What If Wednesday: What I Have to Give

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What if we woke up each day reflecting on our  sincere gratitude for the gift of life and think, how can I make the most with what I have (talents, gifts, possessions, resources, lessons learned, compassion) and do something to give, inspire and help bring out the good in others so they too can pass on the fruits of the spirit and empower someone else? You may or may not know those who you touch, but who said that ‘knowing’ has to be the prerequisite to giving a life-changing gift? What if?



Thankful for Generous Hearts

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We are grateful for people who give from their hearts and not out of obligation. We are grateful for those who feed a need without expecting anything in return. We are grateful to those who love unconditionally, forgive wholeheartedly and encourage generously. We are thankful for the good we see in humanity and humanitarianism.

As we think about the gifts we’ve been given, the blessings that flow to our tables and our hands, and reflect on those who are suffering, who seek simple things like food, water, and a safe place to stay in order to survive, we pray Oh Lord, let Thy Will be done.

Have an amazing gratitude-filled day!


What Turns You On?

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Image Credit: Lynn Greyling

What turns you on? Now, don’t get freaky with me and think the thing I am referring to is that of a sexual or lustful nature, but to each his own if you do. As I speak with many people who do what they do or believe what they believe, I often wonder what makes them tick, what stimulates them…what turns them on. What motivates you, makes your juices flow and gets you excited?

What turns us on, I believe is the precursor to what we do, how we think and what we become. Our environmental influences can either be the predecessors that entrap us into complacency or encourage us to change for the greater good…exuding our best.

As I ask myself, what really turns me on, to make me become a well-oiled machine and create in me a frequency that will make the world around me better, I have to examine those things or people which influence me and helps me with my decision-making process. Trust me, it is an ongoing, ever-evolving development with many moving parts that switch me from off to on! So tell me, what turns you on?

Grateful for Blessings

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Although we will not forget the horrific September 11, 2001, events that occurred in the U.S., we are taking this moment to pause, meditate and recognize our blessings each day.

You can’t quantify a blessing but you can be grateful as a result of it. -Kym Gordon Moore

Got Writer’s Block? Then Make a Collage

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Image Credit: Kym Gordon Moore

So you love to write huh? Just when you least expect it, suddenly, one day, at one critical OMG moment, you hit a brick wall and lose all sense of something to write about. While many coaches suggest that you make and maintain a portal of subjects to write about, what happens when you glance at that list and find there is nothing that appeals to your writing juices?

Whenever I conduct a workshop or seminar, I present a prop that helps me get a spark of inspiration to write about something when I run into that writing brick wall. A collage can be a multifunctional tool, depending on what you put on it. The picture above shows a collage I created several years ago that I use personally and professionally. The pictures and words are cut out from old discarded magazines and junk mail. There are a few items like stick on’s from the craft store and a piece of denim pocket from an old pair of jeans that I also added to the mix.

So grab some old publications, photos or letters to form words of inspiration. Whatever inspires you or even things that don’t, whether it’s certain foods, drinks, flowers, hairstyles, apparel, vehicles, ceramic ware, restaurants, postcards or pictures of superheroes that you like, glue them onto a piece of cardboard, foam core or poster board and let your writing juices rip! Happy creating and happy writing!

Hope Through Stormy Clouds

Hope, Cloudy Day, Encouragement

I Found Hope

Hope Through Stormy Clouds

The morning is stormy, cloudy and cool
the sky painted with a sadness in gray mist
mammatus clouds hanging across the sky
gloominess, yes that lack of cheerfulness exists
groping my spirit, intrusive and revolting
suddenly a hole pierced through the thick cluster
the sun beaming boldly, warm and luminescent
there I found hope gaping majestically from on high.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved