Hot Reading Fun in the Summertime

Summer reading, books

There are still a couple of hardcopy magazines that I subscribe to and O The Oprah Magazine is one of them. While the digital versions are good, I have to admit at times I am still old school and love the idea and feel of flipping through a hard copy magazine or a good book. Each month O The Oprah Magazine features a section dedicated to recommended good reads and new releases. I love combing through those lists to see what books may pique my interest. This month there is a great section dedicated to What A Book Can Do that offers some excellent suggested reads.

Summer reading is an adventurous and educational leisure pursuit. During these scorching hot summer months, it’s time to grab some of your favorite books, retreat to your favorite nesting spot and read to your heart’s content. A book can transport you to a different world and transform the way you absorb, and explore the world of words.

So, what are you reading this summer?


Let the Summer Explosion of Poetry Begin!

From Behind the Pen, Poetry, Reading, BooksThe summer is known for relaxing, doing fun things, exploring some sweet vacation spots and catching up on some really good reads. I wanted to spotlight any poet interested in having one of their books of poetry featured on this forum to submit their interest for consideration to be included during the upcoming week.

My reason for reaching out to my fellow poets was due to the fact that among the many lists of recommended reads for the summer, I was unable to find one complete list that included a volume of poetry. I must say however, that I am delighted to know that Oprah Winfrey, a voracious reader, notes in her July edition of O Magazine (yep, I still subscribe to hard copy magazines) that among her private library of favorite good reads, she mentions her complete collection of Langston Hughes’s poetry and prose. You go Oprah!

There is still hope for our poetry network! Yay! With that said, although I sadly only received a handful of submissions by the posted deadline, I will remain on course to feature these die-hard poets as planned. It is my sincere hope that these spotlights will reintroduce my audience and yours to some poetry books that you can add to your personal library or give as a gift. Instead of starting on Sunday, I will begin posting the featured authors and their books on Monday, June 27, 2016. Poets will be notified when their spotlight will be published. We appreciate and thank everyone for their support.

Here’s to a Summer Explosion of Poetry! Cheers!