A Cornucopia of Gratitude

Cornucopia, Food, Thanksgiving, Gratitude

George Grimm Howell

To what extent does your gratitude meter reach? It seems we only think about being thankful when it is convenient and when things are going smoothly. Yet, in times of turmoil and the unexpected “whoops” in life, we don’t feel that high level of gratitude when this is the time we should.

The hiccups in life all too often send us to a place of dismay, discouragement, and dissension, instead of hope, encouragement, peace, and harmony. When we take a daily dose of gratitude, we will find that the benefits are great. We experience better health, more peace, a greater appreciation for the common good, we are more kind, we give more, we are happier, but more importantly, we grow in greater awareness of daily thanksgiving.



How Do You Mend a Heart of Stone?

Rocky Heart, Heart of Stone

Vera Kratochvil

From a writer’s desk, somewhere out there…

She sits in her attic that has been converted into her She-Cave. Here, she becomes one with her keyboard and connects with the tranquil view she overlooks from her Palladian window.

“Does this really exist? How can one have a heart of stone?” she asked quietly to herself. She read the headlines about brutal stories of intolerable, yet tolerated abuses, and wondered how people could be so cold, cruel and callous at the expense of others. She listened to the very words people spoke with religious and spiritual conviction, their conviction to their religion and then wondered how their character and conversation did not mirror such Godly conviction and obedience.

She thought if her parents were alive today, they would be confused about what decade they were in as they observed the blatant divisiveness, hatred, and polarization that were actually killing families, communities, and countries. What type of script are we writing for the future of our generations to come?

So she typed, although scrutinized for calling out systems and individuals strategically working to oppress those who are misinformed, misled, and misrepresented. How can a heart of stone be healed when it is cold-blooded? Only the chisel of love can be hammered into the hardcore surface of such repulsion allowing it to be shattered into smithereens forever.

Hammer and Chisel


Once Again We Mourn With Heavy Hearts

Mourning, Sadness, Black Heart

Piotr Siedlecki

Evil looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Hatred looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Injustice looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Greed looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Stupidity looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Deception looks like it’s winning…but it’s not.

Every act has its consequences! You can’t run away from it! 

Once again we find our news feed plastered with yet another day of horrors coming on the heels of what turned out to be a crazy week of senselessness. You know, growing up, the church was a sacred place where you couldn’t even say a cuss word or smoke a cigarette on the church grounds. That was considered sacrilegious. Nowadays, sacredness isn’t respected as it once was, whether you are a member of that house of worship or not.

The attacks on places of worship are simply incomprehensible to me. When my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina experienced the mass shooting at Mother Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17, 2015, so many compassionate people were supportive of our community and city. Yes, this was personal.

To think that hatred is behind yet another attack is shocking, sad and truly unthinkable. My sadness cannot be expressed enough for the 11 congregants who were brutally murdered during the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. I will not go into a long commentary about this senselessness because no amount of words could express the hurt, grief, anger, and pain that is meandering throughout broken hearts in this country and around the world.

In solidarity, let us take a few moments right now, even if you have done so already, to pray for the families of every victim, their friends, neighbors and global community affected by this heinous crime.

Hatred and intolerance may speak loud, but LOVE, HOPE, and UNITY speak much LOUDER!

Love, Hope, Unity

kai Stachowiak


What If Wednesday: To Love Each Day

Love, Valentines Day

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but do we only turn up the volume of our love meter on this day? Can you imagine how much more tranquil and united we would be if we gave the gift of love each day as passionately as we do on this 14th day of February? Imagine that?

Happy Valentine’s Day on #WhatIfWednesday

Dusting Off Thanksgiving, Peace, Love and Joy

Thanksgiving, Joy, Peace, Love

This time each year, when I read greeting cards or listen to people’s perspective of why we celebrate the Fall/Winter holidays as we do, the same thing is repeated year, after year, after year…like a memorized speech.

Are the spiritual virtues of Thanksgiving, peace, love, and joy only unwrapped and dusted off for perhaps a couple of weeks…maybe…and then back in the box they go? Do we only express our love and affection on Valentine’s Day? Do we only recognize giving thanks and giving back on Thanksgiving Day? Do we only recognize and embrace joy and peace on Christmas Day?

Instead of showcasing these important characteristics primarily during the holidays, why not put these spiritual elements into play every day? Can you imagine how much better humanity would be?

Love is Unconditional and Reaches Beyond Valentine’s Day

Love, Unity, Harmony, Love Is, Poetry by Kym Gordon Moore

Although yesterday was Valentine’s Day, love goes well beyond a holiday, special occasion or condition. Love spiritually embodies your heart and soul. Perhaps, just perhaps, if more people were to put a little love in their hearts, that love could multiply with compassion, healing, and understanding.

Unconditional love will make this world a better place for everyone. Pass it on!

Happy After-Valentine’s Day!!!