🏃🏾‍♀️ The Great Escape


What do you do, or where do you go to get away from it all? We may feel overwhelmed by stuff, and much of the time that stuff is not something we created. I know what I do to escape the craziness that tries to hit every point of my sanity, but what do you do to escape the craziness that tries to creep into your spirit, take away your joy, and shut you down? Do you pray? Do you shop? Do you take a trip? Do you take a walk in nature? Do you drink a cup of tea or take a long bath? Do you read? Do you dance?

Behind me, in a sometimes rapid chase
dread tries to steal my joy
but it can’t if I don’t allow it
does it think it’s playing with a toy?

I know I’ll certainly face challenges
this I know to be true
but the outcome based on my attitude
victory lines up, depending on what I do.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Warfare: Inner Conflict

Image Credit: Dsndrn-Videolar 

War. The conflict. The attack. We see evidence of it globally, and the aftermath of casualties and fatalities leaves us bewildered, heartbroken, and even outraged. The tragedy of so many people dying, men, women, and children, pains us to see images of the carnage, mass gravesites, or bloodied bodies strewn over the ground like discarded trash. The ones who created the conflict aren’t the ones suffering from the consequences that war invokes. It’s all about power, control, and more power.

But what about the warfare within ourselves? We battle internal and external influences creating a spiritual conflict that sends us down a slippery slope of thorns and entanglement. That puts a chokehold on our hope for survival. What is it that is attacking our joy and peace? What inner conflict is driving us into a state of depression and hopelessness? What is attacking our will to get up, this paralyzation grieving our hearts and piercing our minds? What are we grappling with that is trying to strip our gearshift of our ability to move forward, do our best, look our best, and be our best?

Like watching a trainwreck, we can’t take our eyes off those distractions attacking our inner sanctity. Sadly, we don’t even realize our mindfulness is under attack. It comes in subtle, and you may not even notice it at first, but then it sneaks in a little more, day by day. You don’t realize you’ve been under attack all along. Now, there are so many things we can’t prevent from happening, but we have the ability and power to strip those attacks from penetrating our powerhouses (our brain, our body, and our spirit).

Before we can defend our inner sanctity, we must stop and observe where those brutal attacks are coming from and how they are penetrating our inner peace. We must study them just like they studied our vulnerabilities that created a crack to enter and attack our weakest links. Sometimes we can shut those warheads down before they are even launched. First, we have to be aware, focused, and strong enough to face the enemy and fight this foe, in a way that seems unbeatable.

Do not allow self-imposed dungeons and ravaging external pits to create internal spiritual warfare and limit your journey.

💖 I Wish You…

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Image Credit: Katja Burger

You know, it’s a tough time for so many of us. It’s known that particularly during the holidays, we see a rise in sadness, gloom, despair, restlessness, and hopelessness. The reasons are numerous, whether rooted in grief, heartbreak, loneliness, worriation, frustration, depression, overwhelm, or anxiousness.

We try to be positive and remain that way, but sometimes the worst gets the best of us. Staying positive is not always easy and it takes a little elbow grease to remain that way. But positivity is possible and doable. So, as we navigate through the rest of this year, I want you to embrace my wish ~

I wish you joy where there is sadness
I wish you a full stomach when you feel hungry
I wish you peace where chaos wrecks your spirit
I wish you love, where hatred rears its ugly head
I wish for you justice where virtues are compromised
I wish you faithful companionship when you feel lonely
I wish you a huge smile for that frown that’s turned upside down.

This may not be much that I can offer, but I give this to you from my heart so you can wrap yourself in my blanket of gratitude.

All for you,
Kym 💖

Thankful Thursday Thoughts

Image Credit: Gabrielle Henderson

You know it’s hard to feel grateful and hopeful when crazy stuff is swirling around us all the time. I don’t need to tell you what those things are, but human-made disasters, natural disasters, injustices, crime, corruption, diseases, pandemics, and death are just a few. It’s easy to say, “don’t worry about those things,” but I’m saying to you right now, don’t worry about the things you can do nothing about.

At this moment, in our hurriedness, busyness, and craziness, just STOP already! Let your mind relax and let go. Think about one thing that makes your heart grateful right now. Allow that gratitude to bring peace to your spirit and open your eyes to the blessed beauty surrounding us at this very moment. You don’t have to say a thing, just clear your mind and allow peace and gratitude to engulf your spirit. Have a wonderful and FANtabulous day my friends! 🥰

Thought for Today: Hit the Mute Button

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There’s a lot of noise and distractions swirling around us today. There are far too many people who seem to have things in order or those trying to do the right thing, who are falling into a trap of anxiety, panic attacks, feeling gloomy, and overwhelmed. Enough already! Enough already! Enough!

Tomorrow is not here and not promised. Yesterday is long gone, and there is nothing you can do about it. So step away for a while today. Push your mute button to silence the noise that’s aggravating you, and hit your pause button to freeze-frame the swirls of chaos trying to make you dizzy. Your health, your heart, your mind, and your spirit need not suffer due to the outside craziness. Not today, and tomorrow ain’t lookin’ too good either! Hit your mute button when you need to, and as often as you need to.

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Wax On, Wane Off, Light Up

Image Credit: Syaibatulhamdi

Watching the full moon a few nights ago drew me into its hypnotic presence, defining a more profound message I’d not really thought about before. Even if we don’t pay attention to the moon that much, we are somehow magnetically drawn to it. I looked at that moon, as I usually do every month, provided there is no rain or cloudiness that blocks its visibility, and was simply smitten by it.

The waxing moon is a phase that comes after the new moon. The waning moon is the final curtain call, coming before the dark moon day. So, as I stood looking out at that full moon, I thought about the fullness of our aura, the bright light that we allow to shine so others may see it and thus allow their glow to shine brilliantly on others. Our “waxing on” allows our spirits to develop into the fullness of showing the pulsation of our compassion, courageousness, and conversation to build up and not tear down. Waning off helps us recharge our batteries and prepare for the next phase and opportunity to let our light shine again and again.

Now, while we can’t compare ourselves to that awe-inspiring orb that sparkles at night and is 238,855 miles or 384,400 km away from Earth, can you imagine how bright our light can illuminate on those who could use a little light in their life right now? Our light can certainly give others hope.

Share What I Have of Me

Image Credit: Sage Friedman

You know, every day I am blessed to rise and see a new day. I try to approach it with a sense of hope, courage, joy, and gratitude. I seek opportunities when I breathe in the gift of life and exhale generous servings of encouragement.

HOPE in the midst of dread, sadness, suffering, and corrupt spirits. I want to send the message to others that possibilities are not futile but fertile.

COURAGE to battle fear, to persevere with confidence, and to encourage the weary to tear down walls that try to alienate and destroy the human spirit.

JOY that’s activated within, to spread to hearts, minds, and souls who need to be reminded that the world can’t take away what it didn’t give us unless you give it to them.

GRATITUDE to steer me away from pettiness, to remind me to be humble, and avoid sensationalizing negativity on the streets of waywardness.

These things make me feel alive and empower me to give with a sense of gladness. What makes you get up and go, thrive to be alive, and share a part of yourself?