So, You Really Wanna Know What Moves Me?

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Okay, so last month our dear friend Michele Lee Sefton posted a “What Moves You” challenge on her blog. Essentially, the idea is to choose a physical activity that you enjoy doing, and then do it! While there were a few things I knew would make me move, she insisted that it needed to be G-Rated. Gee, thanks Michele. So while I am not officially entering this challenge, I thought it would be fun to think about what moved me to get moving. While writing this, I am sitting at my desk as I think about it and as I took a break, it hit me right there. 

I get up periodically throughout my day to dance to something on my laptop, then I put my sneakers on (like a kid the colors alone make me move), and then I lubricate my knees by cycling on my manual portable desk peddler as I lift some light weights. The photo below shows a collection of the things that get me moving as I sit working at my desk. It just breaks the monotony of sitting down for an extended period by giving me an injection of energy to keep me moving. So, there you have it, Michele Lee Sefton. All of the elements that make me move throughout the day when working at my desk. Are you moved to move? 🤔

Image Credit: Kym Gordon Moore – What Moves Me Switcheroo!

This is one of my go-to songs to get up and move to!

Cindy Georgakas is Re-Creating and Celebrating a New Chapter

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          I received an ARC of “Re-Create & Celebrate” by Cindy Georgakas and oh my goodness what a refreshing read it was. At the onset of Cindy’s book, Re-Create & Celebrate, you can feel the natural and positive energy flowing through the power of Cindy’s words and her personal journey. She doesn’t speak in clinical terms, as you may find in similar guides, which can be intimidating. No, you feel like you’re sitting on her deck, sipping on a cup of tea, and when you leave, you feel invigorated.

        Her easy-to-follow steps are practical and gently guide you through the process of rediscovery and renewal. This book is a must-have for helping readers refocus on their overall health and wellness.

          As a certified Life Fitness Coach, Cindy’s experience shines through with stories and practical exercises to help validate the success of your journey. She navigates you through a path to reflect who you are, and the essence of your being, which is not defined by your credentials or possessions. Be true to yourself, and not that of someone else. The changes you need to make are already inside of you. Cindy has a way of tugging at the matters of the heart and splashing a burst of energy that gets you up and running with a zest for life. 

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Image Source: Unique Times with Cindy

          I’ve known Cindy for a couple of years now, but it seems like we have known each other for decades. I quickly learned that when she sets her sights on a goal, even if it is a home renovation, she has the determination like a bulldog to do everything she can to attain it, despite the obstacles that might suggest otherwise. Without giving away any spoilers, grab a copy of Re-Create and Celebrate. It is a helpmate for examining each time, stage, and age of your life. Haikus at the end of each chapter add a special, quotable touch to the flow of her conversation. There are some other delightful surprises included in her book to help guide you through your progress and celebrate your success.

          If you haven’t met Cindy yet, then quickly grab yourself a deluxe-size can of energy drink, because she is robust with vitality you can’t quantify. Connect with Cindy and learn more about her blog tours and book launch on her website  Uniquely Fit, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

Wait, is my Fitness Tracker Stalking Me?

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OK, y’all I know this sounds rather freaky, but in talking to other users, they say the same thing happened to them when they went on a fast from their fitness trackers. A few weeks ago I wrote a post, I Filed for Separation  which was about separating from the control my fitness app had over my daily comings and goings. Well, now I noticed the app on my phone is somehow monitoring my calorie intake, and the other day I got an email that said, in the subject line, “Remember Me? You need to sync your tracker.” What the what? I am getting emails from my inactive fitness tracker?

I am completely done! I feel like I’ve fallen into a SCI-FY Twilight Zone episode, and Rod Serling is about to pop out smoking his cigarette and scare the living crap out of me with messages from beyond, courtesy of my fitness tracker. The whole point in the first place for connecting with this darn thing was to stay focused and remain disciplined in my health and wellness activity and regimen.

