Scratch My Head

Question, Mobile Phones, Voice Mail

OK, I know that I can be a little slow sometimes trying to understand how people communicate these days, but there is a gnawing question that I really need someone to explain to me.

What is so lame about calling someone and leaving a message on their voicemail should you want them to call you back? I ask this question because I came across a comment one day on Facebook where someone posted how stupid it is to leave a message on a voicemail. They commented that no one in their right mind leaves a voice message anymore. They went on to say that a person should automatically know that if someone calls you and you see their phone number show up as a missed call, then that means they want you to call them back!

What the what? So, exactly what is the voice messaging system for if you don’t want to leave a message for the person you are calling, so the recipient can call you back? When I phoned a couple of people in my family whose number showed up as a missed call, but they didn’t leave a message, I thought something had happened. They proceeded to tell me that they accidentally called my number and didn’t want anything.

Typically, proper phone etiquette warrants an individual to cordially leave a message if you want someone to return your call or if there is something you need to inform them of. Somehow, I guess I missed the new phone etiquette rules and need someone to please help me with this ‘Scratch My Head‘ dilemma. Seriously, this is something I honestly cannot wrap any form of logic around.