Roller-Skate Stilettos

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Image Credit: Saint Laurent

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a pretty and unique pair of high heels. Foot candy is an important¬†fashion element for any wardrobe. So when I read this article, SAINT LAURENT’S ROLLER-SKATE STILETTOS ARE THE BEST THING YOU’LL SEE ALL WEEK, I couldn’t believe the combination of elements designed into such fanciful footwear for that unique fashion statement. It’s quite an art piece.

Although this accessory is a jaw-dropping¬†splurge if you had a lot of disposable income, would you pay ¬£1,995 ($2,638.39) for them? I do love these shoes, but for safety reasons, I can do without the rollers and only take the stilettos. Just sayin’. Click here to read more of this fashion story.


It’s National Shoe Week

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Are you passionate about shoes? What is your preferred style of shoe? Sneakers? Boots? Sandals? Stilettos? Pumps? Gladiator shoes? Loafers? Regardless of your preference in shoes, be sure to show them off proudly this week, during National Shoe Week. National Shoe Week is celebrated during the last week in May.

Typically, women are more associated with the culture, sales and fashion of shoes than men; however, men are stepping up to the plate and adding fashionable footwear to their wardrobe. So go ahead and show off your fanciful kicks this week. Trust me, fashion forward footwear is all the rage nowadays!

Happy National Shoe Week!