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Musical Waters

Water, Poetry, Dancing Waters, National Poetry Month

Musical Waters
(excerpt from the poem “Musical Waters” in the book Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry, 2013)

where the wind’s velocity determines whether the water sings falsetto,
soprano, alto, tenor or base
an aquatic musical composition
bursting with a poetic rhapsody
never the same sheet of music
as the smooth breeze
caresses the water like a tinkling chime
envisioning a ballerina performing her pirouette à la seconde


the sun sparkling on the water
like a spotlight hitting a sequined dress on the dance floor
the essence of a vision fair
where water is kissed with a seductive touch
dancing with the swirling cool air.

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

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Fright Night

Poetry, Dreams, Running, From Behind the Pen

Fright Night

I tossed and turned all night

panic-stricken dreams

drenched in night sweats

I’m running, from who or what

I don’t know, I’m just running

trying to dodge the chase

from an unknown entity

I know not what it is


I haven’t done anything wrong, or have I?

I try screaming, but I am mute

I look around for help but there is none

so I run

dashing across a street

not paying attention to oncoming traffic

for there is none and so I run

anxiousness overwhelms me as I leap

into a cemetery where the ground is barren

the graves all edged in river rock lay

I see the back of a women’s head

she sits by a headstone, but whose I don’t know

I’m afraid

if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be running


I am still being chased

yet determined to escape,

if I am caught then what?

I don’t know. I fight?

There are others standing around,

they aren’t running, they just stand

but why, I haven’t the time to wonder

still I run, for my life depends on it

I won’t be caught

I can’t be taken, the chaser gaining on me


when suddenly I am whisked to reality

I open my eyes lying on my back

the room is dark

but I know my way around

I make a mad dash to the bathroom

so that’s why I had to run?

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

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Fore Play

Golf, Sports, Golf Swing, Golf Clubs, Tee

Today is Golfer’s Day. We celebrate by playing the game, recognizing those who play it professionally and leisurely, and many who may not play, but hold the beauty of the game in high regard. It is believed that the game of golf actually originated in Scotland although the true origin of the word is unknown. We salute all of the great Masters Champions of the past, present, and future.

Congratulations are in order to Sergio Garcia who scored big in The 2017 81st Masters Tournament this weekend. This is his first win at The Masters and his first major championship after 19 years on the PGA tour. He walked away with a $1,980,000 prize purse, the famous Green Jacket, his name engraved on the permanent Masters’ trophy which remains at the Club, a Sterling replica of the Masters Trophy and a gold medal. Sweet! The 2017 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship kicks off June 27-July 2, 2017 at the Olympia Fields Country Club in Illinois.

Since I am not a bonafide golfer, although I have all of the equipment to look the part, I decided to share this lighthearted poem, “Fore Play” to commemorate Golfer’s Day and National Poetry Month.

Fore Play

My Titleist was on the tee
Big Bertha in my hand
as he told me to bend my knees
part my legs ever so slightly
keep your eye on the ball he said
then swing your arms, hips, and follow-through
now with a strong voice yell “Fore!”
Huh? What did this have to do with swinging?

Fore what? is the question I had to ask?
What kind of foreplay is this?
To fore-warn others of a wayward shot
no one wants to get hit by a stray ball you know?
Fore crying out loud, why not just yell “Move!”
How about “Watch Out” or “Take cover?”

Fore some crazy twisted reason
I wondered if he was really fore real
when he asked fore what purpose was I here
I looked down at the golf ball
looked out over the green
took a swing as Bertha slapped that ball
the Titleist was airborne and I yelled “Fore”
he asked why I was yelling so loud
I said, “Fore Pete’s sake, you told me to. Pete.”

-Kym Gordon Moore


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It’s National Be Kind to Spiders Week? Really?

Arachnid, National Be Kind To Spiders Week, Spiders

Who knew that from April 1 to April 7, we celebrate National Be Kind to Spiders Week? Spiders? Really?

Obviously, I am not a fan of this arachnid, but watching them dutifully spin their webs with their spider silk extruded from spinnerets is a pretty fascinating sight to behold. They are like weavers creating an amazing piece of tapestry. I am in awe of how patient and persistent these creepy crawlers are.

Interestingly, it seems when one of their creations is damaged somehow, they move to another nearby location and start the process all over again. At least that’s what I observed about the spiders hanging out in my backyard.

Well, since we’re celebrating National Poetry Month and also celebrating National Be Kind to Spiders Week, here is a poem Keeper of the Web that was published in my book, Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry.

Keeper of the Web

Spinning translucent threads of silk
making cocoons for their nests
a trap to catch their prey
a haven to take their rest.

At the center of a tangled weave
the keeper of the web quietly sits
calculating, cunning and a smooth operator
patiently waiting with a catcher’s mitt.

Presenting itself as harmless
disguising its ferocious bite
luring you in while piquing your curiosity
then paralyzing your will to fight.

Stay away from its grasp
you’ll be enticed by its deadly bait
once you’re drawn in, the table is set
an attraction you may never be able to escape.

(Published in Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry, by Kym Gordon Moore 2013)

Happy #NationalBeKindToSpiders Week!

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth


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Ready to Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day?

From Behind the Pen, Poetry, Poem in Your Pocket DayApril 21, 2016 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Handing out free poetry to random people in malls, coffee shops, tea houses, in hospitals, business parks, schools, worship institutions and on the streets is one surefire way to brighten someone’s day. As we celebrate our generosity in handing out poems and encouraging recipients to share their poem with someone else, we will help to spread poetry awareness in our respective areas.

Just because we have a few more days left in National Poetry Month, let’s not stop celebrating poetry. Continue sharing your love of this genre with poetry enthusiasts and those who may not otherwise be introduced to poetry. Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

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Academy of American Poets Recommended Reads for NPM

Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month, Poetry Books

Image Credit: Academy of American Poets

As we continue to celebrate National Poetry Month (NPM), the sponsors and partners for the Academy of American Poets 2016 National Poetry Month campaign released their poetry titles of collections to add to your reading list for the month. Click here or on the image above to see more recommended reads.

Among these books are Eating Moors and Christians by Sandra M. Castillo; One Blackbird at a Time by Wendy Barker; Every Thing On It by Shel Silverstein; The Woman in this Poem by Georgia Heard; Crowded By Beauty by David Schneider and Blood Memory by Colleen J. McElroy. What’s on your poetry reading list? Enjoy the rest of National Poetry Month!

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The Star Power of Poetry

National Poetry Month, Celebs Who Love Poetry, Poetry

In this month’s issue of O Magazine, there is an article Poetry in Its Prime that celebrates National Poetry Month. There was a spotlight on actor Bill Murray talking about poetry, how he reflects on it and mentions his over 20 years of support for the New York City’s Poets House. Who would have thought this funny man had such a soft spot for poetry?

Among other celebs who also enjoy and celebrate the art form of poetry are Diane Sawyer, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Mike Tyson, General David H. Petraeus, Kate Capshaw, Wynton Marsalis, Demi Moore, Liz Smith, Sting, Jessye Norman, Dan Rather, Matt Dillon, Ashton Kutcher, Terrell Owens and James Franco.

Poetry has inspired and has been a great influence on artists, musicians, singers, doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, teachers, clergy, culinary pros, vintners, athletes, writers, politicians, military personnel, civil servants, scientists, architects and of course celebrities. Who is your favorite poet? What are your reflections on poetry? What collection of poetry have you read lately? Has poetry inspired you to write your own poems or propelled your imagination to venture into creating something else? Indeed, poetry has star power, no matter what size your star is!

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