When Nature Calls

Nature, Birds, Singing, Environment

Image Source: Circe Denyer

Whenever I find myself in a state of anxiousness, the first chance I can get to step outside in a plot of nature and absorb myself into its quietude and melodic sounds, that’s when my spirit feels renewed. Step into the sounds of nature, even if only for a few minutes. When nature calls then that is when you start singing too.

On Deaf Row: To Hear or Not to Listen

Listening, Hearing, Ears

Image Credit: Vera Kratochvil

What does it feel like to be deaf in a world of sound? How does someone pretend to listen when they are not hearing at all; when they are talking loud and saying nothing?

Is it selective hearing or simply ignoring words, the pleading for help or cries of spoken truths? Do we jump to premature and unsubstantiated conclusions without taking into consideration the hardcore evidence at hand? Are we truly listening, whether we are able to hear or not?

The expression that “People hear what they want to hear” is one that holds some level of truth, but they¬†also hear what they don’t want to hear, whether they¬†acknowledge¬†and¬†accept it or not. Friends, foes, countrywomen, and countrymen, lend me your ears! Show me your compassion.

It amazes me how much an individual who is hearing impaired can hear and listen better, more intuitively than someone with perfect hearing capability. Do you hear what I am saying?

Divided We Are Weak and Crumble, but United We Are Strong and Stand

Unity, Division, Learning

We are deafened by the unrelenting noise of divisiveness and evil tremors that shake our spiritual core. To speak with the tongue of the learned and to hear with the ear of the learned, we cannot turn away, flee from or rebel against the light of righteousness.

We walk in the fire of our gifts to listen, seek, learn, teach and embrace. If we do not live in a united front, we shall die in a divided pit.

The poetry of togetherness.