Today’s Poetry: Can Normal Be Normal Again?

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Sometimes I think about where I am now compared to where I was way back when. I suppose because I am getting older, reflecting on my gains and losses, my trials and my victories, my joys and tears, my hits and my misses, my past, present, and future I realize there is a stark fact staring me in the face, showing the clock ticking away, denoting that my time here is not as long as it once was.

But in the midst of that reality sprinkled with a little melancholy, I vow, with the gift of each new day, to pause and breathe in gratitude, for I am still here to make a difference that will benefit all who I touch, whether orally or written.

Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Can I get my normal back
to a time when my comfort zone was comfortable
and my ordinary was ok?

Can I get my normal back
when I didn’t need to make drastic decisions
nor face great and uncomfortable challenges?

Can I get my normal back
when I wanted to grow up fast
but the process said “whoa” slow your roll?

Can I get my normal back
where loved ones didn’t die
my health didn’t fade or finances didn’t evaporate?

If I could get my normal back
would I receive it with open arms
and forfeit the treasured lessons I learned in life?

Yet, as the day changes anew
as the sun rises and later sets
I realize my normal today will not be normal tomorrow.

© Kym Gordon Moore


Are You Good Enough?

Self-Awareness, Confidence, Self-Image

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At some point in everyone’s life, you may ask yourself the question, “Am I Good Enough?” All too often we are whisked away into the great vortex of ”Should.” Who we SHOULD be, how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD have, how we SHOULD think, what we SHOULD do, or whatever superficial SHOULD falls under society’s definition, entraps our spirit and sends us into some very dark places of inadequacy.

I am cheerfully reminded of the fictional character, Stuart Smalley from the television show Saturday Night Live that was created and performed by comedian, satirist and now U.S. Senator, Al Franken. His mock self-help show called “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” spawned the affirmational anthem “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” 

Unknowingly, we beat ourselves up trying desperately to turn the dreams of someone else into an unachievable reality for ourselves. Unfortunately, if they are not your true, authentic dreams and aspirations you are literally fighting an uphill battle that could leave you feeling defeated. This in no way negates self-improvement, it just reminds us to make our goals conducive to our life and not that of someone else.

Take a look in the mirror…a good look. What is unique about your features and overall persona? How can you positively transform yourself without trying to become someone else? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am good enough, imperfections and all.”

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Death and Life

Life, Death, Living

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“Death has a way of making you focus on, be grateful for and embrace the precious gift of life.”

The frivolous, the mediocre, the lame, the jealousy, the notoriety, those superiority complexes, the pretentiousness, the fancy homes, the dream cars and all the money in the world become unimportant when life as we know it parts ways from the bodies of those we love dearly.

Cut the Crap

Complain, Gratitude, Thankfulness

We wake up each new day preparing to embark on our usual daily tasks. Yet all too often, we really do not pay attention to how much we have a natural tendency to moan, groan and complain about heading out to work, or school, what we are going to wear, or even what we are going to eat for breakfast. Rarely during those moments of complaining do we think about people who have no job but want to work, those who want to get an education, but are unable to go to school, or those who are hungry and would give anything for morsels of the food we waste to cut their hunger pains.

If we would just pause and truly embrace our opportunities, blessings, and freedom that is available to us in some aspect every day, we will resist the temptation to sound selfish and insensitive to others who don’t have what we have and instead be grateful for what we’ve got.

“You Never Miss The Water Until The Well Runs Dry”

Happy #WorldGratitudeDay

Time Marches Onward

Time, Poetry

Time does not stand still. You cannot place it in a bottle, neither can you buy time. Sometimes we act as if we have all the time in the world and sometimes it takes something so catastrophic and sudden to realize that time is not always on our side.

Time Marches Onward

Things are not the way they used to be and they never will be the way they once were. Time has passed, and you can’t recapture that time because that time had its time. This moment is what you have, and what you do with this time, can be a matter of living or existing, and life versus death.
-Kym Gordon Moore

Sorrow At My Doorstep

Grief, Poetry

Shawn Tonise Moore, our beautiful flower plucked away!

I realized from writing and reading obituaries, they are like cliff notes or a piece of poetry that only gives an abbreviated version highlighting a few significant attributes of that person’s life. You learn about what the person has accomplished, but you can never fully grasp the life of that individual unless you truly ‘knew’ them beyond the words on a program.

You know, when death in the family occurs, especially when it happens suddenly, such news stops you dead in your tracks, and you feel like you were violently tossed to and fro like debris from the eye of a Level 5 tornado. Last week, our daughter-in-law was suddenly plucked from our family bouquet at a very young age. She and our son were headed to what we saw as a future of achieving great things when death came in and told her it was time to depart this world as she once knew it.  This left all who knew her, in shock and devastated. She made such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many and it seems unfair on so many levels that she was taken from us so soon. This is something we have a hard time processing and understanding, although we know that life and death dwell in the same climate. Our life’s plan of this earthly existence was in place before we were even conceived. How we choose to live the dash between our born day and departure day is on us.

Sometimes you feel you don’t have an ounce of strength left to just get up, as you’ve cried so much that it seems your tear ducts will dry up at any moment or you ask when will this dreadful nightmare end? Even though people offer their condolences, everything feels so surreal and as it is with life we are never, ever fully or partially prepared for death, even when an extended illness is the cause. It’s as if our spirit has been hit with a taser shooting stun gun, only this time life has been severed from the earthly vessels we are using right now.

Sorrow At My Doorstep

Why are you here causing me such sadness
gripping my spirit with heart-wrenching pain
suffocating my throat to dare not cry out
I did not summons you to come here today

Yet here you show up at my doorstep unannounced
moving shadows of the scythe-wielding grim reaper
crossing my threshold where joy and peace reside
interrupting smiles and great joy with sorrow

consoling my grief is difficult, caught in a tug of war
laughter escapes, as I know not when it comes again
a seething sadness stabs through my wounded heart
how can I move forward and let time help me to live on?

© Kym Gordon Moore

Everyone has their own way of grieving and processing death, as the pain makes our hearts heavy, and squashes our joy like mashed potatoes. Still, it can’t kill our spirit although it tries. We get through these challenges one breath at a time, one day at a time, and while we never forget the laughter, love, and joy the people who leave us behind left in our hearts, that void can never be replaced. We use the remnants from death to fertilize and nourish seeds that birth new life. Yet, we will learn through our grief and struggles to stand again, to garner strength from our weakness and at some point begin to smile a little bit more. For such healing, we can only rely on our faith and the precious gift of time, of which neither shall be wasted on foolishness.

For our dear beloved Shawn and several others who joined her this week on their transitory journey, we may cry and ask the never-ending question of why, but in our pain we must instead ask how did her life impact ours, so that we may make the necessary spiritual adjustments to be better servants and the pure, genuine kingdom builders God intended for us to be.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet?

High Speed Rail, Shinkansen, Bullet Train, Japanese Train

When you think about that phrase ‘Faster than a speeding bullet’ automatically we are reminded of the intro to the Superman TV series. Somehow, life seems to be evolving at warped speed each day. Artificial Intelligence, biotechnology, deep learning applications, augmented reality and mind boggling software applications are literally leaving our heads in a constant tail spin.

Sometimes I feel as if I am moving like a Shinkansen, affectionately known as the Bullet Train, a network of high-speed railway lines located in Japan. How often do we slow our speed down and take some much-needed breaks to unwind and savor our gift of life and living? If we don’t slow our roll and learn to take the “scenic route” of life from time to time, before we know it life would have passed us by, faster than a speeding bullet train.

Breathe! Relax! Live! Enjoy!