Where am I?

Lost, Where Am I, Reflections, Meditation, Encouragement

Do you have those fabulous days when you feel on top of the world and everything is going your way? Then do you frown on other days when it feels like the world pushed you off the planet, leaving you bewildered, weak, abandoned, lost and defeated? At some point in everyone’s life, we may try our very best to do the right thing, but sometimes it feels like things just aren’t jelling as you planned or would like for them to. The thing to avoid is giving up, even when you may feel like you don’t have the strength or one ounce of fight left inside to do anything worthwhile.

Keeping the faith and hope is hard, but it is very possible, especially in the midst of some ferocious storms (and I don’t mean weather related either). In such moments, I have to pause, and just be still, to meditate and reflect. I know I need to make certain decisions, but if I try to be the “Fixer” when I am stepping out of order, and not listening to Divine guidance, then I could be headed over a cliff with failed brakes and no parachute.

Where am I? Sometimes I know, and at other times it seems like a great big blur. We have every right to have those downer days, when we feel off balance and can’t seem to get a grip on things. We can go there, but we can’t stay there, or it is quite possible we will never survive.

As we look out into the dense fog that mars clarity of vision and awareness, then we should close our eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, deliberately and peacefully. It is then that we can possibly lower the temperature on our internal pressure cooker and some things just may eventually straighten themselves out.

Through the Window

Window, Eyes, Poetry, National Poetry Month

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes, you have to reflect on what your eyes see and do a self-examination of yourself as you look through the window into your very own soul. Sometimes when you stare the truth in the face, it hurts, but it could offer some life-saving revelations. Take a look around and don’t be afraid to leap into your victory.

Through the Window

Today, against my will
I was forced to sit down and look out of my window
I didn’t notice anything immediately
but, in the matter of a split second
amazingly, without the help of a storybook
the story of my life was told.

Pain, challenges and grief
irreplaceable celebrations, joys, and relationships
there, before me as I watched my life’s story
through the gallery of my motion picture window.

I tried to solve everyone’s problems
tried to make everyone comfortable
without them knowing my personal struggles
because I thought, I was strong enough to handle everything.

I don’t want to change the compassionate person that I am
the love in my heart for others
my desire to help those in true need
or change the person that God created me to be.

But I must change some crucial things
causing me to lose perspective as I look through my window
eyes that were once blinded
through a distorted lens of theatrics.

As my senses awaken and refocus
I can see a day where the sun is shining especially bright
hearing the birds singing more cheerfully than before
where the grass is greener than it’s ever been
my sense of smell is keener
my taste buds can savor the essence of life more delectably

and the unexplainable needs no explanation
because my load is now in the hands
of divine control beyond human comprehension
putting everything that was broken back together again.

-Kym Gordon Moore © All Rights Reserved

Stop and Smell the Orchids

Orchids, diversity, Flowers

I love orchids, but I have not been able to successfully grow them like I can with other plants and flowers. I came across this montage of beautiful orchids and the name of the image was “Orchid Diversity.” I noticed some exquisite characteristics in each of the photographed flowers and thought, “God, your creation is so breathtaking on so many different levels.” 

This is an artist’s canvas. Even with the most subtle looking orchid, like the one pictured in the center, it still possesses accents that give it a unique, distinguished look. If we would stop and look at each other, subtracting our political, religious, gender, and socioeconomic differences and affiliations, we will note that we share an amazing multicultural bond in the human race, like these orchids share a fragrant and colorful bond in the flower species. 

After watching the unfortunate and turbulent events unfold in the news over the past 11 days, I needed to take a sanity break from the insanity. When I came across this picture, for the moment, it did the trick. In their quiet and stately gaze, these orchids allowed their beauty and brilliance to shine in a rainbow coalition of peace and tranquility. Why can’t we embrace our unique characteristics and instead of hating, try to recapture the uniqueness that makes us human and the true caretakers of creation that we were meant to be?

Do Not Ignore the Present Moment

As the weekend approached and forecasts from local meteorologists claimed that a severe winter storm was imminent for our neck of the woods, everyone scattered to their nearby grocery store to stock up on bread, milk and whatever essentials they deemed necessary. I always find it comical when I watch reports on the news where people quickly clean the shelves of their local markets and their shopping carts look like they are anticipating the zombie apocalypse.

Now, mind you I am no way suggesting that we do not prepare for severe weather accordingly. But, in all of their furor and sheer panic to rush to the grocery and hardware stores, I wonder if these anxiety-stricken people took a moment to reflect on the quiet before the storm. Chances are, they didn’t.

Can you imagine the amount of peace our spirits would have if we simply paused for a moment each day to express our sincere gratitude for the gifts we’ve been blessed with? The best time to do this is in the tranquil presence of the morning and not after a storm strikes. A personal storm can appear throughout the course of the day, but you will be able to remember and reflect on that inner peace, which surpasses all understanding and gives you comfort!