Somebody’s Watching Even When You Don’t Know It

Image Credit: Marten Newhall

Someone is always watching you whether you realize it or not. Of course, we need to be vigilant about our actions. People are going to perceive what they see based on what they want to see and likely what they stereotype you to be. Look, I think many of us have far surpassed caring about what others think about us, especially when we are trying our darndest to make the right choices and decisions that will propel us to perform our purpose, not to discombobulate our progress.

Not only are adults watching us, but children are watching too. They use all of their senses to observe and mimic what they see or hear us do. Children, especially, can be positively empowered and encouraged by our actions or we can let them down with our waywardness and poor choices.

We have a grand opportunity in this mixed-up, messed-up society, to do something that is going to mean something for the good of mankind. Like many of you, I become frustrated by the corruption we see every day that tries to convince us that such corruption is good. So what do we do? We zero in on ways that we can individually make a positive impact in spite of the mounting reports of the destruction, chaos, and confusion we witness. We can’t save the world, but we can certainly contribute to saving the part of the world we embody. Remember, you don’t have to do something humongous. Just a little dab will do it.

Somebody is always watching us whether we are aware of it or not. Look, there is already a surplus of negativity to go around. So, while they are looking, and even when they aren’t, let’s give them something good to talk about. Be that bright light!

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You Are Your ‘Bestabilities’

Image Credit: Alysha Rosly

All too often we tend to use the lives of other people as our gauge to living and even success. We tend to pin the extremism of their materialism on our vision board of what success looks like instead of what our success looks like to us. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because their approach to their goals and their access to resources may be clearly different from what’s available to us.

So take what you have, use it, and even revamp it if you have to. But whatever and however you do it, always do your best, look your best, and be your best. You represent you.

Image Credit: Tanya Santos

For the Tiniest of Things

Image Credit: Alina Vilchenko

“If you can find even one thing to be grateful for, it will restore you to the Light. Please, dear God, let me always feel gratitude for something, even a tiny thing, in even the hardest situations.” -Unknown

Before we can truly appreciate the great things, we must first stop, look and listen to the smallest of things that could make a bigger and more rewarding impact on our hearts, minds, and spirits. It’s not complicated but takes just a few moments of your time to reflect. Have a FANtabulous day everyone. 🌞


Affirmations for Today

Image Credit: geralt

Never stop learning.

Trust yourself.

Always give 100%.

All things are possible.

Yes I can.

Yes I will.

Forgive yourself.

Think positive.

Take care of yourself.

Know your friends.

Know your enemy.

Affirm your abilities and value through encouragement, courage, and the will to never give up. Just try something else, something new and different, if something doesn’t work.

Image Credit: Mohamed Nohassi

What Does Your Key to Happiness Unlock? 🔑

Image Credit: Animated Heaven 3d 

Everyone is looking for that magical key to happiness. So many people are walking around unhappy and miserable. It seems like their happiness is being held hostage. Does that magical key fit into the keyhole of a particular place, person, or thing? What unlocks your happiness quotient? What is keeping you from turning the key?

 “You can cage the singer but not the song.” -Harry Belafonte

Image Credit:ktphotography

Don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate and be happy. Make your own happiness, and celebrate anyway, special occasion or not. If not today, then when?

Be Not Dismayed but Be Steadfast in Faith

Sadness, dispair, discouragement

Image Credit: Daniel Battiston

OK, I am going to try to be brief as I can with this.

Over the past week, I talked to numerous people, family, and friends, who are going through a period of distress, frustration, dismay, and discouragement. Like me, these individuals look at the daily evidence of division, deception, and diabolical uprisings and wonder when will this nightmare end. Like me, these individuals are extremely positive people, who don’t see the glass as half-filled but open their eyes to the glass with room offering new opportunities to be filled with the newness of life.

Like them, even in the midst of my positive outlook, my vision, my faith, and my reality, I too sometimes feel weakened and numb in spirit by what I witness each day. This stuff seeks to destroy my spirit, to dismantle my gifts, and steal my joy so I will eventually become useless. We are human and we feel, not just for ourselves but for others. We look to the greater good instead of negative flamboyance.

Don’t give these negative, and diabolical things your energy or allow them to deplete your energy. Do not validate their strength by giving them yours. Each day is a battle to fight for our gift of life. Each day is an opportunity to look to the bright side of life. Each day, when we feel weakened by the sinister uprisings that appear to be winning while fanning their arrogance, don’t give up and don’t give in just to fit in when you will never be a part of that crowd.

We have to realistically acknowledge when we don’t feel the good vibes, when we can’t seem to get off of the floor or out of the bed. We have to truly acknowledge that things are not alright and I may not feel like being Miss Sunshine or Mr. Positivity today. Yet, we must also remember that if we go there, we MUST NOT stay there. At some point, sooner than later, we have to get up, get that blood flowing and realize that you are here, to serve a Divine purpose you’ve been assigned to.

In our time of weakness and apparent defeat, and on those days of crying out in discouragement, just pause, relax and then garner your incredible strength within to rise, to fight and to triumph over those foes that appear to be so great and unbeatable. You may have to do this more often than you care to, but that my friend is how we survive, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Those diabolical foes will be dismantled and trust me they will fall and be defeated. This may not occur when we want it to, but when it does, boy oh boy, it will be “Divinely” timed. Have a good day everyone.

Be Encouraged, Stay Safe, and Stay Focused!


A New Step on a New Day in a New Month

Great Times, Celebrating Life, Happiness, PositivityAhhhh…New Beginnings! All too often, people look at Mondays with anxiety-ridden consciousness and dread. Why? Because we have fallen victim into a lackluster trap which has been imposed on us by those who are caught in the ‘Dread Zone.’

If we are able to wake up to the gift of seeing a new day, a new month or a new year, whether it is sunny, rainy, hot or cold, we welcome this new opportunity to embrace a moment in time and be grateful because of it.

In this new month, as we see a new day, let us take a new step and make some great things happen. You can’t imagine how magical a day can be with just a little positive adjustment to our attitude as we embrace a new approach to something new!

Find beauty in this day, even if you’re stuck in a cubicle. Draw a happy face on a piece of paper and put it in front of you at your workstation. Periodically glance at it to remind yourself to smile! Who knows, your smile could rub off on the most persnickety person around you. Besides, it’s MAY DAY!!!