Attorney J.R. Reardon Is Found Not Guilty of a Dishonorable Legal Thriller!

J.R. Reardon is a third generation attorney in the McNaught family. However, as the first female lawyer in the family, she is a true trailblazer! She has been licensed to practice law since December 1996. As the granddaughter of a Massachusetts Federal District Court Judge, daughter of an attorney, former partner of her own law firm and the wife of an Inspector-Attorney of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, J.R. was destined to take her legal creativity to the next level. She eloquently does so with her latest release, “Dishonored.”

Dishonored is a legal thriller, full of suspense and mystery. Federal Court Judge Rebecca Tameron seemed to have it all…a loving family, a prestigious career and the respect of her community – that is, until her world falls apart. Implicated in the disappearance of a Supreme Court Justice, and the shooting of a Federal agent, Tameron scrambles to uncover the truth. The problem is, each investigative avenue she pursues results in more questions, and every investigative avenue leads back to her. How can she clear her name? While exploring the reaches, limits and dangers of our increasingly security-conscious and interconnected world, Dishonored questions the faith we place in both strangers and friends, and reminds us just how perilous our techno-savvy life can be.

In the words of J.R., “When I penned Confidential Communications (published in 2008) and Dishonored (published in 2010) I honestly had no targeted audience in mind. I did, however, try to explain things as though the reader had no legal background. With Dishonored, a part of me wondered, how can Confidential Communications continue if the readers ask for more?  And if they do, what would make it even more exciting?  What could possibly happen to Rebecca that would (if she were a real person) be horrific and catch my readers off-guard? The story came to me out of nowhere. The fun of writing it was that I didn’t know how it would end.  It just ended when it did, and the way it did.”

When conducting research for Dishonored, J.R. contends that attending law school and being an attorney helped with the legal aspects of the book. Other than that, her husband Dave, a former patrol officer who is now an Inspector-Attorney for the United States Postal Inspection Service gave her a lot of input when it came to the law enforcement field. 

Originally from the North Shore in Massachusetts, J.R. attended Suffolk University in Boston and graduated in 1993 Summa Cum Laude with a major in Communications/Pre-Law and minor in Public Policy and Government. In 1996 she received her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. She is currently admitted to practice in the federal and state courts of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  In 2007, she was published in the Suffolk University Law Review (“Selecting Supreme Court Justices: Preserving the Profession, Protecting with Professionalism,” Vol. XL, No. 4). 

Both Dishonored and Confidential Communications are available in e-book, paperback and hardcover versions. Dishonored can be purchased online through many major chains as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as independent bookstores. You can also go into your local bookstore and if it is not in stock, they can order it for you.

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Thank you J.R. for sharing with us the behind the scenes segue to your spine-tingling legal thriller, Dishorored. All the best from From Behind The Pen!