So Soon? A New Year, with An Old Unchanged Heart?

Checklist, Karen Arnold

Resolution lists are typically filled with the intent to eliminate the bad and unhealthy habits we have been engaging in for years. Of course, no one has to remind you of what your unhealthy habits are.

So here we are in another new year, new day, new month, and a new time. We are so very blessed to see and embrace another opportunity to make right in the present, the wrongs that were done and purposefully ignored in the past. In this new year, will we see an improvement where hardened hearts are softened, becoming more understanding and compassionate? Or will we still see another new year of empty promises, salacious insults and scathing accusations that sadly I already saw on the first day of this new year on social media? Sometimes, it is truly clear just how much we are our own worst enemy…by lethal spiritual suicide and assassination. New Year, an unchanged and bitter heart and broken resolutions? 😦

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions decades ago because it never ends well for me. Too much stress! 🙂 I know it is said it’s not how you begin, but it is how you end. Right now, however, each new year rides on the waves of how we began, because there is too much at stake for too many people to begin a brand new year with the ‘same old-same’ old mindset!


Do trophies validate our greatness?


Ah, we can’t deny we aren’t captivated by those shiny molded sculptures, bowls or cups given for winning a competition. For many of us, we have several on our shelves or showcased in some form or fashion as a recipient throughout a momentous occasion during our lifetime. Yet, as we watch the numerous award shows (Grammy’s, Emmies, Golden Globe, Oscars, Tonies and most recently the Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy), where the trophy goes to the top dog in that category, does this negate your competitors because one individual or team came out on top?

Receiving a trophy acknowledges our quest for excellence in that particular competition. Without those competitors who are just as hungry and eager to win as we are, that recognition for winning top honor would probably not happen. While we bask in the celebration of winning, there is a sense of satisfaction we get when we look at our trophy and realize the hard work and extra effort paid off and was darn well worth the pain. So go ahead and rejoice in your shining moments of victory for excellence and greatness! It’s a tangible reminder of a very happy moment for you that others soon forget about.

What If Wednesday: Scrap New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions, Happy New Year

What if we stop waiting to make a list of New Year’s resolutions on December 31 or January 1, and instead throughout the year make doable, bite-sized achievable goals whose success you can celebrate each day? Let’s face it, many of us are inclined to make a list of goals to stick on our list of New Year’s resolutions and just a few days into the new year, we fall off of the horse. Should we change our tactics? What if?


Cast Your Net

Harvest, Motivation, Fishing, Dedication, Poetry

Have you ever pushed yourself beyond limits and when you do not reach your goals when you want to, all too often you may become discouraged, frustrated and give up? I think for the most part we all deal with the same case scenario from time to time.

Take a break and try again. Sometimes all it takes is trying a task or process a little differently to get you to where you want to be, albeit your timetable may be different than you planned.

What Can You Improve Today?

National Self Improvement Month, Self-Improvement

Try something new! That’s right. Right now!

Let’s face it, those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions that were made on January 1st are pretty much in the wind at this point. Why? Because of commitment to set those resolutions in motion. Did you plan on losing weight? Devoting more time to improving yourself? Exercising more? Eating better? Reading more books? Devoting more time to learning something new? Had you planned to travel more? What about designating more leisure time for family?

Self-Improvement, Self Awareness

Although this month we are observing National Self Improvement Month and International Self-Awareness Month, this does not mean you should only do something self-improving throughout the month of September. Nope! You should do something to improve your life and make a difference in the life of others every day, even if you are seeking more leisure time for yourself. You can find a laundry list of suggestions everywhere on self-improvement tips, but what are the best tips that are doable and more applicable to your lifestyle? What can you do to add more value to your life? What can you do to add more joy, love, and peace in your life? What can be done to fulfill your well-roundedness? Through your self-improvement practices, how can you contribute to making the lives of others better?

Exploring, Self-Awareness, Self-Improvement

Well, as you are fully well aware of, the clock is still ticking and it certainly will not pause just because you want it to. What are you waiting for? What can you say you did, to make positive changes for a better and more productive ‘you’ that will inspire those who enter your space?


Is Your Dream Really YOUR Dream?

Dreams, Ambitions, Goals

Over the years I lost a tremendous amount of money investing and purchasing programs of what others have convinced me was my dream of security. I surmised that if I worked hard to acquire the things that people dangled in front of me and said I should strive for because I could turn my dreams into reality, then I would be in great shape at this point, relying on a profitable ROI (Return On Investment).

Yet, somehow I grew increasingly exhausted until I had my “a-ha” moment almost 20 years ago. I trusted people who were so charismatic that they said exactly what I wanted to hear because these cunning individuals knew how to “spin” their influence on people who were like me (the type of people wanting to desperately do better for their family)! Later I realized that such people, who were in all actuality making out like a fat-rat, profiting off of people like me, were actual predators.

Now even after all of those losses, I ran directly into another “dream” booby-trap about 12 years ago that I must say I blame myself for. I had a friend (at least that’s what I thought at the time) who I believed was a great business person because of the businesses they owned and the impressive stuff they had. (I know, not all those well-known people self-claiming to be smart business people really are). Their material possessions make you think they are financial geniuses. Since I trusted this person, I thought I could plausibly give their proposal a shot, even though my gut screamed caution. Guess what? I was duped again, thousands of dollars later. To say the least, that friendship ended, when I realized it was not as genuine as I thought it was.

Sometimes, we get to a point in our life where we feel we need to desperately make certain decisions before we lose out. A dear friend of mine once told me that desperate people make desperate decisions. I get it, I get it, I get it!

Now, when someone says to you, “Turn your dreams into a reality,” make sure that it is your dream, because if it isn’t you will be stuck in a reality called a nightmare! Just sayin’.

Life is An Adventure!

Life, Adventure, Courage

Do you have something adventurous and daring that you want to add to your bucket list?

Hiking, Mountin Climbing

Do you dream about exploring the depths of the ocean?

Scuba Diving, Adventure

Is there something outside your comfort zone that you would love to try, but may be a little apprehensive about?

Ziplining, Adventure

Dare to try something new, different and exhilarating!

Adventure, Skydiving

Turn your fear into fearlessness and soar!

Adventure, Safari, Africa

Boldly go where you’ve never gone before!