Hot Reading Fun in the Summertime

Summer reading, books

There are still a couple of hardcopy magazines that I subscribe to and O The Oprah Magazine is one of them. While the digital versions are good, I have to admit at times I am still old school and love the idea and feel of flipping through a hard copy magazine or a good book. Each month O The Oprah Magazine features a section dedicated to recommended good reads and new releases. I love combing through those lists to see what books may pique my interest. This month there is a great section dedicated to What A Book Can Do that offers some excellent suggested reads.

Summer reading is an adventurous and educational leisure pursuit. During these scorching hot summer months, it’s time to grab some of your favorite books, retreat to your favorite nesting spot and read to your heart’s content. A book can transport you to a different world and transform the way you absorb, and explore the world of words.

So, what are you reading this summer?


Celebrating American Magazine Month

American Magazine Month on From Behind the Pen

Where would we be without the introduction of magazines?

This month is dubbed American Magazine Month. If you are considered a Generation X-er or Millennial member, more than likely hard copy newspapers or magazines are not your primary source of news, fashion, the latest current events or entertainment. The Baby Boom Generation appears to be the last generation to embrace the look, contents and feel of a daily newspaper, magazine or other periodical.

With the introduction of e-readers, magazines, books, newspapers and other journals are available online and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days where people wait and have to depend on the results of a major story breaking in the headlines of the daily newspaper.

There are many who advocate eradicating printed magazines, newspapers, books, etc., because of the convenience of the digital era providing practically anything on any subject, without you having to leave the comfort of your home. They feel these printed mediums are dinosaurs and obsolete. However, wait a minute…put on the brakes before throwing the baby out with the bath water. I am still an advocate for hard copy magazines, newspapers, books and other periodicals. They are the pioneers of the art of journalism and how we were introduced to a world of news and entertainment.

Yet, to appease both sides of the reading fence, most newspapers and magazines also have online versions of their publications, along with hard copies. While I truly do not see the traditional magazines, newspapers and books becoming extinct any time soon, it is pretty obvious that these periodicals have taken a big hit since the advent of the accessibility of online resources. When you visit a doctor’s office or sit in a waiting area, if there are magazines lying on a nearby table, you most likely will grab one and start to thumb through it.

This is American Magazine Month. Why not show some love to those publishing houses that changed the fabric of reporting events that affected our lives in one way or another. Besides, there is an artistic beauty in the production of magazines, with certain stories and issues, that can serve as an archive and memento for those historical moments that is etched in our minds.

Happy American Magazine Month!

All You Can Read!


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