The Poetry of Guitars during International Guitar Month

Guitars, Poetry, International Guitar Month, Music, Stringed Instrument

Do you play the guitar? Why do so many people love playing this popular musical instrument? Well, get your guitar muse on because April is International Guitar Month. Guitar enthusiasts around the world are finding creative ways to express their admiration and love for this instrument. During National Poetry Month, here’s a little haiku love as music fills the air!

Guitar Song

Amplified wood box
whispers of strings-a-strummin’
fretted instrument.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Music, Guitar, Poetry, International Guitar Month

International Guitar Month, Music, Art, National Poetry Month

Music, Guitars

guitars, music

music, guitars, instruments

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

Writing opportunities during International Guitar Month

Guitars, International Guitar Month, History of GuitarsWhat’s your flavor of guitar? Acoustic, Electric, Archtop, Steel, Resonator, Electro-acoustic, Twelve-string, Double-neck, Base? The guitar you choose is based on the type of music you wish to play with it, and the technique to be applied. Based on some accounts, the history of the guitar can be traced back to over 4000 years. The derivation of the guitar however, has many claims about its ancestry. Many believe that it is linked to stringed instruments like the bowl harps and tanburs. Others say there’s a commonality with the lute.

International Guitar Month or IGM is an annual celebration of guitars that occurs every April since 1987. It is sponsored by the Guitar & Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA) and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). If you are running into writers block at the moment, try using International Guitar Month to boost your writing juices.

1. Write a blog
2. Write a poem
3. Write a song
4. Write an article
5. Write a memoir
6. Write about people you know who are guitar enthusiasts and what inspired them
7. Take a field trip to your local music store and talk about the different types of guitars the store carries.
8. What type of eye candy adorns the guitars of famous musicians?

Find the niche that you like and roll with it. Let your imagination explode with possibilities!

Happy International Guitar Month