Love Needs No Introduction

Love, Giving

Image credit: John Hain

Love needs no introduction or explanation. It is felt and not seen, yet shown through unselfish acts of kindness and giving.


What if Wednesday: A Random Act of Kindness?

Comfort, Assistance, Random Act of Kindness

What if each of us did one, just one, simple random act of kindness today without any preplanning, pomp or circumstance? Can you imagine how contagious that could be? Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t do more, but just one act of kindness could mean the world to one person. What if?


Acts of Kindness on #GivingTuesday

On Thanksgiving Day, we commemorated the joy of giving thanks. Today, we commemorate the ability to give. Although we celebrate #GivingTuesday today, we can’t forget the message of giving throughout the year. You don’t have to be financially wealthy in order to give in some aspect or another. Whatever you decide to do today, do it out of love and with a humble heart! Happy #GivingTuesday!

What Happened to the Meaning of Thank You?

Did someone recently give you a gift, greeting card, donation, flowers or assisted with a project that you found difficult to handle by yourself? Were you pleasantly surprised from this unexpected present or assistance? As the recipient, how did you express your gratitude to the giver?

There is strength and power in the phrase “thank you.” The significance of saying thank you for receiving any act of kindness does not seem to be a priority for reciprocation as it once was. The importance of these two words are literally…Read more