The Hallows Eve in Halloween?

Ian Halloween L, Halloween, All Hallows Eve

Where did All Hallows’ Eve go?
What morphed the meaning of All Saints Eve?
How did this time of remembrance

dedication to the dead, the martyrs, the saints
turn into some ghastly celebration
of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls

jack-o-lanterns, bats, and spiders
wretched wicked witches in flight
the creepy, the cooky and the spooky

orange and black hovering over foggy lagoons
tricks or treats on this Halloween night?
Where did All Hallows’ Eve go?

Halloween’s Comin’ – Creepy Crawler is a Cow Killer?

Red Velvet Ant, Jean Beaufort

Red velvet ant (Dasymutilla Occidentalis)

Some call me a creepy critter

some call me a cow killer

I’m really known as the red velvet ant

but I’m actually a wasp, now isn’t that a thriller?

Halloween can stir up some creepy characters and creepy critters, sending goosebumps up and down our spine. Sometimes the creepiness is a common occurrence, not needing a special occasion to take its creepiness to another level.

The reputation of the wingless female Red Velvet Ant’s sting is so potent and painful, it is said that it could kill a cow. Red velvet male ants have no stingers but do have wings. Although they are not deadly to humans, you should still be cautious around them or you may feel like a dying cow! :-/

Happy Halloween: Ghosts, Goblins, Tricks or Treats

Halloween, Tricks or Treats

Petr Kratochvil

Ghosts, goblins, tricks or treats

Halloween brings unforgettable delights

or some very scary creeps!

In America, the National Retail Federation estimated that $8.4 billion was spent last year on Halloween. Will you be among the spooktacular holiday celebrants this year?

Happy Halloween!


Books for Treats not Tricks

Books for Treats

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If you are not trick or treating tonight, why not write something Spook-tacular to celebrate the occasion? Or better yet, why not give away books? You heard me right, books!

If you want to give a Halloween treat that’s good for kids, but is not candy, why not books? Books feed children’s minds, encourage children to read, and parents to read with them and/or to ask them about their books. Many children rarely receive books as gifts, so even gently read books are special treats.

Books for Treats is a non-profit (501c3) movement that encourages you to give gently read children’s books at Halloween instead of candy. Since Halloween 2001, Books for Treats has given up to 10,000 books each year to excited, costumed Willow Glen, California trick-or-treaters. Giving books instead of candy shows kids you care about them and are encouraging them to read. This not only helps raise their interest in reading, but raises their feeling that the community cares about their future. Literacy is key to success in today’s society. Book reading encourages curiosity, imagination and life-long learning.

Halloween, Trick or Treat