Standing on Shakey or Solid Foundations in a Fragmented Crowd

Piotr Siedlecki, Foundation

We have choices, the free-will to do what’s right or wrong, to love or hate, to help or hinder.  When in a crowd of diverse individuals what choices do we make to contribute to the solution instead of being a source of the problem? 

Do you tend to wallow in weakness sinking in the quicksands of shallow thinking? Or, do you stand faithfully with strength as your feet are planted on solid ground in togetherness, with liberty, justice, and hope? Here’s to the fulfillment of life in the essence of humanity and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s commit to doing the right thing, right here and right now.

Crowd Standing, Circe Denyer

My Prayer List is an Intercessory Mantra that is Never Dormant

Circe Denyer, Love, Faith, Peace

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

People everywhere are in some type of pain, going through some type of challenge and don’t see any relief in sight. This sends people into a state of panic, fear, and dread because there seems to be a dead-end ahead with nowhere to turn. When everything seems to be under attack, it’s hard to see any hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

If someone asks you to keep them or their family in your prayers, do you? For well over a decade I’ve kept a prayer list with the names of individuals or groups of people affected by some type of life or death challenging circumstance. Many requests are from people I know personally and then there are others I’ve never met. Sometimes, there is no need for them to ask about praying for them because I already started. I may not know exactly what they may need, but it doesn’t matter and will not hurt for me to intercede in prayer that their needs will be met.

Write, Prayer List

I don’t care what your ethnicity is, what your economic, educational, or political beliefs may be, we are on this planet together and my prayer is for greater love, unity, justice, compassion, and the pursuit of happiness for all of us, although it seems impossible at times. I echo the words John Donne included in his poem: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

Praying, Peter Griffin

Be encouraged, then be an encourager! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers too! 🙂

The Poetry of Walking in Unity

Lee Wag, Poetry

Walk in Unity

Walk in unity oh children of the Light
a house divided will inevitably fall
practice the divine fruits of the Spirit
one faith, one baptism, one Lord for all.

No matter how big and no matter how small
each person possesses a precious gift
an important piece of the universal puzzle
to unify, to uphold and to uplift.

For when we feel weak
it is then we are strong
with faith, hope and trust
we can never, ever go wrong.

We stick to the fight
when we feel the hardest hit
with resiliency and even-temperedness
walk in unity and vow to never quit!

©Wings of the Wind, A Cornucopia of Poetry

Where Do You Find Your Poetry of Love?

Love, Petr Kratochvil, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

It’s amazing how our hearts become gymnasts that do gravity-defying somersaults when we are loved and in love. Even though we put great emphasis on going overboard on Valentine’s Day, what happens to the other 364 days of the year? Do we put love and loving on hold or do we show unscripted random expressions of love, when it is least expected?

I find that thoughtful gestures and simple pleasures of love can be the best treasures that we could ever ask for and hold dear to our hearts. A few years ago, I was challenged to give a quick example of the essence of love through something simple and unpretentious. Thus, I made a small video that showed a sample of special and meaningful gifts from my husband on an ordinary day just because he knew they would put a smile on my face. And guess what? They did.

SweetHot Addiction

His laughter, his love is all so real
not a fantasy or a nighttime dream
he feeds my sweet addictions tenderly
with fresh hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

©Kym Gordon Moore

My poetry of love on this day was found in a box of hot Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, a container of glazed doughnut holes, and a musical gorilla singing one of my and my husband’s favorite songs, “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” sung by one of our favorite old school R&B groups, The Four Tops!

Imagine All the People of the World Living As One

People, Unity

Image: Francisco Farias Jr

As I reflect on the great polarization that has saturated our lives whether economically, culturally, geographically, politically, racially, religiously or educationally, this great divide and bias did not just begin a few years ago, although it seems to have grown exponentially. This has been going on for centuries now. We’re just more acutely aware of its impact because the coverage of such polarization is witnessed on broader channels of influence globally.

I believe there are more of us calling for peace, harmony, and love around the world, in spite of the loud clatter of division we hear coming from divisive and systemic poisonous tongues. I recall the song “Imagine” written by the late John Lennon, was the antithesis of a call to arms that we hear echo by every generation. We may be dreamers, but we are not the only ones. I do hope someday we will live as one. Listen…