Look to the Sky


When I find myself feeling down and in despair, I either step outside or look out of my window, then allow my eyes to pan upward and breathe. There is something mysteriously wonderful, resonant and placid about looking up towards the sky and realizing that even if everything around me is in disarray, for this moment, I am okay.

I opened the blinds to my bay-window a couple of days ago and from each angle of the window, the sky looked different. The right end window showed nothing but stormy dark gray clouds. As I walked to the center window I saw gray clouds mixed with white clouds against a Carolina blue sky. My curiosity led me to walk over to the last window and there was a wisp of gray clouds floating among fluffy white clouds, against a beautiful blue backdrop.

Sky, Meditation

As I steady my gaze and think about it, I ask if the sky truly changes or is it a resolute universal canvas? I wonder if the lens of our perspective is zeroing in on transitions like the earth’s rotation, seasonal changes, the sun and moon’s movement, and the clouds drifting between the sky and us, atmospherically teaching us new lessons? The variations of clouds I saw from my window were circumstances, remnants moving away as a rainstorm just past through. Behold, the sun began peaking through in all of its brilliance.

Sky, Universe

All I know is the sky is a portrait that is ever-evolving within my emotionally charged spirit. No special effects needed. That is the type of peace that surpasses my understanding. Some things are seen and felt, and cannot offer an explanation. Sometimes the feeling becomes the explanation.

Sky, Nature

Nature, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Sky, Universe

Sky, Nature, Tranquility

Sky, Universe, Moon

Sky, Rainbow

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Praying, Meditation, Peace, Redemption, Repentance, God

I had another blog post originally scheduled for today, but due to the tragic events that occurred in our country and around the world just this past month alone, I ask that you stand in solidarity with me for a moment of silence, to pray for the victims and their families. When I thought about writing a post reflecting one major occurrence, something else quickly popped up. Sometimes I simply can’t wrap my mind around or process many of the tragic events that occur, let alone keep up with them.

From the hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks in England, homicides, suicides, church shootings and most recently the mass shooting that occurred at a concert over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can easily feel dismayed, overwhelmed and depressed.

But for this moment, regardless of your denomination, race, gender, economic status, nationality or political affiliation let us unite as a people and pause to pray. Don’t resort to praying only when something drastic happens, but meditate daily. We must be the intercessors because our world is in a crisis and is certainly quite different from what we used to call normal.

Where am I?

Lost, Where Am I, Reflections, Meditation, Encouragement

Do you have those fabulous days when you feel on top of the world and everything is going your way? Then do you frown on other days when it feels like the world pushed you off the planet, leaving you bewildered, weak, abandoned, lost and defeated? At some point in everyone’s life, we may try our very best to do the right thing, but sometimes it feels like things just aren’t jelling as you planned or would like for them to. The thing to avoid is giving up, even when you may feel like you don’t have the strength or one ounce of fight left inside to do anything worthwhile.

Keeping the faith and hope is hard, but it is very possible, especially in the midst of some ferocious storms (and I don’t mean weather related either). In such moments, I have to pause, and just be still, to meditate and reflect. I know I need to make certain decisions, but if I try to be the “Fixer” when I am stepping out of order, and not listening to Divine guidance, then I could be headed over a cliff with failed brakes and no parachute.

Where am I? Sometimes I know, and at other times it seems like a great big blur. We have every right to have those downer days, when we feel off balance and can’t seem to get a grip on things. We can go there, but we can’t stay there, or it is quite possible we will never survive.

As we look out into the dense fog that mars clarity of vision and awareness, then we should close our eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, deliberately and peacefully. It is then that we can possibly lower the temperature on our internal pressure cooker and some things just may eventually straighten themselves out.

Staying Healthy: Mind, Body and Spirit

meditation, national staying healthy month, mind, body, spirit

Can you believe we are three-quarters of the way through January? While so many people made New Year’s resolutions that have probably become extinct at this point, if their direction towards their goals were strategic focusing on personal, divine development, then those resolutions can be a done deal before it is done.

Since this is National Staying Healthy Month, we tend to focus on increasing fitness, eating better and losing weight. Yet, if our mind isn’t trained on these things, then we certainly can’t expect the body to follow suit. So before we say goodbye to the first month of a brand new year, let’s stop, reflect and meditate on whether or not our goals align with our mind, body, and spirit!

Have an AWE-INSPIRING day! Happy #NationalStayingHealthyMonth!

Do Not Ignore the Present Moment

As the weekend approached and forecasts from local meteorologists claimed that a severe winter storm was imminent for our neck of the woods, everyone scattered to their nearby grocery store to stock up on bread, milk and whatever essentials they deemed necessary. I always find it comical when I watch reports on the news where people quickly clean the shelves of their local markets and their shopping carts look like they are anticipating the zombie apocalypse.

Now, mind you I am no way suggesting that we do not prepare for severe weather accordingly. But, in all of their furor and sheer panic to rush to the grocery and hardware stores, I wonder if these anxiety-stricken people took a moment to reflect on the quiet before the storm. Chances are, they didn’t.

Can you imagine the amount of peace our spirits would have if we simply paused for a moment each day to express our sincere gratitude for the gifts we’ve been blessed with? The best time to do this is in the tranquil presence of the morning and not after a storm strikes. A personal storm can appear throughout the course of the day, but you will be able to remember and reflect on that inner peace, which surpasses all understanding and gives you comfort!