How Does Your Garden Grow?

National Garden Month, Planting, Gardens

Ah, the poetry of gardens! Whether you have a flower garden, water garden, herb garden or vegetable garden, around the world people are connecting with nature by planting, landscaping and creating indoor, outdoor and container gardens. Take a field trip to your local nursery or garden shop for plants and flowers that will work well in your neck of the woods. As we celebrate National Garden Month, take a stroll through our garden shots for a bit of inspiration for your garden, and for creating some great poetry!

Garden, National Garden Month, Nature

Gardens, National Garden Month

Container Garden, National Garden Month

Garden, National Garden Month

Nature, Water Garden

National Garden Month, Gardens, Nature

Happy #NationalGardenMonth

Botanical Gardens, National Garden Month


How can National Garden Month Inspire Poetry?

National Gardening Month, Gardening, Japanese GardenPoets and writers seek inspiration in every nook and cranny, from the most obvious to the most inconspicuous. Now that Spring has officially sprung, people are getting their gardening swagger on. The cornucopia of flora and fauna found in gardens everywhere, whether occupying acres of land or in container niches on a patio, gardens have not only been breathtaking but have stirred up our internal creative juices.

Since we are celebrating National Poetry Month in April, why not add more pizzazz to our poetry writing as we celebrate National Garden Month? Celebrated annually in April, National Garden Month is for enjoying and taking pride in looking, touching and smelling the beautiful plants that you grow and love. If you never grew a garden of any type before, why not test the waters and plant a few flower bulbs in flower pots and go from there. Get some books or go on a field trip to your local nursery or garden center and ask the experts about plants, trees or vegetables indigenous to your area and get started. You can journal your planting progress and turn it into a poem or some other form of writing that would appeal to those who share your interests.

Be sure to add accessory elements, like garden sculptures or a fountain that will make your garden tell a story. The garden’s the limit, so grow some poetry and celebrate nature at its best! Happy National Poetry Month and National Garden Month!