Through the Scars

Image Credit: Armin Rimoldi

It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone. – Rose Kennedy

SCARS. It’s hard to forget the how, the where, and the when they came to be. To embrace them, not become fixated on or overpowered by them, reminds us how they connect us to our humanness. We can’t forget how vulnerable we were to the hurts, grief, and sadness where it seems like there was no remedy for our pain.

We are reminded that despite the trauma and suffering behind the pain of those scars, the mark of the wound is a clear indicator that healing occurred with the amazing victory of survival. Scars, external and internal may conceal a memory, but they are our body’s natural healing order for the lost or damaged.

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Today’s Forecast: 🧠Brain Fog with a Chance of Clear Skies

Image Credit: Gerd Altmann

        OK, with a show of hands, how many of you ever experienced poor concentration, confusion, slow thinking, or difficulty remembering? ✋✋🏽✋🏻✋🏼 Do you feel physically and mentally depleted of strength and rationale? Do you just feel like you are in a fast-moving meltdown?

        These days, such experiences have become common denominators among the consensus. I recently read that such symptoms are characteristics associated with “brain fog” resulting from COVID-19. Yet, I began thinking that we can’t blame all of our brain fog issues on the pandemic.

        Before the pandemic burst on the scene, the above symptoms seem to be side effects of other things like extreme stress, unapologetic distractions, frustration, mayhem, and overwhelm. These mind-blowing, head-on collision complexities of feeling paralyzed and disconnected seem to have slithered their way in upsetting our daily operations. We think we have to perform like a superhero consumed by unrealistic expectations for one person, spiraling out of control, yet feeling like we’re falling apart after being hit by the curveball of life.

        Is it possible to clear this cloudiness and allow light to demystify the flaws instigating brain fog that tries to set up house in our mind, thoughts, and consciousness? Sometimes we are responsible for creating our suffering, our pain. Yet, often our inner peace can deliver serenity internally, not externally. Joy can come from suffering. Let’s be still. Are we concerned with our inner values? Yes, we can add light to bring hope and clarity instead of simply accepting the pain. Stop worrying, and shift your perspective because it is pointless if you can’t do anything about a tragic situation that brings a cloud of brain fog.

Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Drats, a Paper Cut ✂

Close-Up Shot of a Person's Hand Flipping Through Pages of Paper
Image Credit: Kindel Media
Good grief! What a way to start the morning! How do you simpy try to pick up a piece of paper, only to have it turn on you like a rabid racoon?
So swift I never saw it coming
I went into a momentary shock
it seems like my finger
has been lacerated 
quicker than a slashing
samurai sword
the pain, throbbing
and more excruciating
than a headache,
or stubbing my toe
so small you feel it
before you see it
the discomfort lingers
more than you know
there it sits,
the sinister culprit
but you wanna know what
you will never quickly forget
the pain from
a bloodless paper cut!
Kym Gordon Moore©

Manipulate Your Wounds to Wisdom

Crop ethnic man with bent leg
Image Credit: Armin Rimoldi

Like a burnt child who’s afraid of fire

scars are a chilling reminder

of painful wounds like still waters

that run amuck in the depth of darkness.

To manipulate these scars

where they no longer remind me of pain that once was

but serve as a symbol of survival

rising above the tides of a tumultuous time

turning wounds into wisdom, I’m alive

not to look back in sadness but ahead in victory.

~ Kym

Brown Wooden Blocks on White Table Image Credit: Brett Jordan

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt with Black Eye Image Credit: Oleg Magni

💔 Can You Mend a Broken Heart? 💔

Heart, Brokenheart

Image Credit: Sigurd Decroos

Well y’all, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Oh, how we tend to get drawn into the hype of this one day, and go all out to celebrate our true love, or perhaps a “wannabe” love. Wining and dining, buying flowers, fragrances, and jewelry seems to be on steroids around this time of the year. But, what about those who do not have that significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with due to a gut-wrenching loss?

As life changes and that intense, emotional, and physical pain throbs in your chest or stomach due to a traumatic death of a loved one, or from a stressful breakup, where is the love? The feeling and depth of that pain is heartbreaking and can be severely devastating.

Over the past couple of years, I had so many friends who lost their spouses, children, siblings, or parents. Some lost them to a fatal accident, a long-suffering disease, an aneurysm, a stroke, and yes, even COVID-19. There is no discrimination on age, race, geography, or economic level when heartbreak arrives at your door. 

As I am watching this season’s dramas on television, I am so glad the majority of these series have woven into their storyline depictions of real-life heartbreak, and the devastation this pandemic has brought upon so many people. The trauma is real y’all. The depth of this emotional stress is like an unfathomable spider web, with the heartbeat of the broken heart syndrome (takotsubo cardiomyopathy) perched smack dab in the center. Yet, the death of a loved one or someone who was a close colleague, friend, or a person you grew up with, goes beyond words. The pain shatters your heart like shards of broken glass.

How can you mend a broken heart? You can’t. For all of us who have dealt with a broken heart too painful to swallow or talk about, will gradually work through the pain, one day at a time, although we never truly get over it. 

Not to put a damper on the joy of Valentine’s Day, I thought about two heartwarming songs that made quite an impact on me when I think about all of us who suffer from the ills of heartbreak. The first is a song sung by Jimmy Ruffin, “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” and the second is “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” by The Bee Gees.

The brokenness, as an adult feels so monumental and so fresh, much longer than we expect. The pain, especially resulting from the loss of a loved one is a heartbreak I don’t think any of us can truly recover from. Petty things no longer matter. We take it one day at a time, trying not to drown away our sorrows by crying our eyes out, but we make a brave attempt to get through it the best way we can without self-destructing. Stay encouraged! 🤗

Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – (Released June 3, 1966)

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart – The Bee Gees (Released May 28, 1971)

The Struggle is Real Y’all

Pain, Struggle, Challenge

Image Credit: Linda Graindourze

Your struggle, my struggle, our struggle is very real. Contrary to how some people may be skedaddling around as if they are on top of the world and untouchable, that is just a temporary ruse.

