormal and zombies? Do you have a favorite classic or popular scary movie that stands out from all the rest? What a way to scare yourself to sleep!

Have a safe Fright Night and Happy HALLOWEEN!!!