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Pecan-Crusted Chicken on Food Porn Friday

I remember growing up how excited I was to visit my grandfather and get my hands on a bushel of those ginormous pecans that fell from his pecan trees. Those long brown shells held some of the biggest, sweetest and meatiest pecans I ever tasted. Nowadays, I have not found any pecans that fit the size or caliber of my memories of those Ninja pecans my grandfather grew.

So today, on Food Porn Friday, as we celebrate National Pecan Day, which by the way has been celebrated on April 14 since 1996, I decided to feature this healthy recipe, Pecan-Crusted Chicken from EatingWell Magazine. This recipe coats tender chicken breasts with buttery pecans flavored with spicy chipotle and zesty orange.

This recipe only takes 30 minutes to prepare and is ready in 30 minutes. In the picture, it is served with spinach salad. Depending on your tastes, you can modify a number of certain ingredients to your choosing. What a wickedly delicious way to eat a healthy meal with only 270 calories per serving.

#HappyNationalPecanDay on #FoodPornFriday!

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For You Potato Lovers on Food Porn Friday

How do I love potatoes? Let me count the ways. Well, you have Idaho Russet, Sweet, Jewel Yam, King Edward, Japanese Sweet, Doré, Laura, Rose Finn Apple, Hannah Sweet, Solanum, Red Thumb, LaRette, Désirée, Austrian Crescent, Red Gold, Purple Majesty, Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Parel…shall I go on?

February is National Potato Lovers Month, so why not put a new spin on this common staple that you will find in practically every pantry. Today I am featuring this artistic recipe for a delicious potato kugel cup from Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller. If you have a favorite potato recipe or a favorite type of potato you enjoy cooking with, please feel free to share it with our audience.

Happy National Potato Lovers Month on #FoodPornFriday!

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Celebrating World Vegan Month on Food Porn Friday

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World Vegan Day is celebrated on November 1 and marks the beginning of World Vegan Month throughout November. The Vegan Society was founded in November 1944. The principle of the emancipation of animals, non-dairy vegetarian diets and lifestyles were adapted. To learn more about The Vegan Society visit their website

Join the raw vegan movement with this recipe for RAW VEGAN COLLARD WRAPS from Avocado Pesto. It only takes 20 minutes to prepare this great healthy lunch or snack. Have a delicious #FoodPornFriday y’all.

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Honeyed Mango Salsa with Salmon on Food Porn Friday

National Honey Month, Honey, Food Porn Friday, National Honey Board

Image credit: National Honey Board

On Food Porn Friday we are closing out National Honey Month with a delicious healthy dish, Sweet Spicy Salmon with Honeyed Mango Salsa, courtesy of the National Honey Board.

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Observing National Staying Healthy Month

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More often than not, many people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or to get in shape. The problem with that goal is our mindset. If we are not in the right frame of mind to commit to a long-term plan to be our healthiest on a consistent basis, by deleting unhealthy food, mindsets, attitudes and sometimes people, then our chances of success is at the bottom of the totem pole.

We can go on an assortment of diet plans and it will be in vain if we continue to hoard unhealthy choices that cancels us from becoming the best possible us. While National Staying Healthy Month is observed throughout the month of January, do you merely stop focusing on the mission when January 31st arrives? If so, then you are truly setting yourself up for failure.

When making healthier choices the picture is bigger than food. Sit down and write “why” you are striving to live a healthier lifestyle. If it is for someone or something else, besides what is beneficial for you, then you will truly miss the boat, because it can create a great deal of unhappiness and possible depression. If the report card for your overall health is at risk, then seek professional or medical consultation and do it according to your profile and not that of someone else. You are not a cookie cutter version of other people, even if you are an identical twin. What is healthy for one person, may not be a healthy alternative for you!

What is your idea or definition of living a healthy lifestyle? Have you made tough decisions to eliminate things that negatively affect your life? If so, I applaud you, because I am in the same boat as you are. The process of elimination can be a challenge, but when you make the decision to move beyond those challenges, you will feel lighter, more productive and healthier. Here’s to being your BEST you!

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