Changing Gears

Changing Gears, Life Lessons, Manual Transmission, Automatic Driving, Gear Shift

What type of vehicle do you drive manual or automatic? While automatic is easier to navigate, manual drive vehicles require the alertness and mechanics of your body and cognitive skill sets.

Changing gears means to quickly or abruptly change what one is doing or discussing. In life, we all too often have to change gears because life is unpredictable which makes our decision-making process even more unpredictable.

When I was in high school I drove a school bus. Oh, the power of driving a 5-speed vehicle. During those days, we drove responsibly so student drivers were not an uncommon thing. I saved up my money from driving the school bus and working part-time after school, to purchase my very first car. Believe it or not, it was a 3-speed 1973 school bus gold, Ford Mustang fastback, that Lord knows I wished I had today.

For those of you who know how to drive manual drives, driving a stick shift or as some would say a gearshift, you understand the importance and dynamics of which gear you’re supposed to shift to, depending on your speed and where you are while driving.

Changing gears can force us to get out of our comfort zone by shifting our focus to engage in new and empowering experiences, thought processes, opportunities, life lessons and strategies. If you find yourself stuck in neutral, don’t stay there. Try to shift your gears to first and then gradually pick up the pace to gain more speed towards positive change, greater awareness, and insight.

Poetry for the Day: Time is Running Out

From Behind the Pen, The Clock is Ticking, Poetry

Time waits for no one regardless of how much we race against the clock or avoid using our time wisely. Is your time well spent?

Time is Running Out

We race against the clock, but time we cannot catch
for the seconds that turn into a minute
for the minutes that turn into an hour
for the hours that turn into a day
for the days that turn into a week
for the weeks that turn into a year
for the years that turn into a decade
for the decades that turn into a century
whether or not it is clear to us
time continues to move even when we don’t
time does not stand still even when we do
no matter how hurried or harrowing we are
the infinity of time is not measured by our control
it does not return to us but continues to run onward.

©Kym Gordon Moore

Cast Your Net

Harvest, Motivation, Fishing, Dedication, Poetry

Have you ever pushed yourself beyond limits and when you do not reach your goals when you want to, all too often you may become discouraged, frustrated and give up? I think for the most part we all deal with the same case scenario from time to time.

Take a break and try again. Sometimes all it takes is trying a task or process a little differently to get you to where you want to be, albeit your timetable may be different than you planned.

What Turns You On?

Motivation, Light Switch, Inspiration

Image Credit: Lynn Greyling

What turns you on? Now, don’t get freaky with me and think the thing I am referring to is that of a sexual or lustful nature, but to each his own if you do. As I speak with many people who do what they do or believe what they believe, I often wonder what makes them tick, what stimulates them…what turns them on. What motivates you, makes your juices flow and gets you excited?

What turns us on, I believe is the precursor to what we do, how we think and what we become. Our environmental influences can either be the predecessors that entrap us into complacency or encourage us to change for the greater good…exuding our best.

As I ask myself, what really turns me on, to make me become a well-oiled machine and create in me a frequency that will make the world around me better, I have to examine those things or people which influence me and helps me with my decision-making process. Trust me, it is an ongoing, ever-evolving development with many moving parts that switch me from off to on! So tell me, what turns you on?

Attitude Climate Change

Rainy Day, Poetry, Attitude, Weather

How do you embrace those days when inclement weather overshadows the good? Do you allow it to weigh you down, put you in a bad mood, or do you find a way to make the best of an inconvenient situation? Weather happens. Life happens. We can’t control either, no matter how much we try. But when the unexpected happens, and it will, your outlook can make a big difference on your mental health and physical wellness. 

Attitude Climate Change

Oh the rippling tide as morning unfolds
a storm or a dark cloud should never make you frown
the day is new, alive and ever evolving
a torrential downpour or Monday should never get you down

such boldness of a rainbow needs the sunshine and the rain
forming a perfect arch of brilliant Pantone hues
despite fragmented emotions and hearts of despair
one can change their climate by simply changing their attitudes.