Has it gotten to the point where I need to get a restraining order for this doggone thing? I feel like I was in a toxic relationship, but it can’t let go and I may have to resort to extreme circumstances. UGH! 😝 But, my message to my ex-tracker is, “Back down before you get beat down!” And that’s all I have to say about that! (Channeling my inner Forrest Gump)

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Poetry, Pastries, & Pies Podcast: A Cry for Help from English Poet, Charlotte Mary Mew

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Today, on this episode of “Poetry, Pastries & Pies,” I’m shining a poetic spotlight on Charlotte Mary Mew, an English poet whose work spans the eras of Victorian poetry and Modernism. Charlotte was born in Bloomsbury, London, on November 15, 1869. She was the daughter of architect Frederick Mew and Anna Maria Marden, daughter of architect H. E. Kendall, for whom Frederick Mew had previously worked as an assistant. Their marriage produced seven children.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is charlotte_mew_marchmont_association.jpgThis podcast shares some telltale emotional disorders and mental distress, that became major themes in Charlotte Mew’s collection of poetry and stories. Two of Charlotte’s siblings suffered from mental illness and were committed to psychiatric institutions where they spent the rest of their lives. Two of her brothers died in infancy and another in early childhood, leaving Charlotte, her mother, and her sister Anne as sole survivors.

Image of the blue plaque located at 30 Doughty Street where Charlotte Mew was born.

After the death of her sister from cancer in 1927, Mew descended into a deep depression and was admitted to the Beaumont Street Nursing Home in Marylebone, where it was reported she committed suicide by drinking disinfectant. Charlotte’s Mew’s story leaves us asking many questions of ‘why.’

I am not sure about our global areas, but as I shared in the podcast, if you or someone you know is dealing with mental distress, in the United States you can dial 988 to connect with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide free and confidential emotional support.

Check out the podcast!

I Filed for Separation

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Don’t gasp. Separation happens to the best of us all the time. I just went through my 7-year itch with my partner who became increasingly domineering and controlling. I won’t divulge the name of my partner (and no, it is not my husband), but it is the long-term relationship I had with my fitness tracker.

In the beginning, it was wonderful. We got to know each other intimately, and it became a trainer that helped me to be better disciplined as I made my fitness goals to improve my health. But something got messed up along the way. I noticed it but didn’t pay attention to what was happening. It was dictating to me what I should be doing, and I found myself becoming a fitness-tracking zombie. I was roped into its clutches of control, and I didn’t realize I was in too deep.

Free Woman in White Shirt Wearing a Face Mask and Fitness Tracker Stock PhotoImage Credit: Polina Tankilevitch

It authoritatively suggested what my daily intake of drinking a certain amount of water should be, how many miles I should walk, how many calories to burn, how many hours I should sleep but wasn’t getting, and vibrated when I needed to get up each of the 9 hours of active minutes I had to get in each hour. I upgraded to a newer and improved model during our time together. What we had was wonderful, until it began to get dark, like it was angry because I wasn’t listening like I initially did.

Now grant it, this is not a fitness tracker bashing. But like a baby who no longer needs a walker, I am more disciplined, energized, and confident about thinking on my own without my wrist-wearing technology looking over my shoulders! My codependency became an obsession and an addiction. So now, I am kicking the habit, filing for separation, because I am strong enough to walk on with more confidence and greater discipline.

Am I tempted to pick up my tracker and strap it back on? At times I am, but not as often as I thought. Although it was a hard habit to break, I am liberated now, and oh what a feeling that is! Bye-bye birdie!

What are You Hooking Your Jumper Cables up To?

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Typically, jumper cables are used to connect a live battery to a dead one to give it the juice it needs to get the vehicle running again.

But what about your internal battery? When you feel listless, uninspired, or useless what do you connect your jumper cables to that will juice you up, energize your battery and get you restarted and on your way? How do you recharge to get going again? Here’s the thing, all of us get to a point or many points where it seems like we have reached a dead end or probably stalled on the road to achieving something, even if it is simply choosing peace of mind.

