You know, to Think of True Purpose is Not a Bad Thing

Purpose, Nature


Have you stopped to deeply think about what purpose everything surrounding us serves? Not necessarily about yourself, but about what exists around you? Have you stepped into the great outdoors, without the distractions of your mobile and digital devices, and just took the time to sit in a park, along a beach or atop a mountain and reflected with gratitude about creation? 

Have you stopped to think about the purpose natural air filtration from trees affect the way we breathe or the purpose each insect, reptile, animal or marine life serves in our ecosystem and how we benefit from it? Have you ever considered how manmade pollution is disrupting the natural flow of life and its effects on our health?

Ecosystem, Purpose

George Hodan

All too often we tend to become so consumed with an overabundance of “things” trying to outdo each other with superficial notoriety, yet finding ourselves in a pit of unhappiness, because the stuff no longer satisfies our temporary desires? Someone will always obtain something more spectacular than what you have and outshine your jewels.

Yep, there is a time for every purpose under the heavens, whether you are an Olympic Gold Medalist, a celebrity, an entertainer or the richest person in the world. There will always be someone bigger, prettier, stronger, richer, better and more fabulous than you. Yet in your shining moment when you feel on top of the world, just remember that this is only for your defined period of time, and then you make way for the next person to step up to the plate and serve their purpose. This does not mean you’re washed up, it just means that you move on to your next life-fulfilling assignment.

Winners, Purpose, Life

Peter Griffin

A Time for Every Purpose Under the Heavens

Purpose, Life, A Dog's Purpose

Image Credit: Karen Arnold

Everything has its season, and every part of creation has a purpose.

I believe there is a higher power whom I call God, giving everything created in this universe a purpose. Scientific evidence may be explanation enough for some, but there is a curiosity indwelling inside of me that speaks of a power greater than you and I, giving instruction to the realm of creation in which we are a critical member of. This power, telling the sun when to rise and set every day or when the seasons of the year are to be rotated, fills me with curiosity and excitement. Every human being, tree, flower, insect, animal, foul of the air, and creatures of the sea has a purpose.

I watched the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” and while the movie is classified as a comedy-drama it was like viewing a “Hallmark” movie. The premise of the movie involves a dog who is reincarnated multiple times, trying to understand the meaning of his existence. With each new birth, he is introduced to a new family, with varied lifestyles. Some good, some not. In the end, as the dog narrates his multiple journeys, he remembers certain smells and associates them with familiar circumstances and people. In the end, the dog discovers his purpose: “Be here now!”

Whatever ‘here’ is and wherever ‘here’ maybe, just “Be here now!” That is sometimes all the purpose you need to do what must be done in this present moment.

What Side of Conviction Do You Stand On?

Just when you think things will peacefully pause in our strong, divisive stands on issues, we have seen mounting clashes with people from opposing sides. The more we try to find some common ground to see how we can work together for the good of all people, we somehow grow increasing divided. Let’s face it, everyone seems to be pissed off about something (excuse my phonics). I find that the more peeved people are, the more rebellious things become. In all honesty, I’ve seen the true colors of many people I thought were upright in spirit, show a disdainfully horrifying side.

People on the right demonize people on the left and people on the left demonize people on the right. Our attitudes remind me of a portion of the lyrics from the 1968 release by Harry Nilsson “Everybody’s Talkin.” Here are a few of those lyrics:

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mind

People stopping, staring
I can’t see their faces
Only the shadows of their eyes

What do you genuinely base your convictions on? Is it for popularity, ego, the need for more power, imbalanced prestige, or survival? Does such conviction lead to immorality or compromised ethical standards? Are your convictions based on a lie that you spin to make others believe that it’s the truth?

What do you stand for? What convicts you? For what purpose and commitment do you have to support your convictions? If your convictions are met with merit, filled with the love God the Father and not god the superficial, and if you stand with courage during difficult times on behalf of love, life, liberty and justice, then you’re on your way to stand boldly where your mere presence shatters the face of hatred, bitterness and injustice. Stand for the human in humanity.