The struggle is very real. We sometimes say art imitates life, but it seems like life is imitating art in the most discouraging and disastrous way. It feels like hope is being sucked out of you by an invisible magnet leaving you feeling listless, confused, unproductive, and defeated.

The struggle is real and we don’t need an analyst to tell us that. We feel it, we see it, we live it. Oh, what shall we do? You can take medication, but if the root of the problem that’s weighing you down remains rooted and is not eradicated within your spirit, you could be on the road to a medically induced coma by disassociation with life.

The struggle is real y’all and it ain’t going nowhere if you roll into a permanent fetal position of fear. We acknowledge that the struggle has slapped us, punched us in the gut, and tried to zap our freedom by making us a prisoner in our own fears and anxieties. We are sprawled on the floor not wanting to get up, but we must. Yes, we acknowledge that those struggles are real and it seems like evil is winning, but deep down we know that the most unlikely thing will bring those sinister forces down.

The struggle is so real y’all. As I write this I am reminded that while I may go there, you know “there”…that place where depression can choke the living crap out of you and tries to toss you into an incinerator of nonexistence, the voice of mercy said NO! I have to remember that I possess a power within, a power so deep that may look subservient to that struggle but is overwhelmingly more powerful to overcome it than I think.

The struggle is real. While it does not seem fair and looks like a grave injustice, we remain resilient, although weakened and dismayed, we refuse to falter to the whims of a satanical control panel. We can’t and we won’t give up!

Yep, the struggle is real and incomprehensible, but our hope is our strength and we need our hope to get to where our victory lies. Courage is our trojan horse.

Struggle, Chained, Challenges

Image Credit: Charlie Balch

Feeling Vulnerable and Desperate?


William Morris

When you’re in pain, truly significant pain, does that leave you feeling vulnerable?

There are many people who try to capitalize on your pain, making you think they are honestly looking out for your best interest when they are not. They know you want that pain to go away so badly and quickly, that you would probably do anything, and I do mean anything to relieve this pain. They show up at just the right time to offer you a solution and convince you that this solution is the key to solving your problem, that you can’t refuse. They can smell your desperation and fear miles away!

These solution mixologists attack when the pores of your soul are open, allowing their relief efforts to infiltrate, infect, and convince you that their answers will quickly solve your woes forever. Beware! Don’t fall for it! These solutions are oftentimes distorted beliefs under false pretenses trying to look humble and harmless. Here come the ‘scam attackers!’

We have seen a huge surge of robocalls, spams, and creative scams out to get ya! They’re like a swarm of locusts diving deep into the pit of your vulnerability to eat you alive. Be careful and vigilant to watch out for these cons who suddenly appear out of nowhere offering you relief efforts for your problems and pain. If it suddenly seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Be cautious! Be alert!

Be Careful When Removing the Scab Off of the Wound

scab, wound

We have been wounded but we’ve seen the best of humanity rise from the worst of circumstances. We are currently seeing integration in many areas who are reopening their commercial and service operations, even though we still do not have a cure to abolish this current Covid19 pandemic. Yes, we all understand the obvious reasons why the majority of the people around the world, not just in the United States need to return back to work. That is no secret.

With the rush to open too many things too quickly is like emitting a high-voltage flashing red light before reaching a steep ravine. Let’s not get too comfortable and overly complacent. I truly respect the decisions made by local and state government officials who are saying to their citizens to slow your roll a bit, because we are not out of the woods yet. Such decisions are hopefully in the best interest of the health and welfare of “the people” and not just for those who concur with extreme political viewpoints.

Like peeling the scab off of an unhealed wound, we can’t approach our merge back into our typical daily operations too swiftly without heeding the proper precautions. I’ve already seen video footage of people rushing back to open malls and other enclosed areas without wearing a mask or social distancing themselves from others. And the notion that just because people are congregating outside in close proximity doesn’t mean you are to think you are immune to contracting an infection without observing recommended safety protocols. No, that is not a bunch of hogwash.

One has to wonder, however, if such things as the insanity of traffic jams and road rage will reinfect the good we’ve seen in humanity over the course of the past few weeks. Will differences in opinions massively rip apart that which was once united and peaceful? Will many of the “haves and privileged” continue to trample on and be judgmental towards the disenfranchised, the have-nots, and the fragile? Will injustice continue to mock and prevail over justice and equality?

Let’s just say as we adapt to a new way of thinking, functioning and reentering life where we left off, no matter how you slice it, this is taking on a very different look and feel, no matter how familiar it may appear. Peeling away the scab before it’s healed can be more infectious and create a bigger setback than when the wound was inflicted.

Like Grouchy Smurf, I Hate TIS Painful Season

Joint Pain, Health

The cold arctic weather is expected this time of the year, but with it comes breeding grounds for unimaginable joint pain! The inflammation can sometimes be so excruciating that I had to write a poem in honor of it! 

Tis a Painful Season

I really don’t recall when this happened
it just showed up one day in between Tis season
why is my medicine cabinet turning for the worse
can someone please give me some logical reason?

The pain, so excruciating and unbearable
bursitis, tinnitus, bronchitis, tendinitis
joints inflamed especially from the bitter cold
oh, don’t forget our old friend, Mr. Arthritis.

Many say growing old is like going through hell
I don’t know cause I ain’t old and never been
pain pills, injections, rubbing ointments too
even with hot water bottles, I can’t seem to win!

© Kym Gordon Moore