Each of us responds differently to various stimuli that will get our batteries recharged. Whatever influences you to get cranked up and get going, as long as it isn’t something that will negatively affect your mind, body, and spirit, don’t just sit there, get up and get make it happen! Time waits for no one. Have a FANtabulous and productive day!

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Are Birds Really an Asset to Mental Health? 🦜

My ears followed the sounds of tender singing, and my eyes were transfixed on the gleeful and astute playfulness of my flying feathered friends darting here and there. They surprisingly caught my attention early this morning. I wonder if they were even aware of my surveillance as their frolicking actually calmed my spirit?

It comes naturally, as I am blessed to watch these fine feathered creatures, whether I’m indoors or not, and be inspired to snap a photo or write a poem about them. I was delighted to come across an article the other day “Research says one of the best things for your mental health is … birds!” that brought the biggest smile to my face. I can’t say I was shocked, but it offered validation into what I was already experiencing. In part, the article mentioned: 

A 2017 study published in BioScience by scientists at England’s University of Exeter showed that when people witnessed more birds in their daily lives, they experienced reduced prevalence and severity of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Now, talk about music to my ears, and excitement for my spirit! Hello there, my mental health helpers! 🦜 What more can you ask for with free service, and a heaping serving of healing all in one.

Image Credit: Patrice Bouchard

Image Credit: Aaliya Wahab

Hiatus: We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Program

Image Credit: Helena Lopes

Many of us are hitting the pause button for the next several days to take a hiatus from our regularly scheduled writing posts. Now, while this does not mean we have stopped writing by hibernating completely from our writing, art, crafting, or photography, we are simply stepping away to regroup, revamp, and revive.

As we pause from posting, we are taking a moment to heal from the hurts that herald open wounds of pain and focus on restoring our health and well-being. That is important to do year-round, and you don’t need an excuse to do it. So, whatever your reasons are for taking a brief or extended hiatus, relax from the stress, release those signs and chokehold of toxicity, and relate to that inner peace that surpasses all understanding.


your overall health depends on it! 🥳

Keeping it Clean Always

Petr Kratochvil, Cleaning

Sadly, during the Covid19 pandemic, practically everyone seems to be practicing good hygiene and thoroughly cleaning their homes and surfaces. As well, we see evidence of employees publically cleaning surfaces in common areas. Hooray!

I was raised to keep things neat and clean. For the most part, I try to keep things clean and neat without being overly obsessive. I often wonder why collectively we haven’t been doing this all along, being cognizant of cleanliness all the time without being told or forced to do so. It is with my sincerest hope that this virus, and those of the past, will teach and remind us of those critical, common-sense lessons to remain alert and proactive, publically and privately without being told or threatened to do so in the future.

Fashion Forward Friday Fitness: Walk on Water

Water Walker Treadmill

Image Source: Mashable (Water Walker Treadmill)

It seems like nowadays somebody is coming up with a new and improved version of something. Yet, when I saw this futuristic do-dad, I was curious about what in the heck it was and why.

This isn’t a product I’m writing about to endorse simply because I have never seen or used anything like this before. I thought however, it was a pretty cool looking product that I would be curious enough to try. In the past, I opted to use the Trekdesk (a treadmill desk) at work versus sitting at a desk in a cubicle for eight hours. It was great for exercising as I walked on the treadmill while working, and plus I lost a few pounds in the process. Yay!

Water Walker Treadmill, Underwater Treadmill

Image Credit: Water Walker Treadmill

Now this, boys and girls look like something from Star Trek. The Water Walker Treadmill uses the growing popularity of hydrotherapy as an integral part of the post-operative rehabilitation process and is the ultimate combination of aerobic exercise and SPA. It is ideal for water training while increasing your balance and reducing stress on your joints. I have to say the sleek modern design of this equipment is quite fashionable indeed. If you ever used this fancy schmancy piece of workout equipment, I would be curious to hear about your experience.

 Have a #FashionForwardFriday Fitness kind of day! 😀