Happy Birthday My February Peeps! 🥳

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Oh wow, we are off to a brand new day, in a brand new month, the second month on the Gregorian calendar.

It isn’t arbitrary
a life so special to celebrate
born in the month of February
have fun, it’s not up for debate.

© Kym Gordon Moore

For my friends born in the month of February, even to all of you leap-year babies who get slighted every four years, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you! So here’s a shout-out to you, as you celebrate new, prosperous, productive, and happy beginnings, my fabulous February friends! 🎈 Cheers! 🥂

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Enjoy the Little, Appreciate the Big

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Enjoy the little things and you will learn to appreciate the big ones.

Today is a new day to make a fresh start, so get up and get at it.

Be kind to others, but first be kind to yourself.

Today is a day to rejoice and be glad, so spread love not hate.

I am wishing every one of you reading this post, peace, and blessings, so go on out there and do something fun. Create something magical. Make something awesome!

🏃🏾‍♀️ The Great Escape


What do you do, or where do you go to get away from it all? We may feel overwhelmed by stuff, and much of the time that stuff is not something we created. I know what I do to escape the craziness that tries to hit every point of my sanity, but what do you do to escape the craziness that tries to creep into your spirit, take away your joy, and shut you down? Do you pray? Do you shop? Do you take a trip? Do you take a walk in nature? Do you drink a cup of tea or take a long bath? Do you read? Do you dance?

Behind me, in a sometimes rapid chase
dread tries to steal my joy
but it can’t if I don’t allow it
does it think it’s playing with a toy?

I know I’ll certainly face challenges
this I know to be true
but the outcome based on my attitude
victory lines up, depending on what I do.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Today Is a New Day to Be Grateful Anyway

Image Credit: Gabrielle Henderson

Open your arms wide, and embrace the gift of thanksgiving today. Allow the vibrance of light to permeate your spirit, blossoming into a burst of energy that floods your being.

Now look, everyone is going through something that is challenging their mind, spirit, or body, be it great or small. We hold on to an ounce of courage to get through the day or through our night, even when restlessness disrupts our sleep. Gratitude has a way of puncturing the net of challenges, that tries to drown us in a sea of dread. We are more than conquerors. We simply have to come to terms with accepting our victory. Nobody told us the road would be easy. Those who said it would be easy were sadly misled.

But, we didn’t come this far to give up now. Be grateful because there is always someone else who is worse off than you, and would rather be in your shoes.

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For the Tiniest of Things

Image Credit: Alina Vilchenko

“If you can find even one thing to be grateful for, it will restore you to the Light. Please, dear God, let me always feel gratitude for something, even a tiny thing, in even the hardest situations.” -Unknown

Before we can truly appreciate the great things, we must first stop, look and listen to the smallest of things that could make a bigger and more rewarding impact on our hearts, minds, and spirits. It’s not complicated but takes just a few moments of your time to reflect. Have a FANtabulous day everyone. 🌞


💖 I Wish You…

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You know, it’s a tough time for so many of us. It’s known that particularly during the holidays, we see a rise in sadness, gloom, despair, restlessness, and hopelessness. The reasons are numerous, whether rooted in grief, heartbreak, loneliness, worriation, frustration, depression, overwhelm, or anxiousness.

We try to be positive and remain that way, but sometimes the worst gets the best of us. Staying positive is not always easy and it takes a little elbow grease to remain that way. But positivity is possible and doable. So, as we navigate through the rest of this year, I want you to embrace my wish ~

I wish you joy where there is sadness
I wish you a full stomach when you feel hungry
I wish you peace where chaos wrecks your spirit
I wish you love, where hatred rears its ugly head
I wish for you justice where virtues are compromised
I wish you faithful companionship when you feel lonely
I wish you a huge smile for that frown that’s turned upside down.

This may not be much that I can offer, but I give this to you from my heart so you can wrap yourself in my blanket of gratitude.

All for you,
Kym 💖

Oh, what a glorious day!

Image Credit: Anaya Katlego

After putting on a pot of coffee to percolate this morning, I walked to one of the windows facing the backyard and knelt down on the floor. This is my personal quiet time to pause before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. I breathe in slowly with my eyes closed. I am grateful for this time that I am free to just sit, and be.

