Today Is a New Day to Be Grateful Anyway

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Open your arms wide, and embrace the gift of thanksgiving today. Allow the vibrance of light to permeate your spirit, blossoming into a burst of energy that floods your being.

Now look, everyone is going through something that is challenging their mind, spirit, or body, be it great or small. We hold on to an ounce of courage to get through the day or through our night, even when restlessness disrupts our sleep. Gratitude has a way of puncturing the net of challenges, that tries to drown us in a sea of dread. We are more than conquerors. We simply have to come to terms with accepting our victory. Nobody told us the road would be easy. Those who said it would be easy were sadly misled.

But, we didn’t come this far to give up now. Be grateful because there is always someone else who is worse off than you, and would rather be in your shoes.

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A Lifestyle of Gratitude

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To be grateful should not be an emotion that is summoned up at a specific time for a specific reason. Gratefulness should be a natural and instinctive daily mantra, a timeless lifestyle! If you’re going to have an attitude, make it a recipe of gratitude.

My Thanksgiving Wish

Happy Thanksgiving, Gratitude, Thanksgiving Day

Throughout the week, I wrote about some element in our life that gives us the opportunity to be thankful for. As I reflect periodically on the news reports that leave us feeling hopeless, bewildered, and defeated I try to shift my thoughts on recognizing the gifts of gratitude that surrounds us every day. I try not to allow the senseless, challenging things in life to overshadow my feelings of being grateful for each breath I take and the people I love that surround me.

So, today we have arrived at Thanksgiving Day. It is my wish that you truly enjoy this day with friends, family or neighbors as you embrace the heartwarming love shared with others. Yes, many retailers are having some amazing sales today, but I hope you do not spend more time with them than you will with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Cut the Crap

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We wake up each new day preparing to embark on our usual daily tasks. Yet all too often, we really do not pay attention to how much we have a natural tendency to moan, groan and complain about heading out to work, or school, what we are going to wear, or even what we are going to eat for breakfast. Rarely during those moments of complaining do we think about people who have no job but want to work, those who want to get an education, but are unable to go to school, or those who are hungry and would give anything for morsels of the food we waste to cut their hunger pains.

If we would just pause and truly embrace our opportunities, blessings, and freedom that is available to us in some aspect every day, we will resist the temptation to sound selfish and insensitive to others who don’t have what we have and instead be grateful for what we’ve got.

“You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry”

Happy #WorldGratitudeDay