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I love sunrises and sunsets. I love star gazing and watching the brightness of a full moon pierce a midnight sky and humbly say “Wow!

On Saturday, April 22, which ironically was the celebration of Earth Day, I began opening up the blinds to the windows facing East. I looked up and saw the last phase of the moon still visible, yet so close to the direction of where the sun was beginning to rise. Huh?

I have never seen the moon this close to the trajectory of where the rising sun was going to travel in the morning sky, so I took a few snapshots, although the presence of the moon was beginning to fade in the background. I have no scientific explanation of this celestial placement, although I know the sun and the moon are nowhere near each other. As I quickly took to pen and paper, I had to stop. It was as if a force made me halt when I walked outside.

I breathed in the sights, smells, sounds, flavors and textures of this new day. In my silence I heard many types of birds singing their little hearts out, the splash of ducks playing in the water behind our house, geese squawking as they flew overhead, strands of newly woven webs glistened in the morning light, new buds on my rosebush were readying themselves to burst open at any moment now, a new leaf began to emerge, stretching upward on one of my banana trees and the nonchalant curiosity of squirrels doing what they typically do was happening in my backyard. I saw circles rippling through the water where fish were wading below its surface.

For a moment, I briefly thought about what I was going to do today on Earth Day, and quickly realized that I was already doing what the flora and fauna, the birds, insects and other critters did every day. Creation doesn’t need a special day to celebrate what it is, in all of its beauty. For this I am glad. For this, I say “Wow!”

The one thing that does pain me is our blatant human disregard for the very thing we are the caretakers for, and that is for all of Creation. We are to protect her, because she will flourish and provide for us accordingly. So often I wonder, when weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, assault weapons and terroristic bombs) are deployed, has it not occurred to everyone involved that there is a ripple effect that reverberates from the point of contact, no matter how far away it may be? Its demolition scope of travel through the air and within the earth absorb the shock, and can spread throughout the earth like a wildfire.

What are we doing to the world? What have we done? These simple thoughts come to me from simply looking up this morning and witnessing the final phase of the moon so close to the full effects of the rising sun. For this late breaking moment, there is nothing else to say, except “Wow!

Celebrating the Earth

Earth Day, Environment, Nature, From Behind the Pen

Image source: Divine Organics

Our world is full of life, but it is in trouble due to the destruction we are largely creating. Do you believe climate change is real? I certainly do, simply from witnessing opposing seasons interlocking at some point with each other and on the other side of the world, glaciers are melting in temperatures way below zero.

Earth Day is on April 22 and is the world’s largest environmental movement. Since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, more than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, with a focus on education, public policy, and consumer campaigns.

This year’s campaign is “Environmental & Climate Literacy.” Learn more about how you can get involved and take action to eliminate pollution, planting trees and tending gardens, curbing greenhouse emissions or to help power the movement. Visit the Earth Day Network.

Poetry for the Day: Spring Song by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Spring Song, Spring, Paul Laurence Dunbar, PoetryIt’s official! Spring is here! Yay! To celebrate its arrival, we are featuring this beautiful poem, “Spring Song” by American poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar.

Spring Song
By Paul Laurence Dunbar

A blue-bell springs upon the ledge,
A lark sits singing in the hedge;
Sweet perfumes scent the balmy air,
And life is brimming everywhere.
What lark and breeze and bluebird sing,
Is Spring, Spring, Spring!

No more the air is sharp and cold;
The planter wends across the wold,
And, glad, beneath the shining sky
We wander forth, my love and I.
And ever in our hearts doth ring
This song of Spring, Spring!

For life is life and love is love,
‘Twixt maid and man or dove and dove.
Life may be short, life may be long,
But love will come, and to its song
Shall this refrain for ever cling
Of Spring, Spring, Spring!

Poetry for the Day: Lunar Sensation

Moon, Lunar, PoetryOk, so I have this personal obsession with the moon. Perhaps it’s because my zodiac sign is Cancer aka Moon Child. In spite of the frigid cold temperatures that swept across the country this week, there was one sight that I welcomed with open arms. There’s no doubt that this sight, the full moon, brings me great warmth and joy each month, which makes me feel like a kid. Every time the full moon rises in all of its brilliance, I have to stop and soak in the essence of its heavenly presence.

So, I pause today to share my poem, Lunar Sensation which takes my mind off of the freezing temperatures hovering at the helm of our daily meteorological reports and see the beauty peering through this wintry weather.

Lunar Sensation

Peeking through the leafless branches
on a cold winter’s morn
remnants of a winter white moon
fade into the heavens
in all of its fullness and perfection
a heavenly body, mysterious and complete.

Such a wondrous disappearing act
as the sun makes its presence known
amid the celestial community
of God’s untouchable collection.

In awe, splendor, adoration
revelations in geometric dimensions of new
half, three-quarters and full
this rotational cycle
performing while suspended in the heavens
reflects a night light

surrounded by the twinkling stars
beyond one’s imagination
illuminating infinity
a spectacular and non-duplicable creation of God.

(from the book “Wings of the Wind: A Cornucpia of Poetry,” 2013)

Poetry for the Day: Life in the Leafless

Trees, Trees Without Leaves, Leaves, Autum, Spring

Life in the Leafless

On the ides of November
I watched as the last leaf fell
from the oak tree sitting atop the hill

skeletal branches, no motion detected
where the view once obstructed
by fluffs of foliage that blossomed

ice laced the hub of limbs
during a snowstorm in December
yet it remains standing strong and stoic

as March winds blew and Spring arrived
the gentle giant emitted a warm glow
hosting fresh buds as acorns sprout.

– Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

Happiness Is Like A Butterfly

This actually happened to me. One Sunday morning years ago, I was on my way to church and as I was getting in my vehicle parked in my driveway two butterflies were flying around me. One flew and sat on the hood of my SUV and the other landed on my left shoulder as I sat behind the steering wheel. Could it be that I was wearing an emerald green suit that day? Hmmm…

Personally, I think it was an awe-inspiring, divine encounter! May your butterfly encounters be just as magically divine!

In the Key of Autumn

Fall, Autumn, Changing Leaves, Season

In the Key of Autumn

Like a feather softly kissing the air
on drifts of a cool breeze so gentle
dancing carelessly on wings of the wind
can you see the forest through the fallen leaves?

The taste of bold splashes against an ocean blue sky
ruby red, chartreuse green and mustard gold
whispering melodies in the key of Autumn’s delight
the sundry applause of a celebration unfolds.

-Kym Gordon Moore