When I open my eyes, I slowly scan the yard. Some of the trees have lost all of their leaves, and some of the oaks have yet to lose all of theirs even though the colors of autumn still remain in tack. Squirrels leap through the limbs of trees, and the early birds feast on freshly picked worms from the grass.

Although I slept well last night, I still feel exhausted. Perhaps it’s because I learned about several people who passed away in the last seven days. I’m still trying to digest all of this but I know that even though death is a part of life’s evolution, my heart still aches for all of us who suffer from the pains of grief, trying to take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Yet at this moment, as I kneel here, watching the mallard ducks waddling out of the water headed towards my backyard, one of our Redtail hawks glides through the air like a kite on a breezy day, and the blue heron slowly and methodically strides along the water’s edge, trying to nab a fish. And, I think, life is still good, despite the disappointments. Suddenly, the coffee maker beeps, knocking me out of my temporary trance, and letting me know the coffee is ready.

black and white ceramic cup on saucer

But I don’t get up just yet. I am content with the peace that fills my gratitude meter in this present moment. Surprisingly, I no longer feel exhausted but energized. As I look up, the gray clouds are rolling away, revealing a marine blue sky and fluffy white clouds. That’s what hope looks like, and I like it like that. Even as my knees crack, I am still able to get up and praise my way through this new day.

Yes, I am hopeful. And while hope is not something we have, it is something we practice, every day! Have a FANtabulous day filled with gratitude and hope everyone!

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No More Wasteful Spending

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At this moment, we have the opportunity to…

We often think about acquiring lots of things instead of fulfilling essential needs. We tend to focus on our wants, not giving much thought to the needs of others suffering by the wayside. We sometimes boast about self-reliance instead of a collaborative effort to improve the quality of life that others may benefit from. Yep, at times we can be a little selfish. Yet, sometimes being a little selfish in certain situations can work to your advantage and be your saving grace.

In this moment we have the opportunity to…

Don’t buy into the propaganda that in order to be somebody special or to be accepted, you must come from a specific zip code, township, financial background, or a particular tribe to make a difference in society, and to be an asset, not a liability. You are already somebody, a mover, a maker, and a shaker. No more wasteful spending to allow misinformation to persuade you to misrepresent who you are and what you can become.

At this moment, you have the opportunity to…

* Embrace joy
* Love more
* Intensify your humanitarianism
* Make a positive difference in someone’s life and in the world
* To create a safe haven for the least appreciated

Right now, at this moment, we have the opportunity to…

Be better than we were yesterday. Make a change that will “make” a change. We hear the use of wasteful spending in terms of governmental spending. Personally, no more wasteful spending on the frivolous. Spend your time wisely. Use your time productively.

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Gratitude is Loving, Generous, and Compassionate

Image Credit: Linnaea Mallette 

Be thankful.

Be loving.

Be generous.

Be compassionate.

Have a Heart.

This message is simple. This message is clear. No matter how you slice it, there is always room to be thankful, loving, empathetic, and kind to form a compassionate heart. Have a glorious day of thanksgiving everyone. 🙏🏽

Thank You Never Gets Old, right Dawn Pisturino?

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My mother always reminded us to say thank you when we were little, IF we failed to do it first. That didn’t happen often, because there would be repercussions if we didn’t say thank you and she found out about it. Even for the smallest of things, like someone giving you a quarter to put in your piggy bank was worthy of gratitude, because it was one quarter more than you had. Plus, piggy banks were the thing when I was growing up. I still have mine from a baby. Oops, sorry, I digress.

So it is with great pleasure that I give a huge shoutout and show my appreciation to Dawn Pisturino for her generous book review on her site “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg.” Patricia and I were so surprised and delighted that Dawn took the time to actually read our works, and to take even more time to write such a generous review that she didn’t have to do. I try not to ever take such an act of kindness for granted. They are great blessings to my heart and spirit.

So without further adieu, I once again present the link, “Poetry Book Reviews: Kym Gordon Moore and Patricia Furstenberg” to Dawn’s post so that you can visit her site and see how she is unselfishly giving back to members of our WordPress community. Thank you again, Dawn.