Stop and Smell the Orchids

Orchids, diversity, Flowers

I love orchids, but I have not been able to successfully grow them like I can with other plants and flowers. I came across this montage of beautiful orchids and the name of the image was “Orchid Diversity.” I noticed some exquisite characteristics in each of the photographed flowers and thought, “God, your creation is so breathtaking on so many different levels.” 

This is an artist’s canvas. Even with the most subtle looking orchid, like the one pictured in the center, it still possesses accents that give it a unique, distinguished look. If we would stop and look at each other, subtracting our political, religious, gender, and socioeconomic differences and affiliations, we will note that we share an amazing multicultural bond in the human race, like these orchids share a fragrant and colorful bond in the flower species. 

After watching the unfortunate and turbulent events unfold in the news over the past 11 days, I needed to take a sanity break from the insanity. When I came across this picture, for the moment, it did the trick. In their quiet and stately gaze, these orchids allowed their beauty and brilliance to shine in a rainbow coalition of peace and tranquility. Why can’t we embrace our unique characteristics and instead of hating, try to recapture the uniqueness that makes us human and the true caretakers of creation that we were meant to be?