Let Your Light So Shine

Circe Denyer, Philanthropy, Humanity, Light, Soul, Spirit

When darkness falls across the land, where is your light? Where is our light in the murkiness of injustices that never seem to go to sleep? Injustices, deception, and human-causing disasters aren’t something new but have been going on since life’s existence. Yet, does this mean that just because it has existed for generations, are we to flippantly turn a deaf ear and blind eye to what is currently going on when we have the ability to stop it?

During these enormously challenging times, we still find people with caring hearts and compassion for their fellow man and woman, regardless of their race, creed, gender, religious, economic or political affiliation. Here, these folks allow their lights to shine without pomp and circumstance. They rise to the occasion to help and not hinder.

Right now, I think about the 800,000+ government workers who may be facing another furlough in the next three weeks. I think about non-government employees and the unemployed trying to find a job in order to make an honest living, to maintain some sense of dignity, and support their families. I think about poverty-stricken families, military veterans, and senior citizens who are held hostage by backlogs of paperwork and glitches in a broken system. It’s hard to see light when you’re amassed by dreaded darkness and feelings of hopelessness.

People who get ‘it’ bring that light of hope which shines without fanfare to help the struggling bleeding hearts who feel no one really cares, even if the helpers are struggling too. We reach down in our hearts of compassion to feed, shelter, nurture, listen and respond without judgment.

Each of us is equipped with a diverse gift and unique talent to shine our light in a place where darkness falls, just as a full moon pierces the night sky lending visibility to paths that could not be seen. Let your light so shine that others may see and experience your good works so they too will be inspired to pay-it-forward.


Imagine All the People of the World Living As One

People, Unity

Image: Francisco Farias Jr

As I reflect on the great polarization that has saturated our lives whether economically, culturally, geographically, politically, racially, religiously or educationally, this great divide and bias did not just begin a few years ago, although it seems to have grown exponentially. This has been going on for centuries now. We’re just more acutely aware of its impact because the coverage of such polarization is witnessed on broader channels of influence globally.

I believe there are more of us calling for peace, harmony, and love around the world, in spite of the loud clatter of division we hear coming from divisive and systemic poisonous tongues. I recall the song “Imagine” written by the late John Lennon, was the antithesis of a call to arms that we hear echo by every generation. We may be dreamers, but we are not the only ones. I do hope someday we will live as one. Listen…

The Shackled: Will You Stand or Will You Sit?

oppression, enslavement

Will you stand up for the oppressed? Will you really?

Would you courageously face the unabashed wrongfulness perpetrated by the status quo, and say NO to the hands of power and prominence that seek to destroy those who are exploited or destitute?

Could you stand silently and watch self-loathing tormentors shackle, cripple and dehumanize a targeted populace, and be comfortable with that?

Will you stand up to defend those who suffer from grave injustices, or will you sit down, muted, and spectate as the injustices unfold?

What If Wednesday: Strengthening Humanity


Image Credit: James Childs

Civilization. What if the quality of our existence depends on how we treat people outside our tribe? Where would we be without people?

Remember humanity and reflect on how you want to be perceived and treated as a person. In our pursuit in all areas of happiness, we have the power to unite and strengthen humanity when we stop labeling, trolling, bullying and stereotyping innocent people. Simply remember the elements of decency and respect we want to receive from others and then imagine how much better uniting humanity would be for our health, our world and our spirit. What if?


Thankful for Generous Hearts

Thanksgiving, Thankful, gratitude

We are grateful for people who give from their hearts and not out of obligation. We are grateful for those who feed a need without expecting anything in return. We are grateful to those who love unconditionally, forgive wholeheartedly and encourage generously. We are thankful for the good we see in humanity and humanitarianism.

As we think about the gifts we’ve been given, the blessings that flow to our tables and our hands, and reflect on those who are suffering, who seek simple things like food, water, and a safe place to stay in order to survive, we pray Oh Lord, let Thy Will be done.

Have an amazing gratitude-filled day!


Shame on You!

Shaming, Bullying, Torturing, Intimidating, Harassing

While criticism, whether warranted or not has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time, intimidation and intentionally humiliating someone is something different and far more destructive. It is so appalling how the internet has become a place where a disdainful and alarming form of bullying has become a daily norm. Shaming, according to the Cambridge Dictionary is the act of publicly criticizing and drawing attention to someone, especially on the internet. Targets are publicly humiliated using technology like social media (i.e. body shaming, baby shaming, pet shaming, etc).

Words, whether verbally expressed or written can wage a war, assassinate someone’s character, promote education, bring awareness to a cause, or create peace. I am a supporter of the First Amendment, but I am not a proponent of cruelty, abuse and dehumanization, whether exercised publically or not. Shaming or deliberately spreading lies about a person, people or an organization can lead to hate messages and death threats being used to intimidate that person or their family.

Shaming, Humiliation, Bullying

When the offenders have deliberately ‘Shamed’ someone publically, especially on a social platform, it spreads like a wild fire. If they are called on the carpet, some retract their statements and apologize (although many think these apologies aren’t genuine or sincere), and others don’t. I truly believe that these bully-headed individuals have to have some inkling of a heart under those thick layers of insults. If the tables were turned, how would they feel?

I know I’ve previously written about this subject before, but it still seems to become more problematic and systemic than ever. Grant it, we all have opinions, some extreme and some aptly mild. But even though we have the freedom of speech, let’s practice ‘thinking’ before we speak whether verbally, digitally or written via a publication. Now mind you, we aren’t talking about reporting or responding to relevant, genuine news, we are talking about twisting, turning and torturing people just because you can. Here’s my thought for the day: Don’t dish out dirt if you can’t take getting slung with mud!

What Side of Conviction Do You Stand On?

Just when you think things will peacefully pause in our strong, divisive stands on issues, we have seen mounting clashes with people from opposing sides. The more we try to find some common ground to see how we can work together for the good of all people, we somehow grow increasing divided. Let’s face it, everyone seems to be pissed off about something (excuse my phonics). I find that the more peeved people are, the more rebellious things become. In all honesty, I’ve seen the true colors of many people I thought were upright in spirit, show a disdainfully horrifying side.

People on the right demonize people on the left and people on the left demonize people on the right. Our attitudes remind me of a portion of the lyrics from the 1968 release by Harry Nilsson “Everybody’s Talkin.” Here are a few of those lyrics:

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mind

People stopping, staring
I can’t see their faces
Only the shadows of their eyes

What do you genuinely base your convictions on? Is it for popularity, ego, the need for more power, imbalanced prestige, or survival? Does such conviction lead to immorality or compromised ethical standards? Are your convictions based on a lie that you spin to make others believe that it’s the truth?

What do you stand for? What convicts you? For what purpose and commitment do you have to support your convictions? If your convictions are met with merit, filled with the love God the Father and not god the superficial, and if you stand with courage during difficult times on behalf of love, life, liberty and justice, then you’re on your way to stand boldly where your mere presence shatters the face of hatred, bitterness and injustice. Stand for the human in humanity.