Today’s Poetry: As the Day Star Rises

Sun, Sunrise, Sky, Poetry

Image Credit: Ronald Carlson

Every morning we awake, we have been given an incredible gift of a new day. Enjoy your sunrises and your sunsets!

As the Day Star Rises

Billowing clouds outlined in soft peach and luscious lilac
proclaiming the arrival from whence the sun cometh
the morning star ascending in the heavenly sky
a vision, though familiar, yet never before seen.

The light, a seductive magnet
never tiring of its strength and influence
inspiring new discoveries of growth and exploration
spraying angelic rays through clouds to infinity.

Daily challenges attack our positive energy
yet fail to rob us of our joy
abundant blessings in the midst of my sight
what awesome creations given by God.

As the sun sets in the western sky
engulfed in glorious splashes of tangerine and violet
a tender serenade of nature’s background music
features salutations to the approaching dusk.

Anxiously we rest and wait
for the return of the powerful light divine
watching life unfold just a little bit more
never taking for granted the scope of its might.

© 2013 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry

Sunrise, Day Star, Sun, Poetry

Image Credit: Amateur Pic

The Poetry of Moon Shine during National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month, Poetry, Moon, Nature

There are so many poems that describe the mystical and ethereal experiences of the moon. When I saw that perfect circle of brightness in the sky through the Palladian window in my bathroom, the brilliance of its luminance made me think I left a light on, but I hadn’t.

Hundreds and hundreds of poems have been written about the moon by many notable poets like Carl Sandburg, Claude McKay, Sylvia Plath, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Frost, Emily Bronte, Matsuo Basho, William Butler Yeats, Amy Lowell, Robert Graves, Li Po, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Henry David Thoreau, and Denise Levertov.

Almost instantaneously, this haiku came to me as I was caught up in another awestruck moment glancing at a full moon in the rich darkness of the night sky.

Moon Shine    

She pierces the night

with her beauty and her light

to shine with great might.

© Kym Gordon Moore

Happy #NationalPoetryMonth

Look to the Sky


When I find myself feeling down and in despair, I either step outside or look out of my window, then allow my eyes to pan upward and breathe. There is something mysteriously wonderful, resonant and placid about looking up towards the sky and realizing that even if everything around me is in disarray, for this moment, I am okay.

I opened the blinds to my bay-window a couple of days ago and from each angle of the window, the sky looked different. The right end window showed nothing but stormy dark gray clouds. As I walked to the center window I saw gray clouds mixed with white clouds against a Carolina blue sky. My curiosity led me to walk over to the last window and there was a wisp of gray clouds floating among fluffy white clouds, against a beautiful blue backdrop.

Sky, Meditation

As I steady my gaze and think about it, I ask if the sky truly changes or is it a resolute universal canvas? I wonder if the lens of our perspective is zeroing in on transitions like the earth’s rotation, seasonal changes, the sun and moon’s movement, and the clouds drifting between the sky and us, atmospherically teaching us new lessons? The variations of clouds I saw from my window were circumstances, remnants moving away as a rainstorm just past through. Behold, the sun began peaking through in all of its brilliance.

Sky, Universe

All I know is the sky is a portrait that is ever-evolving within my emotionally charged spirit. No special effects needed. That is the type of peace that surpasses my understanding. Some things are seen and felt, and cannot offer an explanation. Sometimes the feeling becomes the explanation.

Sky, Nature

Nature, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Meditation, Sky

Sky, Universe

Sky, Nature, Tranquility

Sky, Universe, Moon

Sky, Rainbow

*Photos courtesy of and found in public domain.

Thankful for a Cloudy Day

Thanksgiving, Kym Gordon Moore

I know that saying I am grateful for a cloudy day may sound like an oxymoron, but it is not. Last week I got up before the sun rose, and began my day by first acknowledging how grateful I was just to see a new day. After putting on a pot of coffee to brew I proceeded to begin meditating for a few minutes. As I opened the blinds to my window that faces eastward, I looked up and had to stop, not pause, but stop.

Sky, Thanksgiving, From Behind the Pen

The sky was cloudy and the sun hadn’t peeked over the horizon yet but its illumination was evident. I was so moved by the beauty of the clouds and how distinct the clouds were painted with shades of banana cream, lemon yellow, sultry gray and Earl blue hues against a partially marine blue sky. Although these photos do not give the actual view it’s due justice, I thought it was a breathtaking sight.

Gratitude, Sky, Thanksgiving

When you begin your day by looking upward at the hope that exists in the heavens above, a sense of peace floods your spirit. I embraced this moment by standing on my deck amid a cool autumn morning gazing up at this watercolored sky of tranquility. What a moving and powerful statement of gratitude in silence on a cloudy morning.

Art of the Setting Sun

Sunset, Poetry, From Behind the Pen

Ahhh…sunkissed orange!

Sunset, From Behind the Pen, Sky, Clouds

The amazing texture of copper-tone billowing clouds!

Sunset, Sky, From Behind the Pen

The cloud swept wings between tangerine and marine blue!

Sunset, Sky, From Behind the Pen

Peach creampuff clouds at sunset!

Sunset, Sky, From Behind the Pen, Clouds

Sunset shades of lilac and lavender!

Sunset, From Behind the Pen, Sky

Reflections of hazy apricot skies!

Sunset, From Behind the Pen

Sometimes words cannot define the magnificence of watching the splashes of colors and textures in a picture perfect sunset. My fascination with each one, unique in its own way, is divine poetry to me.