Sometimes You Gotta Mock Time

Image Credit: Pixabay

“Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

Do you ever pause to mock time? Well, it’s ok to mock time. Now, you’ve seen this procedure occur with marching bands performing in a parade or during military drills. You march in place but you don’t stop stepping in place unless the leader signals you to halt.

I was recently reminded of one of our pastor’s sermons I heard growing up, about mocking time. He touched on something way back then that made me remember him saying, “Sometimes we get to a crossroads where we just don’t know which way we should go. During such times, we have to stand where we are and mock time and then ask God which way we must go and trust his answer before we proceed.” Of course, our pastor didn’t hesitate to demonstrate his point as he stepped from behind his pulpit, taking regimented steps for optic’s sake. I wanted to rise from the pew and mock time too. 😜

Sometimes we can work ourselves up into a tizzy, finding that we are swirling out of control and can’t regain our composure. We can get so wired up and out of sorts that we lose our focus and momentum. Then, we become confused until we forget where we are or what we’re doing.

As we plan our goals accordingly and begin pumping high-octane energy into these projects, we find that sometimes these plans go smoothly, and sometimes they can be an overwhelming challenge because we have hit a really hard speed bump. Slow down before moving too fast. We must regroup before we can move on. Hence, mocking time (simply taking a much-needed pause) can be the respite we must take before moving forward and making an unwise decision. Just remember, it’s okay.

Image Credit: eyeImage