What If Wednesday: The Value of Time

Watch, Time

What if we valued time the way we value materialistic things? Time keeps moving on. There is no stopwatch in life, just a ticking clock. Do you put great emphasis on trying to predict the years, months or days left in the sands of your lifetime hourglass? Do you value time by making the most of what you do with it? What if we genuinely treasured time and not squander it? What if?

There is a movie that I suggest you watch if you haven’t seen it before. It is called “In Time” starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, and Cillian Murphy. The film is an American dystopian science fiction action thriller that takes place in a society where people stop aging at 25. Each person has a clock on their arm that counts down how long they have to live. I think it is a must see and a theme that makes you think about how we truly value our time.

Happy #WhatIfWednesday!


The Birds Are Alive with the Sound of Music

Winter, Birds, Snow

Image credit: JB Stran

There’s no doubt that these arctic cold temperatures many of us have been experiencing over the past several weeks aren’t leaving us in that jubilant spirit we saw Julie Andrews portraying as she sang “The Sound of Music.” Nope, I think it is safe to say that we are far too busy focusing on how to stay warm.

Birds, Winter

This morning, I opened the blinds to my windows and looked outside at the small lake glistening through a chorus of leafless trees behind our house and wah-lah, it is still very frozen. I saw a representation of sights and heard some all too familiar welcoming sounds I would typically see and hear during the Spring and Summer months. The sweet singing of a few birds, one primarily belting out some tweets on my deck, was flowing like hot maple syrup over a stack of flapjacks. I also noticed the rapid flapping wings of Bluejays, Cardinals, and Carolina Wrens flying to and fro among the barren trees. How delightful!

Winter, Birds

Image credit: JB Stran

I am always amazed by nature’s adaptation and resilience to whatever climate change or weather pattern we are experiencing. While celebrating the gift of life these birds through their communication of singing and living independently, remind me this morning that whatever external occurrences want to weigh you down with despair, anxiousness or sorrow, your attitude and approach to life in spite of these external conditions, will leave you content, and you’ll be singing your personal song of gratitude, no matter what!

Birds, Winter

Image Credit: Petr Kratochvil

Winter, Birds

Image credit: Vera Kratochvil

Winter, Ducks

Image Credit: Cristie Guevara

Rainy Days May Slow Me Down, but Never Get Me Down

Rain, Rainy Day

In 1971, The Carpenters (American vocal duo with brother and sister, Richard and Karen Carpenter) released the song Rainy Days and Mondays. Although this was such a sad song, it became one of their number one hits. Typically, people dread the rain and expect the worst to always happen when it does. What if we look at a rainy day and become energized from it, just at a different level than we do when the sun is out?

As I write this post, it is pouring down rain outside. I have fallen in love with the spiritual qualities of a rainy day because it makes me slow down and reflect on the sight and sounds of the rain. I let it fluidly speak to me as it thumps on the rooftop or tap dances vicariously on leaves. I have learned to look at the adversities that sprout in my life and try to focus on gaining energy from them instead of letting those challenges drain the energy from me, in the same manner that I gain peace and spiritual renewal by experiencing a rainy day. How does a rainy day make you feel?

Rainy Days, Rain

Are you better off this year than you were this time last year?

Reflections, Thoughts

We do all sorts of life assessments particularly during this time of the year. We are either super happy or super sad, but rarely content. While I stopped making New Year’s resolutions many, many years ago, I still reflect on the attribute(s) in my life that are better this year than last. We become vain and bitter when we compare ourselves with others. We become alienated when we try extremely hard to conform to being what others are instead of being our better selves.

This morning, I thought about that question, “Am I better off this year than I was this time last year?” While I would typically take that question and use it as a barometer for evaluating my financial or materialistic success this year versus last year, I thought differently this time. I discovered I gained more and am better off in critical areas of my life that are more valuable than what money could ever buy.

Much has occurred this year on so many levels that rocked our world extremely hard in many situations. I widened my telescope on where we are in the world and I say in spite of the natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, wildfires, sinkholes, earthquakes), the chaos and confusion that seems to continue elevating on our national front, the ongoing wars and multilevel terrorism that coats many territories around the world, the tragic deaths our families experienced, the health crisis we faced and other disappointments that shattered our world, somehow I still try to find a ray of hope, joy, peace and see ordinary people doing some remarkable and extraordinary things.

Adversities, although they challenged every fabric of my being, made me a better person. I learned, released, renewed and recharged throughout this year and I admit, just when everything looked like it was falling apart and crashing all around me, my spiritual self found a way to forgive quicker, love more, rise and soar higher. So tell me, are you better off this year than you were this time last year?

What If Wednesday: Compassion?

Compassion, Thinking, Tranquility

What if we stepped outside of the “me-me-me” syndrome and begin showing more compassion to our seniors, our disabled, the abused and downtrodden, the marginalized, the ignored, the forgotten and those who are internally, externally and tribally different from us? Compassion. What if?


Today’s Poetry: Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Thinking, Reminiscing, Reflections

Image credit: Pixabay.com

Sometimes I think about where I am now compared to where I was way back when. I suppose because I am getting older, reflecting on my gains and losses, my trials and my victories, my joys and tears, my hits and my misses, my past, present, and future I realize there is a stark fact staring me in the face, showing the clock ticking away, denoting that my time here is not as long as it once was.

But in the midst of that reality sprinkled with a little melancholy, I vow, with the gift of each new day, to pause and breathe in gratitude, for I am still here to make a difference that will benefit all who I touch, whether orally or written.

Can Normal Be Normal Again?

Can I get my normal back
to a time when my comfort zone was comfortable
and my ordinary was ok?

Can I get my normal back
when I didn’t need to make drastic decisions
nor face great and uncomfortable challenges?

Can I get my normal back
when I wanted to grow up fast
but the process said “whoa” slow your roll?

Can I get my normal back
where loved ones didn’t die
my health didn’t fade or finances didn’t evaporate?

If I could get my normal back
would I receive it with open arms
and forfeit the treasured lessons I learned in life?

Yet, as the day changes anew
as the sun rises and later sets
I realize my normal today will not be normal tomorrow.

© Kym Gordon Moore