#PressforProgress on International Women’s Day

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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day during National Women’s History Month. This month we recognize the historical achievements of women pioneers, the movers and shakers who changed the landscape of our culture and continue to change the power of perception and progress globally. In celebration of women, our impact and our accomplishments, I am dedicating my poem, We Are Woman, to every woman making a positive change around the world.

We Are Woman

We have the power to change the world
we are here, we are ready, we are strong
we motivate, unite, elevate and inspire
warriors with a strong will to fight and survive

see us, hear us, acknowledge us, woman

we are guardian angels, nurturers, and providers
we spread our wings and soar, even when we feel weak
with an unrelenting strength to feed and nourish
compassion to serve with love, dignity and humility

respect us, protect us, promote us, woman

we innovate and lead where others dare not go
we are teachers challenging the status quo
we encourage, even when we feel hurt and broken
we are mothers, sisters, maternal gatekeepers of family

we are me, we are woman, we are she

we are woman, touching the pulse of this universe
we are woman, fruit-bearers planting the seeds of plenty
we are woman, tears watering aridity and disenchantment
we are woman, recognize the impact of our global story.

©Kym Gordon Moore

For more information about International Women’s Day and the #PressforProgress movement, visit https://www.internationalwomensday.com.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is recognized and celebrated around the world across developed and developing countries alike. The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911. There are ongoing international efforts in the fight for women’s rights and participation in political, social and economic processes. Victimization has perpetuated an injustice among women that still haunts cultures around the world on various levels and in a range of degrees.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Inspiring Change.” Today there will be celebrations around the world to connect and celebrate the achievement of women. This is an ideal time to recognize and inspire change for women in areas that will be viable assets to our local, national and global communities.

I love this video produced by Google. It’s a snapshot of global diversity for women.

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day From Behind the PenToday we celebrate International Women’s Day. Observed since the early 1900’s, thousands of celebrations ranging from economic, social and political achievements to respect and appreciation for women are held globally to inspire and celebrate women. March 8th commemorates the significant changes and shifts in overall thoughts about women’s equality and freedom. Celebrate a woman today, whether near or far, famous or not famous, whom you admire for their strength, compassion, inspiration, courage, creativity, career or political achievements! A toast to women around the world!

Happy International Women’s Day!