Can You Hold On When Everything Says Give Up and Let Go?

Despair, Ken Kistler

Sometimes when things seem like they are falling apart without end, when your stress level has risen unbelievably high, when your faith has been tested repeatedly without pause and your spirit feels tethered, take a deep breath because these are the times when things may actually begin to fall into place.

Despair, Linnaea Mallette

For whatever the reason, whether to test our faith, character or conduct these challenges somehow fuel us, recharge our batteries and energizes our spirit with the will to fight, to move forward and upward bound. When you walk through a storm, don’t get distracted, hold on, hold your head up high, and keep the faith! 


Wake Up Call

Mark Coldren, bird

Chirp, chirp, chirp, twiddly, twiddly, tweet is what I’m awakened by during these early summer mornings. I gaze at the time and its 5:30am. C’mon birdie, I say to myself, wondering if they know what time it is. Of course, they know. Interrupting my last few minutes of sleep isn’t on their checklist of daily precautions. Perhaps finding the early worm is.

When we get up early in the morning, before the sun rises with its intense light magnifying creation that appears before us, we are reminded that this new day is one for growth, awareness, and change. If you sit outside during such early, early morning hours, just pause or stop and reflect on the goodness that abounds in this precious moment.

Somehow, when spending time outside in the early morning minutes, you tend to see differently, hear more clearly and focus on things you never noticed before. May we think about those sweet chirps and tweets, and glory in those precious moments of reflection and revelation.

birds, Linnaea Mallette

Standing on Shakey or Solid Foundations in a Fragmented Crowd

Piotr Siedlecki, Foundation

We have choices, the free-will to do what’s right or wrong, to love or hate, to help or hinder.  When in a crowd of diverse individuals what choices do we make to contribute to the solution instead of being a source of the problem? 

Do you tend to wallow in weakness sinking in the quicksands of shallow thinking? Or, do you stand faithfully with strength as your feet are planted on solid ground in togetherness, with liberty, justice, and hope? Here’s to the fulfillment of life in the essence of humanity and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s commit to doing the right thing, right here and right now.

Crowd Standing, Circe Denyer

What Does it Mean to Feel This Brand New Day?

Flower bud, Sheila Brown

Like the unfolding flower petals of a new blossom or the emergence of a butterfly from a chrysalis, we embody the essence of newness in a brand new day with joy and gratitude. Can you feel it?

Butterfly, Chrysalis, Petr Kratochvil

And so, we come alive with a vivaciousness and appetite for the fulfillment of life on a brand new day in a brand new way. Stay encouraged with hope and love in your heart! Live…like you mean it!

Bird, Life, Sheila Brown

Appreciation of Life’s Small Snapshots of Valuables

George Hodan Photography, Kym Gordon Moore, Quotes

Sometimes we are always searching for the bigger picture but miss the important smaller snapshots along the way.
~ Kym Gordon Moore

How can you fully appreciate the big blessings of life when you overlook the small jewels that lead you there? More often than not, I find great joy and gratitude in the smaller overlooked valuables that others tend to dismiss as insignificant.

Monday Music Motivation: Raise Your Happy Level Today

Music, Happiness, Gratitude

Today, I invite you to raise your happiness and gratitude meter as we get our Monday Music Motivation on! Every day I read about or hear someone discussing the downward, depressive craziness that we encounter and tend to worry about each day.

So as we look ahead to this new week, refusing to allow negativity to win, here’s your happiness tip for today and each day you need to resort to it: Find one upbeat song, listen to it from beginning to the end, and dance. That’s right dance. No matter where you may be, even at work, put in your earplugs or put on your headphones if you have to, dance (and you don’t have to be a professional mind you) and then sit back down and get back to your work. It’s that simple! So if you’re feeling down, this is a mere suggestion for a quick pick me up, sort of like an energy drink! 😀

Happy #MondayMusicMotivation